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William B. Bradbury
Short Name: William B. Bradbury
Full Name: Bradbury, William B. (William Batchelder), 1816-1868
Birth Year: 1816
Death Year: 1868

The churchgoing people of today are generally familiar with the name Wm. B. Bradbury. Many have cherished that name from childhood. Most of us began our musical experiences by singing his songs, and as early experiences are the most lasting, we will carry these melodies, with their happy associations, through life.

Mr. Bradbury, in his day, created a style of juvenile music, especially Sunday-school music, that swept the country. He set the pattern for his successors in Sunday-school song-making, and those who have harped on the key-note that he struck have been most successful. True, we have improved some in the way of hymns, and a smoother voicing of the parts, but there are still many Sunday-school song writers who regard Mr. Bradbury's writings as the ideal.

William Batchelder Bradbury was born at York, York County, Maine, October 6, 1816. He came of a good family. He spent the first few years of his life on his father's farm, and rainy days would be spent in the shoe-shop, as was the general custom in those days. He loved music, and would spend his spare hours in studying and practicing such music as he could find. In 1830 his parents removed to Boston, where he saw and heard for the first time a piano and organ, as well as various other instruments. The effect was to lead him to devote his life to the service of music. Accordingly he took lessons upon the organ, and as early as 1831: had achieved some reputation as an organist.

He attended Dr. Mason's singing classes, and later was admitted into his celebrated Bowdoin Street church choir, and the Doctor proved to be a valuable and steadfast friend.

After some months he was asked to preside at the organ of a certain church at a salary of twenty-five dollars per annum. On trying the organ he found it to be one of those ancient affairs which required the keys to be pulled up as well as pressed down, and he suggested that his pay should be at least fifty dollars, since the playing required this double duty. It was not long till a better paying situation was offered him — that of one hundred dollars a year.

At the age of twenty he was still singing in Dr. Mason's choir, when one evening at recess, the Doctor laid his hand on his shoulder, and said "William, I have an application for a teacher at Machias, Maine, to teach three large singing schools, besides private pupils, and I believe you are just the man for the place." He was overjoyed and delighted. He sent his terms, which were accepted, and achieved success. After a busy year and a half of work at Machias, he returned to Boston to marry his sweetheart, and then located at St. Johns, New Brunswick. Here the people did not take sufficient interest in his work, and he returned to Boston. Then came a call to take charge of the music of the First Baptist Church of Brooklyn. Dr. Mason gave him a letter of introduction.

At the time of his taking charge of the organ at the Brooklyn church there was some opposition to the organ among the members, but he took pains to play it so well, and in such good taste, that he speedily won all to favor its use. After a year's work here the important era in his career began. He took charge of the choir and organ of the Baptist Tabernacle, New York City, and in addition started a singing class for the young.

This first class was visited by many superintendents and others interested in Sunday-schools, who were uniformly delighted with what they saw and heard, and the originator of the movement soon found himself engaged in many similar schools in various parts of the city. These classes became very popular. In the Spring Street Church there was a class of over six hundred. From these schools sprang the celebrated "Juvenile Musical Festivals," as they were called, held at the Broadway Tabernacle, which, for some years, were such a prominent feature among the musical events of the city. Those annual concerts were occasions never to be forgotten by any who were present.

The sight itself was a thrilling one. A thousand children were seated on a gradually rising platform, which spread the scene, as it were, most gracefully before the eye. About two-thirds of the class were girls, dressed uniformly in white with a white wreath and blue sash. The boys were dressed in jackets with collars turned over, something in the Byron style. When all were ready, a chord was struck on the piano — a thousand children instantly arose, presenting a sight that can be far more easily imagined than described. Of the musical effect produced by such a chorus we will not attempt to speak.

Mr. Bradbury improved every occasion of these large gatherings to impress upon the public the necessity of musical instruction in the public schools, and in time he had the satisfaction of seeing music taught as a regular study in the public schools of New York.

While he was teaching among the children, he would occasionally compose a song for them, and to their delight. So he decided to make a book. The Young Choir was the result. This was in 1841. Being an inexperienced writer, he got Dr. Hastings to correct his music. The book was a success, and others followed.

