Peter Dass

Short Name: Peter Dass
Full Name: Dass, Peter does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Peter Dass (12)sort descendingAsInstances
Gjør Godt mod dem, som dig mon hadePeter Dass (Author)5
Gud, jeg tror og det bekjenderPeter Dass (Author)4
Her er det Ny, som paa Jorderig skedtePeter Dass (Author)4
Lord our God, with praise we come before youPetter Dass (1647-1707) (Author)4
Mighty God, to thy dear name be givenPerrer Dass, 1640 - 1707 (Author)2
O Jesu, for din AlterfordPeter Dass (Author)4
Sankta Dio, Via nom' kaj gloroPeter Dass, 1647-1707 (Author)2
Solen paa Himmelen lukked sit ØiePeter Dass (Author)4
Velsignet vær, o Jesus KristPeter Dass (Author)4
Velsignet være mig hver gangPeter Dass (Author)1
Verden i det Onde sænkesPeter Dass (Author)4
Were all my members praisingPeter Dass (Author)2
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