Valdimar Briem

Short Name: Valdimar Briem
Full Name: Valdimar Briem, 1848-1930
Birth Year: 1848
Death Year: 1930

Born: Feb­ru­a­ry 1, 1848, Grund, Ice­land.
Died: May 3, 1930, Stó­ri-Nú­pur, Ice­land.

Briem at­tend­ed the The­o­lo­gic­al Sem­in­ary in Reyk­ja­vik, was or­dained in 1873, and in 1880 be­came pas­tor of the Stó­ri-Nú­pur par­ish, where he served for three de­cades. In 1909, he be­came vice-bi­shop of Skál­holt. The 1886 Ice­lan­dic hym­nal has 102 orig­in­al hymns by Briem, and 39 of his trans­la­tions.


Hve dryalegur er Drott­inn
(How Mar­vel­ous God’s Great­ness)
Lord, Let Thy Spir­it

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Texts by Valdimar Briem (12)sort descendingAsInstances
Full soon will fall the winter rainValdimar Briem (Translator)2
Good Shepherd, Thou who gavestValdimar Briem (Author)2
How glorious is God's greatness!Valdimar Briem (Author)8
I stand by the lonely breakersValdimar Briem (Author)2
Lord, let Thy Spirit, from earthly passion weaningValdimar Briem (Author)5
O Thou who madest water wineValdimar Briem (Author)2
Oft in death's shadowy vale, like screen of nightValdimar Briem (Author)2
This wondrous world, my God, a book I deemValdimar Briem (Translator)2
Unto God's House in olden dayValdimar Briem (Author)2
What though this weary earth-born flesh lie fetteredValdimar Briem (Author)2
What time life's early morningValdimar Briem (Author)2
When winds far-blown from realms of painValdimar Briem (Author)2

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