Russell Kelso Carter

Russell Kelso Carter
Short Name: Russell Kelso Carter
Full Name: Carter, Russell Kelso, 1849-1928
Birth Year: 1849
Death Year: 1928

Russel Kelso Carter was a professor in the Pennsylvania Military College of Chester. While there he was licensed to preach by the Methodist Episcopal Church. He became very active in leading camp meetings and revivals. After failing health forced him to abandon this work, he studied and became a medical doctor as well as a writer. He wrote novels as well as hymns.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

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ثابت على مواعيد يسوعRussell Kelso Carter (Author)Arabic1
A cry comes up from the darknessR. K. C. (Author)English4
A dreadful sound rings in my earsRussell Kelso Carter (Author)2
A glad new song of peace and loveR. K. C. (Author)English2
Amid a world of sin, O my soul, O my soulR. K. C. (Author)English2
Art thou weary, art thou languidR. K. C. (Author (Chorus))English2
At the Fount I stand, neath the bleeding handRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English3
Away from my Father, away from my homeRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
Be not afraid, my Lord, my Light, my LifeR. K. C. (Author)English2
Behold, behold the Lamb of God, the Lamb for sinners slainR. K. C. (Author)English2
Breathe upon us, Lord from heavenR. Kelso Carter (Author)English36
Buried with Christ and raised with him tooR. K. C. (Author (chorus))English2
By Jordan's rushing stream I standRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English3
Christian virgins, are you readyR. K. C. (Arranger)English2
Come, all ye saints, salute your KingRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
Come and see the flowing fountainR. Kelso Carter (Author)English2
Come for the invitation is urgentRussell Kelso Carter (Author)2
Come, Holy Ghost, to Thee I cryRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
Come, swell the anthemR. K. C. (Author)English2
Come to Jesus now, and he will give you restRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
Come to Jesus now, the invitation hearR. Kelso Carter (Author)English2
Come to the feast that the Lord hath madeR. K. C. (Author)English3
Cross of Christ, lead onwardR. Kelso Carter (Author)English15
ദൈവവാക്കിൽ വിശ്വസിച്ചു നില്കുന്നു (Daivavākkil viśvasiccu nilkunnu)Russell Kelso Carter (Author)Malayalam2
Day is done, night has comeR. K. C. (Author)English2
Did you hear what Jesus said to me?R. Kelso Carter (Author)English17
Down at the cross on Calvary's mountainR. Kelso Carter (Author)English23
Draw me close to thy bleeding sideRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
Firme nas promessas do meu SalvadorRussell Kelso Carter (Author)Portuguese3
From Calvary's fountain, Lord, I knowRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
From heaven to earth my Savior cameR. K. C. (Author)English1
Glory to God, redeemed ones singR. K. C. (Author)English2
Hark to the story of JesusR. K. C. (Author)English2
Have you not heard the old, old storyRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
He calms the strife of the warring willRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English3
He's coming back to earth againR. K. C. (Author (Chorus))English1
How I love to tell the storyR. Kelso Carter (Author)English3
I am Thine, my Lord, wholly Thine todayRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
I believe that God in mercyR. K. Carter (Author)5
I can sing now the song Of the blood ransomed throngR. Kelso Carter (Author)English12
I have found the dearest friend, Jesus, my Savior and LordR. K. C. (Author)English4
I love Thee, my Savior, Thy touch makes me wholeRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
I saw a blood washed pilgrim, a sinner saved by graceR. Kelso Carter (Author)English14
I will sing of a time, of a land and a KingR. K. C. (Author)English2
I'm saved by the blood, O, praise the LordR. Kelso Carter (Author)2
I'm thinking of the past tonightR. K. C. (Author)English2
I'm trusting, I'm trustingRussell Kelso Carter (Author)2
I'm walking now in Beulah landRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English3
I'm weary of this load of sinR. K. Carter (Author)English2
In every tribe and every nationRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
In happy hours, 'neath sunny skiesR. K. C. (Author)English3
In sin and temptationRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
In the dark night of sorrow my Jesus appearsR. K. C. (Author (Chorus))English2
Into the world, a light I comeR. Kelso Carter (Author)2
I've entered the rest of the people of GodRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
Jesus, bleeding one, save meR. K. C. (Author)2
Jesus comes, He comes in gloryRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English6
Jesus, for me Thy blood was spiltRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English3
Jesus, here I bring my allR. K. C. (Author)English3
Jesus is calling, why delay?R. K. C. (Author)English2
Jesus is the Light, the WayR. Kelso Carter (Author)English34
Jesus is victor, His work is completeR. Kelso Carter (Author)English7
Jesus ist das Licht der WeltR. Kelso Carter (Author)German1
Jesus, my faith I now confessRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English4
Jesus my Prophet stands, Jesus my allRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
Jesus, my Savior, is all things to me, Him and Him only forever I seeR. K. C. (Author)English2
Jesus! the very thought of TheeR. K. C. (Author)English1
Jesus, thou ever art the sameR. K. C. (Author)English4
Jesus, with divine compassionR. K. C. (Author)English2
Lift your heads! lift your heads!R. K. C. (Author)English2
Lift your heads, O brothers hearken!R. K. C. (Author)English2
Like a river, like a river, Like a mighty floodR. Kelso Carter (Author)English2
Lord, I come to thee for lifeRussell Kelso Carter (Author)2
Lord, I need thy saving powerR. K. c. (Author)2
Lord, I pray Thee for a blessingR. K. C. (Author)English5
Lord, I see thee comeRussell Kelso Carter (Author)2
My God so loved the worldRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
My Lord, my Light, my LifeRussell Kelso Carter (Author)2
