El Nathan

Short Name: El Nathan
Full Name: El Nathan (See also Whittle, D. W.)
Birth Year: 1840
Death Year: 1901

Pseudonymn used by D. W. Whittle. See also Whittle, D. W. (Daniel Webster), 1840-1901

Texts by El Nathan (91)sort descendingAsInstances
Around one common SaviorEl Nathan (Arranger)1
As lives the flower within the seedEl Nathan (Author)5
Awake, awake, O Christian, The battle draweth nearEl Nathan (Author)1
Be careful what you sowEl Nathan (Arranger)2
Be near me, O my SaviorEl Nathan (Author)2
Be ye strong in the Lord and the power of His might!El Nathan (Author)2
Behold how plain the truth is madeEl Nathan (Author)1
Blessèd hope that in Jesus is givenEl Nathan (Author)2
Blessed Savior, ever nearer I am drawingEl Nathan (Arranger)1
Christian, so weary and faint on the roadEl Nathan (Author)1
Come on the wings of the morningEl Nathan (Author)4
Come sing my soul and praise the lordEl Nathan (Author)1
Comfort, my people, the Lord hath saidEl Nathan (Author)1
Der Herr ist jetzt verachtet und von der Welt verkanntEl Nathan (Author)2
Der skal bli' strømme af naadeEl Nathan (Author)2
Dios nos ha dado promesaEl Nathan (Author)1
Drum seid stark in dem Herrn, in der Stärke seiner MachtEl Nathan (Author)1
Fierce and wild the storm is ragingEl Nathan (Author)2
For God so loved, O wondrous themeEl. Nathan (Author)3
God bless you, from the heart we singEl Nathan (Author)2
God is now willing, in Christ reconciledEl Nathan (Author)7
Going forth at Christ's commandEl Nathan (Author)3
Guds kald nu lyder klartEl Nathan (Author)2
Have faith in God, what can there beEl Nathan (Author)3
Have you any room for Jesus, He who bore your load of sin?El Nathan (Author)2
How do I know my sin's forgivenEl Nathan (Author)1
How sweet the joy that fills my soulEl Nathan (Author)1
I believed in God's wonderful mercy and graceEl Nathan (Arranger)3
I know not why God's wondrous grace To me He hath made knownEl Nathan (Author)32
I looked to Jesus in my sinEl Nathan (Author)2
I will praise the Lord my gloryEl Nathan (Author)2
Ich weiss nicht, warum Gottes Gnad'El Nathan (Author)2
Jesus is coming, sing the glad wordEl Nathan (Author)3
Jesus of Nazareth, O what a nameEl Nathan (Author)1
Let us sing of the love of the LordEl Nathan (Author)3
"Look unto me, and be ye saved" O hear the blest commandEl Nathan (Author)2
Mächtige Ströme des SegensEl Nathan (Author)2
More and more the weight of glory (Whittle)El Nathan (Author)1
Na Iesu no i haawi maiEl. Nathan (Author)1
Naar vi raaber, naar vi be'rEl Nathan (Author)2
Neither do I condemn theeEl. Nathan (Author)2
No more the curse, O ChristEl Nathan (Author)3
Not my own, but saved by JesusEl Nathan (Author)3
Not my own, but unto jesusEl Nathan (Author)1
Not now but in the coming yearsEl Nathan (Furnisher)1
O Bruder, noch so FreudenleerEl Nathan (Author)1
O ein glorreich Banner träget jedermannEl Nathan (Author)1
O tender beseechings of JesusEl Nathan (Author)1
Oft within a little cottageEl Nathan (Author)1
Once again the gospel messageEl Nathan (Author)1
Once far from God and dead in sinEl Nathan (Author)7
Once more, my soul, thy Savior through the WordEl Nathan (Author)10
Our hearts are filled with joy todayEl Nathan (Author)1
Our Lord is now rejectedEl Nathan (Author)6
Preach the gospel, sound it forthEl Nathan (Author)1
Preist mit mir den Gott der StärkeEl Nathan (Author)1
Redeemed by Christ who died for meEl Nathan (Author)1
Ring out the word from Christ the LordEl Nathan (Author)2
Ruin by sin and redemption by bloodEl Nathan (Author)1
Seel, da wir für dich fleh'nEl Nathan (Author)3
Sende uns Ströme voll SegenEl Nathan (Author)1
Sin no more, thy soul is freeEl Nathan (Alterer)1
Sinners Jesus will receiveEl Nathan (Alterer)1
Sitting by the gateway of a palace fairEl Nathan (Author)2
Skurar af nåd skola fallaEl Nathan (Author)1
Skurar av nåd, må de fallaE. Nathan (Author)1
Sons of God, beloved in JesusEl Nathan (Author)7
Soul of mine, in earthly templeEl Nathan (Author)8
Stretch forth thy hand, thy palsied handEl Nathan (Author)1
The call of God is sounding clearEl Nathan (Author)1
The Holy Ghost is here, The promise is fulfilledEl. Nathan (Author)1
The living God, who by his mightEl Nathan (Author)1
The night is heavy long and drearyEl Nathan (Author)1
The storm is high but at the helmEl Nathan (Author)1
There is never a soul so sinfulEl Nathan (Author)1
There shall be showers of blessing: This is the promise of loveEl. Nathan (Author)52
There's a glorious kingdom waiting in the land beyond the skyEl Nathan (Author)1
There's a royal banner given for displayEl Nathan (Author)21
Thou remainest, blest RedeemerEl Nathan (Author)2
Tragt die frohe Botschaft! Tragt's hinaus!El Nathan (Author)2
Ua haawi ia he bana nani eEl. Nathan (Author)1
Vi et banner faa'tEl Nathan (Author)2
Vor herre blev forkastetEl Nathan (Author)2
Watch and pray, when Satan tempts theeEl Nathan (Author)1
We have felt the love of JesusE. N. (Arranger)2
We praise thee and bless theeEl Nathan (Author)1
When God the way of life would teachEl Nathan (Author)4
While we pray and while we pleadEl Nathan (Author)62
Who came down from heaven to earthEl Nathan (Author)3
Would we be joyful in the LordEl Nathan (Author)2
Ye shall know, O word of blessingEl Nathan (Author)2
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