Mr. Bradbury had a desire to go to Europe and study with some of the masters there, and on the second day of July, 1847, he took passage for England, accompanied by his wife and daughter. They were thirty days on the ocean. He remained in London some weeks, and made good use of his time while there. He made the acquaintance of Jenny Lind, then quite unknown to American fame.

He arrived in Leipsic, Germany, September 11th, where he made arrangements to begin his studies without delay. Wenzel was his teacher for the piano and organ, Boehme for voice and Hauptmann for harmony. This city was the home of Mendelssohn, whose death occurred only a few weeks after Mr. Bradbury's arrival, and whose funeral he had the sad privilege of attending.

It need scarcely be stated that Mr. Bradbury pursued his studies with the greatest assiduity.

While thus zealously devoting himself to personal cultivation and improvement, Mr. Bradbury was in no danger of losing sight of the work at home for which he was preparing himself. He visited many public and private schools, and familiarized himself thoroughly with all the German methods of popular musical instruction. He also made the acquaintance of many prominent musicians. He made a short but very interesting tour across the Alps into Switzerland, After his return to New York, in 1849, he devoted his entire time to teaching, conducting conventions, composing, and editing music books. In 1851, in connection with his brother, E. Gr. Bradbury, he commenced the manufacture of the Bradbury pianos, which at one time were quite popular.

Prof. Wm. B. Bradbury was one of the great trio (the other two being Drs. Mason and Root) to which the church and vocal music of this country owe much. Mr. Bradbury was an excellent composer. His melodies have an easy, natural flow, and his harmonies are simple and natural, and many of his hymn-tunes and gospel songs still in use are among the best that American writers have produced. He was unceasingly active, having edited fifty-nine books of sacred and secular music, a large part of which were his own work.

Professor Bradbury was an excellent conductor and teacher. He was always kind, patient, and full of sympathy for others. Mr. Bradbury died at his residence, Montclair, N. J., January 8, 1868, leaving a widow, four daughters and a son. He will always occupy a prominent place in American musical history.

--Hall, J. H. (c1914). Biographies of Gospel Song and Hymn Writers. New York: Fleming H. Revell Company.