No beautiful chamber, no soft cradle bedR. K. C. (Author (Chorus))English3
No hubo hermosa cunaRussell Kelso Carter (Chorus)Spanish2
O come to the cross where Jesus bled and diedR. Kelso Carter (Author)English7
O happy saints that dwell in lightR. K. Carter (Author)English2
O helge ande kom och t'ndRussell Kelso Carter (Author)2
O Jesu, deines Kreuzes PeinRussell Kelso Carter (Author)German2
O Jesus, Lord, Thy dying loveR. Kelso Carter (Author)English36
O Lamb of God! to Thee I cryR. K. C. (Author)English2
O my gracious Lord, Now set me freeRussell Kelso Carter (Author)2
O sinner, come along with meRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English3
O the cleansing blood, O the precious bloodRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
O the light of heaven liesR. Kelso Carter (Author)2
O the rocks and the mountains shall all flee away When Jesus comes to judgment the last great dayR. K. C. (Author)English4
O the sowing time seems wearyRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English4
O glory hallelujah, sound the joyful strainR. K. C. (Author)English5
O God! my Lord, save, save me now, Lord!R. K. C. (Author)English2
O Jesus, Jesus, dearest LordR. K. C. (Author (chorus))English6
O lift your heads, ye heavenly gatesR. Kelso Carter (Author)English2
O listen to the story! So old, and yet so newR. K. C. (Author)English2
O the joy of the LordR. K. C. (Author)English2
O what joy and peace I knowR. K. C. (Author)English2
O who is this that cometh from Edom?R. K. C. (Author)English2
On life's raging ocean sailingRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English3
Once I was far in sin, But Jesus took me in, Down where the living waters flowRussell Kelso Carter (1849-1926) (Author (Chorus))English1
Onward marching, who, who is He?R. K. C. (Author)English3
Over the river, our sinfulness bearingR. K. C. (Author)English2
Praise the Lord for love divineRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, let us singR. K. C. (Author)English2
Reach out a helping hand into the waveR. K. C. (Author)English2
Redeeming love, how sweet the soundR. K. C. (Author)English2
Rescue the sinner, go and rescue the lostR. Kelso Carter (Author)English3
Rest to the weary soul And aching breast is givenR. Kelso Carter (Author)English25
Ring the bells of free salvationRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
Rock of Ages, let me standRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
Saints arise in grace aboundingR. K. C. (Author)English2
Savior, breathe Thy Holy SpiritR. Kelso Carter (Author)English2
Shout aloud, hosanna, to the king of kingsRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English5
Shout in triumph, tell the story (Chorus)Russell Kelso Carter (Author)English1
Spirit of burning! Quick descendRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English3
Standing on the promises of Christ my KingR. K. C. (Author)English430
Standing, standing, Standing on the promises of God my Savior (Chorus)Russell Kelso Carter (Author)English1
Stolende paa løfterne, some Kristus gavR. Kelso Carter (Author)Norwegian2
Sweet and low, sweet and low, Jesus, my LordR. Kelso Carter (Author)English6
Take my life and let it beR. K. C. (Author (chorus))English2
Take my spirit, body, soulR. Kelso Carter (Author)English1
The blood's applied, my soul is freeR. K. C. (Author)English7
The gospel trumpet sounds aloudR. Kelso Carter (Author)English2
The light of the word shineth brighter and brighterRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English3
The Lord is my rock, my fortress, my GodRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
The Lord shall arise, shall arise upon theeR. K. C. (Author)English2
The night is almost over, and the day is drawing nighR. Kelso Carter (Author)English2
The Savior speaks, O hear Him sayR. Kelso Carter (Author)English3
The Shepherd of the sheep came down R. Kelso Carter (Author)English3
There's a fountain, freely flowingRussell Kelso Carter (Author)2
There's a glad day coming, by and byeRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
They're all taken away, away (Chorus)Russell Kelso Carter (Author)English1
Thou knowest Lord, I can not knowR. K. C. (Author)English2
Thou, the Rose of SharonRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English4
Though swelling storms prevailRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English7
Through the opened gates of gloryR. Kelso Carter (Author)2
Thy will be done, to Jesus' feetR. K. C. (Author)2
'Tis long since Jesus found meRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
To him that overcometh, To him that overcomethRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English3
Todas las promesas del Señor JesúsR. Kelso Carter (Author)Spanish13
Trauend dem Verheißungsworte meines HerrnRussell Kelso Carter (Author)German1
Trusting in Jesus there's release from sinR. Kelso Carter (Author)English3
惟有常出代價 (Wéiyǒu cháng chū dàijià)Russell Kelso Carter (Author)Chinese2
We are coming, Hallelujah! In the way our fathers trodR. K. C. (Author)English2
We are marching on to glory, We are marching on to glory (Carter)Russell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
We shall hear a voice, a wond'rous voiceR. K. C. (Author)English2
We thank Thee, Lord, for this our food (Carter)Russell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
We're marching to Immanuel's landRussell Kelso Carter (Author)2
What wondrous love is this, O my soul, O my soulR. K. C. (Alterer)English2
When I was down in Egypt's sandR. K. C. (Author)English2
When Jesus my transgressions boreR. K. C. (Author)English2
When judgment thunders cloud the skyRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English4
When the storm of trial sweepsRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
When the weary day is draggingRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
When tossed upon the foaming waveRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
When weary and worn with the sorrow and sighingR. K. C. (Author)English2
While the battle of life is ragingRussell Kelso Carter (Author)English2
Ye sons of God, awake, arise in mightR. Kelso Carter (Author)English2
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