Robert Campbell

Short Name: Robert Campbell
Full Name: Campbell, Robert, 1814-1868
Birth Year: 1814
Death Year: 1868

Robert Campbell was an advocate residing in Edinburgh. He is not much known as an author, but some of his hymns have been adopted in several hymnals. He was Roman Catholic. His death occurred in 1868.
--Annotations of the Hymnal, Charles Hutchins, M.A. 1872.


Campbell, Robert. Advocate, of Sherrington, Scotland, was born at Trochmig, Ayrshire, Dec. 19, 1814. When quite a boy he attended the University of Glasgow. Though showing from his earliest years a strong predilection for Theological studies, eventually he fixed upon the Scottish law as a profession. To this end he entered the Law Classes of the University of Edinburgh, and in due course entered upon the duties of an advocate. Originally a Presbyterian, at an early age he joined the Episcopal Church of Scotland. He became a zealous and devoted Churchman, directing his special attention to the education of the children of the poor. His classical attainments were good, and his general reading extensive. In 1848 he began a series of translations of Latin hymns. These he submitted to Dr. Neale, Dr. Mills of Ely, and other competent judges. In 1850, a selection therefrom, together with a few of his original hymns, and a limited number from other writers, was published as Hymns and Anthems for Use in the Holy Services of the Church within the United Diocese of St. Andrews, Dunkeld, and Dunblane. Edinburgh, R. Lendrum & Co.
This collection, known as the St. Andrews Hymnal, received the special sanction of Bishop Torry, and was used throughout the Diocese for some years. Two years after its publication he joined the Roman Catholic Church. During the next sixteen years he devoted much time to the young and poor. He died at Edinburgh, Dec. 29, 1868.
From his collection of 1850, four translations were given in Hymns Ancient & Modern, 1861, "At the Lamb's high feast we sing;" “Come, pure hearts, in sweetest measures;" "Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem;" " Ye servants of a martyr'd God" (altered). Attention was thereby directed to his translations. They are smooth, musical, and well sustained. A large number, not included in his 1850 collection, were left by him in manuscript. From these Mr. O.Shipley has printed several in his Annus Sanctus, 1884. (C. MSS.)

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Robert Campbell (37)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Again the time appointed seeRobert Campbell (Author)1
All glory to the Father be, The Spirit and the SonRobert Campbell (Translator)English2
At the Lamb's high feast we singRobert Campbell, 1814-1868 (Translator)English148
Blest Three in One and One in ThreeRobert Campbell (Author)1
Christ the glory of the skyRobert Campbell (Author)4
Christen, kommt, mit schönen WeisenRobert Campbell (Translator from Latin)German2
Come, pure hearts, in sweetest measuresR. Campbell, 1814-68 (Translator)English37
Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest, And in our hearts take up thy restR. Campbell (Translator)English1
Come, O Spirit, Lord of graceRobert Campbell (Author)2
Creator Spirit, Lord of grace (Campbell)Robert Campbell (Author)3
Fearful thought of endless doomRobert Campbell (Translator)English2
Hail this joyful day's returnRobert Campbell, 1814-1868 (Translator)English8
Holy Babe, our great salvationRobert Campbell (Translator)English2
Jesus, highest heaven's completenessRobert Campbell (Author)2
Lamb, whose blood for all men streamedRobert Campbell (Translator)English2
Let hymns of joy to grief succeedRobert Campbell (Author)1
Light of the anxious heart Jesus, Thy supplicants cheerRobert Campbell, 1814-68 (Translator)English4
Maker of the starry sphereRobert Campbell (Author)2
Now ancient shadows fleeRobert Campbell, 1814-1868 (Translator)English2
O gracious Lord, Creator dearRobert Campbell (Author)3
O Savior, Who for man hast trodC. Coffin (Author)English3
O Wakaŋtaŋka waṡakaRobert Campbell (Translator)Dakota1
Praise the Lord, whose love divineRobert Campbell (Author)2
The advent of our King Our thoughts must now employRobert Campbell, 1814-1868 (Translator)English9
The coming of our God, Our thoughts must now employR. Campbell (Translator)English2
With Christ we died, with Christ we roseR. Campbell (Translator)1
They come, God's messengers of loveRobert Campbell (Author)English7
Thou from the cradle to the graveRobert Campbell, 1814-1868 (Translator)English2
Thy sacred race, O Lord, is runRobert Campbell (Author)1
Un banquete tan triunfalRobert Campbell, 1814-1868 (Translator (English))Spanish2
We plough the fields, and scatterR. Campbell (Translator)English1
What beauteous sun surpassing StarRobert Campbell (Author)2
Word of God, eternal SonRobert Campbell (Translator)English2
Word of God to earth descendingRobert Campbell (Author)3
Sing, choirs of new JerusalemRobert Campbell, 1814-1868 (Translator)English44
Ye people, cease from tearsRobert Campbell (Translator)English2
Ye servants of our glorious KingRobert Campbell (Translator (from Latin))1
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