Tunes by William B. Bradbury (212)sort descendingAsInstances
[A beautiful land by faith I see]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[A pilgrim and a stranger here]William B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[Above the waves of earthly strife]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)4
AGAWAM (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)3
ALETTAWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)91
[All night long till break of day]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
AMELIA (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)2
ANDREWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)12
[My latest sun in sinking fast] (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)19
[He leadeth me, O blessed thought]William B. Bradbury (Composer)232
[Away! away! not a moment to linger]William Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)2
BACA (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)26
BALMWilliam Bradbury, 1816-1868 (Composer)2
THANKSGIVING (Bradbury)Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Beautiful mansions, home of the blest]W. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Beautiful Zion, built above] (Bradbury)Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Beyond the smiling and the weeping] (Bradbury)Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Blessed Jesus, in Thy fold]W. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
BLOOMFIELD CHANTWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)4
BOYLEWilliam Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)2
BRADBURY (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)182
BRADENW. B. Bradbury (Composer)9
[Bright is the joy of the girl or boy]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
BROWN (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)54
CADDOWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)14
CAPTIVITYBradbury (Composer)1
CAREYWm. B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[Cast thy burden on the Lord]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[The Master has come over Jordan] (Bradbury)William Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)3
[Children, can you truly tell] (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[Jesus loves me! this I know]William B. Bradbury (Composer)154
[Christians, I am on my journey]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)1
CLAREMONT (Bradbury)W. B. Bradbury (Arranger)5
CLARKSVILLEWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)3
[Come schoolmates, don't grow weary]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)3
NETTLETONWm. B. Bradbury (Arranger)1
[Come to Calv'ry's holy mountain]W. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Man the life-boat! Man the life-boat] (Bradbury)William Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)2
DARE TO DO RIGHTWilliam Batchelder Bradbury, 1816 - 1868 (Composer (melody))2
[Dear Jesus, Thou wilt hear me]W. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
DENNIS (Nägeli)William Batchelder Bradbury (1816-1868) (Arranger)5
[Don't forget the Sabbath]William B. Bradbury (1816-1868) (Composer)5
DURINGWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[We are coming, blessed Savior] (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury, 1816-1868 (Composer)2
[Lord, I hear of showers of blessing] (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)121
EVEN MEWilliam B. Bradbury, 1816-1868 (Composer)1
EVEN THEEWm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Exalt him all ye people]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
FADE, FADE, EACH EARTHLY JOY (Bradbury)William Batchelder Bradbury, 1816-1868 (Composer)6
FINNEYWm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Give, said the little stream]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)3
[Glory to God in the highest] (Bradbury)William Batchelder Bradbury, 1816-1868 (Composer)6
[Go forth! young soldier of the Cross]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[Go work today in the vineyard of the Lord]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
GOLDEN CHAINWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)5
[When across the ocean wide]William Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)2
HARVEY'S CHANTWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)16
[Have you spent a pleasant day?]William Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)3
[He who once to earth came down]William B. Bradbury (Composer)1
HEAVEN (Bradbury)Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
HELENA (Bradbury)W. B. Bradbury (Composer)4
[Holy, holy, holy is the Lord]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Ho'omaika'i, ho'omaika'i, ho'omaika'i]William B. Bradbury, 1816-1868 (Composer)2
[Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna!]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)4
[How gentle God’s commands]W. B. Bradbury (Composer)3
[How sweet will be the welcome home] (Bradbury)Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[How sweetly the voice of the Savior is calling]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Hushed be my murmurings, let cares depart]William B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[I am bound for the land of the living]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[I love to think of the heavenly land]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)6
[I ought to love my Savior] (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[I will not be afraid at night]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)3
[If I were a sunbeam] (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[I'll sing the glory of the Lord]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[I'm but a stranger here] (Bradbury)Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[In a manger laid so lowly]William Bachelder Bradbury (Composer)3
[In olden times when boys were wild]William B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[In the far better land of glory and light]Wiliam Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)2
IN THE LIGHTWilliam B. Bradbury, 1816-1868 (Composer)2
JAZER (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)3
[Jehovah reigns let earth be glad]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Jesus is our loving Savior]William Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)3
[Jesus the water of life will give]William B. Bradbury (Composer)9
[Joyful away to Pisgah's mountain]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)4
[Kai a nauwe i ka nani]William B. Bradbury, 1816-1868 (Composer)3
KEOKUKW. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
KIRKWOOD (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)5
LA MIRAW. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
LAND OF REST (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Laurels, fresh laurels, for the Sunday School we bring]William Bachelder Bradbury (Composer)2
[Let me go where saints are going]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)3
[Let the Gospel trumpet sound]William Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)2
[Lift up to God the voice of praise]W. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
LITTLE TRAVELERSWilliam Batchelder Bradbury (1816-1868) (Composer)2
[Lo! the Sunday School army is out on review]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Look to Jesus youthful Christian]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
LOOKING HOMEWm. B. Bradbury (Composer)3
[Lord, I believe; Thy power I own]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[Lord of the Gospel harvest]William Bachelder Bradbury (Composer)2
LOTTIEWm. B. Bradbury (Composer)5
LULUWm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
MAGNOLIAW. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Make ao e nauwe nei]William B. Bradbury, 1816-1868 (Composer)2
MANOAH (Bradbury)Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
MARCHING ALONGWm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Marching on, marching on, glad as birds on the wing] (Bradbury)Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)5
