Carlos Colón

Short Name: Carlos Colón
Full Name: Colón, Carlos, 1966-
Birth Year: 1966 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Carlos Colón (28)sort descendingAsInstances
Al Señor clamé estando en angustia (I am crying out to God in my anguish)Carlos Colón, n. 1966 (Author)2
Alegre luz de la santa gloria (O gladsome light of the holy glory)Carlos Colón, n. 1966 (Translator (Spanish, st. 1))4
Bendigamos al Señor (Let us bless the Lord our God)Carlos Colón, n. 1966 (Translator)2
Cordero que bajaste del cielo (Cordero, Lamb of God who descended)Carlos Colón, n. 1966 (Adapter)2
Él es Señor, él es Señor (Oh, he is Lord, yes, he is Lord)Carlos Colón, n. 1966 (Author)2
En la noche los pastores (On the hills by night the shepherds)Carlos Colón, n. 1966 (Translator)2
God, be merciful to me, On Thy grace I rest my pleaCarlos Colón, b. 1966 (Translator)2
God, we honor youCarlos Colón, b. 1966 (Translator)1
Happy are they who trust, who trust in the LordCarlos Colón (Translator)1
Kyrie eleison, Señor, ten piedad (Kyrie eleison, show mercy, O Lord)Carlos Colón, n. 1966 (Author)2
Logo de manhã, quero te buscar (At the break of day, Lord, I seek your face)Carlos Colón, n. 1966 (Translator (Spanish, st. 2 and refrain))2
Me alegré con los que me decían (I was glad, I was glad when they said to me)Carlos Colón (Author)2
My friends, may you grow in graceCarlos Colón, b. 1966 (Translator)1
No hay un saludo más lindo (There's no more beautiful greetingCarlos Colón, n. 1966 (Translator)2
Now may your servant, LordCarlos Colón, b. 1966 (Translator)1
Nuestra ayuda viene del SeñorCarlos Colón, n. 1966 (Author)2
O Spirit of the living God, Thou light and fire divineCarlos Colón, b. 1966 (Translator)1
Oh Pastor, excelso Rey (Shepherd, guardian of your flock)Carlos Colón, n. 1966 (Translator)2
Our captors ask us for a song, but can we sing of God (Nos piden el cantar de Sión, mas ¿cómo dar loor?)Carlos Colón, b. 1966 (Translator)2
Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be your nameCarlos Colón, n. 1966 (Translator)1
Por demás es madrugar (It's in vain to rise early)Carlos Colón, n. 1966 (Author)2
Prepare our hearts, O God (Prepáranos, Señor)Carlos Colón, b. 1966 (Author)2
Puedo confiar en el Señor (I place my trust in the Lord)Carlos Colón, n. 1966 (Translator)2
Holy God, Holy and MightyCarlos Colón, n. 1966 (Translator (Spanish))1
Seremos como los que sueñan (And we will be like happy dreamers)Carlos Colón, n. 1966 (Author)2
The blood that Jesus shed for me, Way back on CalvaryCarlos Colón, b. 1966 (Translator)1
Vencerá el amor (Love shall overcome)Carlos Colón, n. 1966 (Author)2
When God first brought us back from exileCarlos Colón, b. 1966 (Translator)1
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