Thomas Cradock

Short Name: Thomas Cradock
Full Name: Cradock, Thomas, 1718-1770
Birth Year: 1718
Death Year: 1770

Rector of St. Thomas's, Baltimore County, Maryland

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A glorious theme my raptur'd heart inspiresThomas Cradock (Author)1
All-clement God, attend my earnest cryThomas Cradock (Author)1
All-clement God, that know'st my honest MindThomas Cradock (Author)1
All-pow'rful Lord, thy suppliant servant hearThomas Cradock (Author)1
All you, who in his sacred courts attendThomas Cradock (Author)1
Almighty Lord, e'er since the world beganThomas Cradock (Author)1
Approach, ye tribes; with one according voiceThomas Cradock (Author)1
As pants the hart to taste the limpid floodThomas Cradock (Author)1
Be God of my harmonious song the themeThomas Cradock (Author)1
Benign O hear me; save me, gracious GodThomas Cradock (Author)2
Blest is the man, who'll not the poor despiseThomas Cradock (Author)1
Blest is the man, whose honest soul disdainsThomas Cradock (Author)1
'Bove all our cities does bright Sion proveThomas Cradock (Author)1
Clap your glad hands, ye people all, rejoiceThomas Cradock (Author)1
Come forth, O thou, whose dread avenging armThomas Cradock (Author)1
Curst with deceitful joy his sottich heartThomas Cradock (Author)2
Dauntless, thy pow'r I'll sing in noblest laysThomas Cradock (Author)2
Do thou, just God, a just man's pray'r attendThomas Cradock (Author)1
Fix'd is my heart; my heart's resolv'd, O GodThomas Cradock (Author)1
For ever lasts the mercy of the LordThomas Cradock (Author)1
'Fore thee, O gracious God, I stand confestThomas Cradock (Author)1
Full oft (may Israel say) invet'rate foesThomas Cradock (Author)1
Good God, I am not insolent and highThomas Cradock (Author)1
Great is the Lord; most worthy he of praiseThomas Cradock (Author)1
He's trebly blest, who dreads th' omniscient GodThomas Cradock (Author)2
His mercies to the good will heav'n ensureThomas Cradock (Author)1
How glorious, Lord, thy temple? what desiresThomas Cradock (Author)1
How long, O Lord, will thy dread anger hold?Thomas Cradock (Author)1
How long wilt thou my troubled soul neglectThomas Cradock (Author)1
How num'rous, Lord, how strong, how powerful theyThomas Cradock (Author)1
Howe'er dispers'd, ye various nations, hearThomas Cradock (Author)1
I on the Lord with confidence relyThomas Cradock (Author)1
In hymns of praise will I employ my tongueThomas Cradock (Author)1
In joyous hymns and in sublimest laysThomas Cradock (Author)1
In loftiest strains address the mighty GodThomas Cradock (Author)2
In loftiest strains our sov'reign Lord adoreThomas Cradock (Author)1
In loftiest strains the great eternal praiseThomas Cradock (Author)1
In Sion's sacred fane the joyous layThomas Cradock (Author)1
In strains before unsung, in noblest laysThomas Cradock (Author)2
In thee, all-clement God, my hopes I placeThomas Cradock (Author)1
In thee, O God, my constant trust I placeThomas Cradock (Author)1
In vain perversely, princes, you surmiseThomas Cradock (Author)1
Let great Jehovah animate our strainsThomas Cradock (Author)2
Let me, good God, my righteous suit obtainThomas Cradock (Author)1
Lo! how restless foes my life pursue!Thomas Cradock (Author)1
Lord, on thy people let thy mercy shineThomas Cradock (Author)2
Me, Lord, not in thy dreadful wrath, correctThomas Cradock (Author)2
My earnest pray'r, O heav'nly father, hearThomas Cradock (Author)2
My foes assault me with relentless hateThomas Cradock (Author)2
My God, at early dawn to thee I'll cryThomas Cradock (Author)1
My great avenger thou, O Lord, to theeThomas Cradock (Author)1
My injr'd cause, my great protector, pleadThomas Cradock (Author)1
My light, my great salvation is the LordThomas Cradock (Author)1
My pleading cries, eternal father, hearThomas Cradock (Author)1
My soul rests only on her mighty GodThomas Cradock (Author)1
No more be still, just God; no more delayThomas Cradock (Author)2
Not to ourselves, O God, we ask a nameThomas Cradock (Author)2
O all ye good, who heav'n-born justice loveThomas Cradock (Author)1
O bright, O glorious day! resplendent mornThomas Cradock (Author)1
O dread Jehovah! glorious is thy nameThomas Cradock (Author)1
O God of mercy, view my pleading tearsThomas Cradock (Author)1
O gracious God, thy glorious name be prais'dThomas Cradock (Author)1
O gracious God, why standest thou afar?Thomas Cradock (Author)2
O Lord, assist; for faith, for honour's flownThomas Cradock (Author)1
O Lord my God, whom my defence I've madeThomas Cradock (Other...)1
O sov'reign father, view my stubborn foesThomas Cradock (Author)1
O sov'reign Lord, my suppliant plainings hearThomas Cradock (Author)1
O Sov'reign Lord, whom my support I proveThomas Cradock (Author)2
O thou (between the cherubims thy throne)Thomas Cradock (Author)1
O thou, on whose blest mercy I relyThomas Cradock (Author)1
O thou supreme, that rulest over allThomas Cradock (Author)1
O thou, who hast o'er all eternal swayThomas Cradock (Author)1
Of mercy, Lord, of judgment, I will singThomas Cradock (Author)1
Offended with our crimes, O holy GodThomas Cradock (Author)1