MASON'S CHANTWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)4
MEROEWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)5
MILLINGTON (Bradbury)W. B. Bradbury (Composer)3
MONORAWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)6
MORRIS CHANTWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)3
[My hope is built on nothing less]William Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)4
[Nani e na wawae hele ma na mauna]William B. Bradbury, 1816-1868 (Composer)2
[Never be afraid to speak for Jesus]William Bachelder Bradbury (Composer)10
NEWELL (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury, 1816-1868 (Composer)2
[Nothing either great or small]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)3
[Now to heav'n our pray'r ascending]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[O give me a harp on the bright hills of glory]William B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[O give thanks unto the Lord] (Bradbury)Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)5
LEAFWm. B. Bradbury (Arranger)1
[O what beauties adorn the bright Sabbath morn]William B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[O, what shall I do to be saved]William Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)5
[Oh, bliss of the purified, bliss of the free]W. B. Bradbury (Composer)20
[Oh, if my house is built upon a rock]William Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)2
OLIVE'S BROWWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)108
ORIEL (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)4
ORIOLAWm. B. Bradbury (Composer)3
[Over the ocean wave, far, far away] (Bradbury)W. B. Bradbury (Composer)13
PEACE IS MINEWm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
PHILADELPHIA (Bradbury)William Batchelder Bradbury, 1816 - 1868 (Composer)3
[Pilgrim halting, staff in hand]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
BONNERWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[Purer yet and purer I would be in mind]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
REDALWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)3
REST (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)94
RIVER BANKWm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
ROLLANDWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)8
[Holy, holy, holy is the Lord] (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)36
SALOME (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Savior, bless a little child] (Bradbury)William Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)3
FULTON (Bradbury)W. B. Bradbury (Composer)7
SCHNEIDER (Bradbury)William Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)1
SEYMOUR (Bradbury)W. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Shall hymns of grateful love]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Shall we sing in Heaven for ever] (Bradbury)William Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)2
[Shout the tidings of salvation] (Bradbury)W. B. Bradbury (Composer)6
SILVERTONWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)4
SING AND REJOICEWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)3
[Sing of His Mighty Love]William B. Bradbury, 1816-1868 (Composer)2
SOLID ROCKWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)210
[Soon shall we see the glorious morning]William Bachelder Bradbury (Composer)6
[Speed away! speed away! happy soul of the blest]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
ST. PETER (Reinagle)W. B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[O Christian, awake! 'tis the Master's command]W. B. Bradbury (Composer)5
STEDFASTWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[Strains of music often greet me]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Strike the harp of Zion, wake the tuneful lay]William B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[We are marching on with shield and banner bright]William B. Bradbury (Composer)6
SUTHERLAND (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury, 1816-1868 (Composer)6
[Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer] (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)197
SWEET REST IN HEAVENWm. B. Bradbury (Composer)3
SWEET STORYWilliam B. Bradbury (Arranger)35
[Sweetly dawns the Sabbath morning]William B. Bradbury (Composer)2
YARBROUGHWm. B. Bradbury (Composer)17
["Take thy cross and follow me"]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[The Bible! the Bible! more precious than gold] (Bradbury)William Bachelder Bradbury (Composer)2
[The people are gathering from near and from far]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[The Shepherd of souls]William B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[The storms of earth will vanish]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[There is no name so sweet on earth] (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)42
[The wicked plot and gnash their teeth]W. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[There is a land of pleasure]William Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)2
[There's a beautiful land]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[There's a cry from Macedonia]William Batchelder Bradbury, 1816-1868 (Composer)4
[There's a light in the window for thee, brother]William Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)2
[Though the days are dark with trouble]W. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Through the new Jerusalem]William Batchelder Bradbury (Composer)2
[Through a strange country as pilgrims we stray]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Tis a blessed thought to know]William B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[To the heavenly land; to the heavenly land]William B. Bradbury (Composer)1
TO THEE I PRAYWm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Traveler, whither art thou going] (Bradbury)Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Turn thee, O wanderer, why wilt thou die]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
VIOLA (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)8
WARDLAWW. B. Bradbury (Composer)4
WARNING (Bradbury)Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[I am dwelling on the mountain] (Dadmun)William B. Bradbury (Composer (attributed to))11
WAVEWilliam B. Bradbury (Arranger)6
[We are going, we are going]William B. Bradbury (Composer)4
[We are joyously voyaging]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)3
[We are now in youth’s bright morning]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[We are on the ocean sailing] (Bradbury)Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[We are out on the ocean sailing] (Bradbury)Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)4
[We come once again our Redeemer to meet]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[We know not what's before us]William B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[We lift our voices]William B. Bradbury (Composer)1
[We love to sing together] (Bradbury)Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[We never shall be happy if we walk the ways of sin]William B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Weary of wand'ring long]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)3
[When clouds hang darkly over my way]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[Where, O where is yon vessel going]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
MONTCLAIRWilliam Batchelder Bradbury, 1816 - 1868 (Composer (melody))24
[Who are these in bright array]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)3
WILLOW DALEWm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
WIRTHWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)3
[With tearful eyes I look around]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
WOODWORTHWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)386
[Ye valiant soldiers of the cross]Wm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2
[There is something on earth for the children to do] (Bradbury)William Bradbury (Composer)2
YOUR SAVIOR WEPTWilliam B. Bradbury (Composer)2
ZEPHYR (Bradbury)William B. Bradbury (Composer)63
ZION'S PILGRIMWm. B. Bradbury (Composer)2

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