Mrs. A. L. Davison

Mrs. A. L. Davison
Short Name: Mrs. A. L. Davison
Full Name: Davison, A. L., Mrs. (Fannie Estelle), 1851-1887
Birth Year: 1851
Death Year: 1887

Born: 1851, Cuy­a­ho­ga Falls, Ohio.
Died: March 10, 1887, Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois.
Buried: Carth­age, Mis­sou­ri.

Fannie’s fa­ther was killed when she was 10 years old; af­ter her mo­ther’s re­mar­ri­age to ho­tel­i­er Hen­ry War­ner, the fam­i­ly moved to Carth­age, Mis­sou­ri. Fan­nie mar­ried court re­port­er Asa Lee Da­vis­on and they moved to Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois, then Ma­di­son, Wis­con­sin. Sev­er­al of her songs ap­peared in pub­li­ca­tions from the Fill­more Bro­thers of Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio, in­clud­ing Songs of Gra­ti­tude (1877), Joy and Glad­ness (1880) and The Voice of Joy (1882).

Last Words, The
Purer in Heart, O God

Texts by Mrs. A. L. Davison (108)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A golden glory wraps thee roundFannie E. Davison (Author)English3
Ah who is this so glory crownedMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English2
Alas that we must partMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)1
All golden and ripe is the harvestFannie E. Davison (Author)2
All the beauties of the eart are to fade by and byFannie E. Davison (Author)2
Beautiful flag of the brave and freeMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English4
Behold the lilies of the field, No toiling do they knowMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English6
Beneath the stars in slumber deepMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English2
Beyond the silent valeFannie E. Davison (Author)2
Cease your waiting, stand not idleFannie E. Davison (Author)English4
Christmas is come, the hills are all whiteMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)1
Close by my side, O tender loveMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English3
Come sing with happy voicesMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English2
Day by day, my Lord and SaviorMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English5
Fair and bright the morningFannie E. Davison (Author)English4
Gladly sing, gladly sing, Happy hearts hither bringMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English3
Go early to thy labor fieldMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English2
Go forth and sow the seedsFannie E. Davison (Author)English3
God, who the universe doth holdFannie E. Davison (Author)1
Guard your lips with thought unceasingFannie E. Davison (Author)English2
Hail, dear friends and schoolmatesFannie E. Davison (Author)2
Happen to you what there willFannie E. Davison (Author)2
Happy is the man that givethFannie E. Davison (Author)English2
Have you heard the wondrous songFannie E. Davison (Author)2
He beareth the lambs in His bosomMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English2
Hear the happy children singA. L. D. (Author)English2
Hearken, hearken, every nationMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English2
High over the hills of dutyFannie E. Davison (Author)English5
How beautiful Thy work, O GodMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English2
How blessed are the pure in heartFannie E. Davison (Author)English4
How blessed is the day of restMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English4
How fair are the walls of that city of lightFannie E. Davison (Author)English5
How much my Lord has done for meMrs. A. L. D. (Author)English2
I bring my heart, O Lord, to theeFannie E. Davison (Author)2
I have heard of the joy of the soul's sweet homeMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English6
I heard a joyful cry through all the mourning landFannie E. Davison (Author)English2
I know not where the pathway liesFannie E. Davison (Author)English2
In the darkness of the midnightMrs. A. L. D. (Author)English2
It doth not yet appear what we shall be, The light is faint, and we can only seeMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English2
Jesus always loved the childrenFannie Davison (Author)English2
Jesus loves the children With a tender careFannie E. Davison (Author)English3
Lay thou not up thy treasureFannie E. Davison (Author)2
Lo, the Savior invites thee todayMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)3
Lord, I believe thy word is true!Fannie E. Davison (Author)English2
Mais puro quero ser, ó meu SenhorFannie E. Davison (Author)Portuguese2
My Savior, thou who once on earthFannie E. Davison (Author)English5
Narrow is the way, sometimesFannie E. Davison (Author)2
Near, so near I see the goldenFannie E. Davison (Author)2
Not yet thy rest timeFannie E. Davison (Author)2
O birdie, singing on the bough Through all the summer dayMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English4
O dark is the wearisomeMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)2
O hark, and hear the songFannie E. Davison (Author)2
O hark, to the sound of strifeFannie E. Davison (Author)2
O Man of sorrows, mortal griefMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English2
O Savior, loving, holyFannie E. Davison (Author)3
O Savior, most holyFannie E. Davison (Author)English2
O the morning has dawned all so brightlyMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)1
O wanderer in earthly waysMrs. A. L. D. (Author)English2
O what can I do for my Lord (Davison)Fannie E. Davison (Author)2
Over heavenly plains the golden chimesMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English10
O what kind of seed are we sowingMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English2
On the holy hill of ZionMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English2
Onward, onward, onward, hear the anthem rollMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English3
Out in the desert waysFannie E. Davison (Author)English2
Out through all our great ColumbiaFannie E. Davison (Author)2
Over Juda's hills a star aroseFannie E. Davison (Author)English2
Pilgrim with thine eyes upliftedFannie E. Davison (Author)English3
Purer in heart, O God, Help me to beFannie E. Davison (Author)English99
Red is wineFannie E. Davison (Author)2
Ripple on; O laughing riverMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English2
Save my soul which thou didst cherishFannie E. Davison (Author)2
Schaffe in mir, o Gott, ein reines Herze, dass ich an dir nur hang'Mrs. A. L. Davison (Author)German2
Sing, gladly, sweetly singFannie E. Davison (Author)2
Snow white hands are claspedMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)2
So near, my Lord, to TheeMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English2
Some day, some day, I know not whenFannie E. Davison (Author)English3
Sometimes softly over my soulFannie E. Davison (Author)English2
Somewhere beyond the visionFannie E. Davison (Author)English4
Somewhere, I know, for me Not yet in sightMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English2
Speak with kindness, loving tenderFannie E. Davison (Author)4
Such a little thing we thought itFannie E. Davison (Author)English3
The Lord is risen, through the gloomMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English7
The love of Christ constraineth us, O Savior, ever mildFannie E. Davison (Author)English2
The sun is on the harvest fieldMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English3
The world's a field of battleMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English4
There is a hope whose gloryFannie E. Davison (Author)English2
There is light from heaven's portalsFannie E. Davison (Author)3
Thou who comfortless hath weptMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English3
Thou who sittest on the throneMrs. A. L. D. (Author)English2
Thou who watchest wearilyFannie E. Davison (Author)English3
Through the years of the earthFannie E. Davison (Author)2
Two angels watch beside me, whichever may I goMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English8
Upon the great highway [highways] thou standest wearyA. L. D. (Author)English18
Watchman on the mountain standingMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English3
We are journeying to heaven, to the home our Lord has givenFannie E. Davison (Author)English5
We are waiting, watchingMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)3
We need not walk in darknessFannie E. Davison (Author)English2
What can I do for Thee, My childish hands are weakFannie E. Davison (Author)English2
What wilt thou bid us to do?Fannie E. Davison (Author)English2
When doubt and fear ariseFannie E. Davison (Author)2
When o'er thy path have the dark cloudsFannie E. Davison (Author)3
When the silence and shadow of darkness are spreadMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English2
When winter snows fall fastFannie E. Davison (Author)2
Whence comes this countless host with banners floating fairMrs. A. L. D. (Author)English4
Wherever our path may leadFannie E. Davison (Author)English5
Why stand the people silent hereMrs. A. L. Davison (Author)English2
Within his gates what blessings waitFannie E. Davison (Author)English4
Would I were like himFannie E. Davison (Author)2
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