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John Goss
Short Name: John Goss
Full Name: Goss, John, Sir, 1800-1880
Birth Year: 1800
Death Year: 1880

Sir John Goss, b. Fareham, Hunts, England, 1800; d. London, 1880

Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal, 1908

Wikipedia Biography

Sir John Goss (27 December 1800 – 10 May 1880) was an English organist, composer and teacher. Born to a musical family, Goss was a boy chorister of the Chapel Royal, London, and later a pupil of Thomas Attwood, organist of St Paul's Cathedral. After a brief period as a chorus member in an opera company he was appointed organist of a chapel in south London, later moving to more prestigious organ posts at St Luke's Church, Chelsea and finally St Paul's Cathedral, where he struggled to improve musical standards.

Tunes by John Goss (50)sort descendingAsInstances
ARISE O GOD AND SHINEJohn Goss, 1800—80 (Composer)2
[Arise, shine, for thy light is come] (Goss)J. Goss (Composer)2
[ARISE, SHINE] GOSSJ. Goss, 1800 - 1880 (Composer)2
ARMAGEDDONJohn Goss (Arranged)81
ARTHUR'S SEATJohn Goss, 1800-1880 (Composer)49
BENEDICTUS (Goss)John Goss, 1800 - 1880 (Composer)2
BETHANY (Goss)John Goss (Adapter)1
BEVANJohn Goss (Composer)17
BISHOPTHORPE (Goss)John Goss (Adapter)1
[Chant] (Goss 13167)John Goss, 1800-1880 (Composer)9
[Chant] (Goss 34567)Goss (Composer)2
CHELSEA (Goss)John Goss (Composer)1
DONAJohn Goss (Composer)4
DOVER (Williams)Goss (Harmonizer)4
[Chant] (Attwood 12345)John Goss, 1800-1880 (Composer)1
GOSSJohn Goss, 1800-1880 (Composer)2
GÖTTINGENJohn Goss (Adapter)1
HEAVENLY SONGJohn Goss (Composer)1
HUMILITY (Goss)John Goss (Composer)44
ISRAEL (Goss)Sir John Goss (Composer)3
LAUDA ANIMA (Goss)John Goss (Composer)160
[Lord, let me know mine end] (Goss-Beethoven)J. Goss (Adapter)2
[Chant] (Goss 13243)J. Goss , 1800 - 1880 (Composer)11
WÜRTEMBURGSir John Goss, Mus.D. (1800-1880) (Arranger)1
NAZARETH (13343)Sir John Goss (Adapter)1
BEDE (Handel)Sir John Goss, Mus.D. (1800-1880) (Adapter)5
CHRISMATASir John Goss, Mus. Doc. (Composer)12
PETERBOROUGH (Goss)Sir John Goss, Mus. Doc. (Composer)6
[O Lord our Lord, how excellent] (Goss)J. Goss, 1800 - 1880 (Composer)2
[O Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth] GOSSJ. Goss, 1800 - 1880 (Composer)1
[Chant] (Goss 56653)John Goss, 1800-1880 (Composer)3
OFFORDJ. Goss (Composer)2
REGENT SQUARE (Smart)J. Goss (Composer)1
[Chant] (Goss 32253)Sir John Goss (Composer)5
[Praise ye the Lord] (Goss)J. Goss , 1800 - 1880 (Composer)3
ROTHLEYJohn Goss (Composer)3
SALVATOR (Goss)John Goss (Composer)2
[Chant] (Goss 35432)John Goss, 1800-1880 (Composer)6
GLAD TIDINGS (Goss)Sir John Goss, Mus. Doc. (Composer)4
ST. AUGUSTINE (Goss)John Goss (Adapter)2
ST. CYPRIAN (Goss)John Goss, 1800-1880 (Composer)5
TARSUSSir John Goss, Mus.D. (1800-1880) (Composer)6
ST. THOMAS (Goss)Sir John Goss (Adapter)1
THESSALONICAJohn Goss (Adapter)5
TUNE 76Sir John Goss, Mus.Doc., 1800-1880 (Composer)3
UNDERSHAFTJohn Goss (Composer)2
UNITYJohn Goss, 1800-1880 (Composer)2
WATERSTOCK (Goss)Sir John Goss (Composer)2
[Chant] (Goss 12342)J. Goss (Composer)3
[We praise thee, O God] (Goss and Hawes)John Goss, 1800-1880 (Composer)1

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