On great Jehovah who in faith relyThomas Cradock (Author)1
Our cause if heav'n's high king (may Israel say)Thomas Cradock (Author)1
Our refuge and our strength is heaven's high GodThomas Cradock (Author)1
Our sov'reign Lord has universal swayThomas Cradock (Author)1
Our sov'reign Lord, the great Jehovah praiseThomas Cradock (Author)1
Preserve me, Lord, from that insidious croudThomas Cradock (Author)1
Preserve me, Lord--on thy blest pow'r reliesThomas Cradock (Author)2
Reigns great Jehovah; let the people fearThomas Cradock (Author)1
Remember, Lord, the toils that David boreThomas Cradock (Author)1
Rise, sov'reign Lord, in all thy terrors riseThomas Cradock (Author)1
Sav'd by thy hand, triumphant in thy pow'rThomas Cradock (Author)1
Save me, my God; protect me from the foeThomas Cradock (Author)1
Sing to the Lord; invoke his sacred nameThomas Cradock (Author)1
Strict silence keep not, sov'reign Lord--beholdThomas Cradock (Author)1
Sunk in the depths of woe, to thee I criedThomas Cradock (Author)1
The bounteous Lord my pastures shall prepareThomas Cradock (Author)1
The glorious subject of my tuneful songThomas Cradock (Author)1
The great design if not Jehovah blessThomas Cradock (Author)1
The impious atheist, in his folly proudThomas Cradock (Author)1
The Lord Jehovah sing; in noblest laysThomas Cradock (Author)1
The mighty God I'll love with heart unfeign'dThomas Cradock (Author)1
The mighty God, whom heav'ns and earth obeyThomas Cradock (Author)1
The mighty Lord, the great Jehovah reignsThomas Cradock (Author)1
The mind sublimer pleasure ne'er receivesThomas Cradock (Author)1
The noblest subject swells my lofty layThomas Cradock (Author)1
The spacious earth, and what the earth containsThomas Cradock (Author)1
The spacious firmament, that hangs on highThomas Cradock (Author)1
Tho' oft, O Lord, we've felt thy heavy wrathThomas Cradock (Author)1
Thou sovereign Lord, that fill's the earth with dreadThomas Cradock (Author)1
Thrice blest the man, that great Jehovah fearsThomas Cradock (Author)1
Thrice happy he, whose sins his God forgivesThomas Cradock (Author)1
Thrice happy they who with religious aweThomas Cradock (Author)2
Thus to our Christ the Lord Jehovah saidThomas Cradock (Author)1
Thy glorious deeds, thy mercies, Lord, of oldThomas Cradock (Author)1
To fancied gods while all the nations bendThomas Cradock (Author)1
To heav'n who trust his fortunes and his lifeThomas Cradock (Author)1
To thee, all-clement God, I constant cryThomas Cradock (Author)1
To thee alone, O sov'reign Lord, I cryThomas Cradock (Author)2
To thee, good God, I ev'ry blessing oweThomas Cradock (Author)1
To thee, good God, in my distress I pleadThomas Cradock (Author)1
To thee, in my distress, I prostrate fallThomas Cradock (Author)1
To thee, O God, in songs of joy we'll raiseThomas Cradock (Author)1
To thee, O Lord, I made my humble pray'rThomas Cradock (Author)1
To thee, O sov'reign father, I appealThomas Cradock (Author)1
What desp'rate madness strikes the heathen? SayThomas Cradock (Author)1
What nobler subject can the soul employThomas Cradock (Author)1
When cruel foes with causeless malice armThomas Cradock (Author)1
When foes with cruel hate beset me roundThomas Cradock (Author)1
When God all-clement heard his people's criesThomas Cradock (Author)1
When impious men in worldly splendor liveThomas Cradock (Author)2
When Israel to their native fields return'dThomas Cradock (Author)1
When swelling foes, elated with their prideThomas Cradock (Author)2
When troubles him thee round, when foes distressThomas Cradock (Author)1
While foes assail'd me round, I bravely saidThomas Cradock (Author)1
While in sad anguish, Babylon, we satThomas Cradock (Author)1
While lasts this solid globe, my God, my kingThomas Cradock (Author)2
While lasts thy dread resentment! Lord, forbearThomas Cradock (Author)1
While thou permit'st me, Lord, the light t' enjoyThomas Cradock (Author)1
Whilst life, great God, thou giv'st me to enjoyThomas Cradock (Author)1
Who in thy glorious temple, Lord, shall dwellThomas Cradock (Author)2
Why boast'st thou, tyrant, thy high crimes aloud?Thomas Cradock (Author)1
Why does my God forsake me? will no moreThomas Cradock (Author)1
With ardent voice unto the Lord I cryThomas Cradock (Author)1
With heart sincere, thy praise, O Lord, I'll singThomas Cradock (Author)1
With me, ye varied nations, hymn your GodThomas Cradock (Author)1
With thankful hymns address the mighty LordThomas Cradock (Author)1
Ye bright celestial choir, who live aboveThomas Cradock (Author)2
Ye mighty potentates, enthron'd on highThomas Cradock (Author)1
Ye nations all, howe'er dispers'd abroadThomas Cradock (Author)1
Ye nations all, howe'er dispers'd, proclaimThomas Cradock (Author)1
Ye priests, by night that in his temple waitThomas Cradock (Author)1
Ye sages, plac'd on judgment's awful seatThomas Cradock (Author)1
Ye scatter'd nations, sing in tuneful laysThomas Cradock (Author)1
Ye sons of Israel, faithful tribes, attendThomas Cradock (Author)1
Your maker's praise, ye righteous souls, proclaimThomas Cradock (Author)1
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