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Ada R. Habershon

Ada R. Habershon
Short Name: Ada R. Habershon
Full Name: Habershon, Ada R. (Ada Ruth), 1861-1918
Birth Year: 1861
Death Year: 1918

Ada Ruth Habershon (1861-1918) was a Christian hymnist, probably best known for her 1907 hymn "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?"

Ada R. Habershon was born in Marylebone, England on Jan­u­a­ry 8, 1861. Her father, Dr. Samuel Osborne Ha­ber­shon, was a noted physician; her mother was Grace Habershon. She was raised in Chelsea, London, in a Christian home. In her twenties, she was a member of the circle surrounding Charles Spurgeon. She met Dwight L. Moody and Ira D. Sankey in 1884 during their preaching tour of England. At their urging, she visited the United States, delivering a series of lectures on the Old Testament that were later published.

Habershon's first foray into hymn writing came in 1899, when she wrote several hymns in the German language. She wrote her first English language hymns in 1901, while ill. In 1905, Charles M. Alexander and Ruben A. Torrey toured the UK, and Alexander asked Habershon to write hymns for use during this evangelistic tour. Habershon ultimately sent Alexander over 200 hymns.

Works by Ada R. Habershon
Types in the Old Testament, 1898
Vorbilder: Christus im alten Testament, 1899
The Study of the Types (London: Morgan & Scott, 1898)
The Study of the Parables (London: Nisbet, 1904)
The Bible and the British Museum (London: Morgan & Scott, 1904)
The Priests and Levites, a Type of the Church; a Bible Study, 1908
A Sevenfold Method of Studying the Epistles to the Seven Churches, 1914
Hidden Pictures: Or, How the New Testament is Concealed in the Old Testament (London: Flemming H. Revell Company, 1916)
The Day of Atonement in Its Prophetic Aspect, 1916
A Gatherer of Fresh Spoil; an Autobiography and Memoir, 1918
I Am a Prayer and Other Poems, 1918
Israel’s Exodus: Past and Future, 1918
Outline Study of the Tabernacle
The Victorian Handbook of Types
Study of the Miracles

Texts by Ada R. Habershon (130)sort iconAsInstances
A bitter cry rang through the skyAda R. Habershon (Author)2
A manger, a cross, a graveAda R. Habershon (Author)3
A mighty power to us is givenAda R. Habershon (Author)2
A savior who died our salvation to winAda R. Habershon (Author)23
Amid the seraphs gatheredAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Are you all alone in the jostling crowdsAda R. Habershon (Author)4
Are you lonely, very lonelyAda R. Habershon (Author)3
Are you ready for the coming of the Lord from heavenAda R. Habershon (Author)8
Are you yearning for the gloryAda R. Habershon (Author)3
As far as the west is removed from the eastAda R. Habershon (Author)15
As in the upper room of oldAda R. Habershon (Author)2
At the door of my heart long the Savior did standAda R. Habershon (Author)4
Come to the Savior, make no delayAda R. Habershon (Author)1
Down, down in a fathomless seaAda R. Habershon (Author)2
En fr'lsare, som foer var fr'lsning blef doedAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Fairest on earthAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Faith can bridge the gulf betweenAda R. Habershon (Author)2
For every winding of the wayAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Go forth, go forth through all the worldAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Go home and tell to those you loveAda R. Habershon (Author)8
God bids us shine in the night timeAda R. Habershon (Author)2
God could not find a single soulAda R. Habershon (Author)2
God gives us gleaming jewelsAda R. Habershon (Author)2
God hath his people here belowAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Grace brought Jesus down to dieAda R. Habershon (Author)4
Grace flowing for meAda Habershon (Author)2
Grace to give us joy in sorrowAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Have you seen the cross of CalvaryAda R. Habershon (Author)2
He can do itAda R. Habershon (Author)2
He that hath the Son hath lifeAda R. Habershon (Author)4
He who said, suffer the childrenAda R. Habershon (Author)3
His house must be filledAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Holy Father, keep thy childAda R. Habershon (Author)2
How many souls have you wonAda R. Habershon (Author)3
I came to my Lord with my burdenAda R. Habershon (Author)3
I cannot do without thee, LordAda R. Habershon (Author)2
I hear my captain's trumpet callAda R. Habershon (Author)3
I heard that God loved guilty sinnersAda R. Habershon (Author)2
I long to know thee better day by dayAda R. Habershon (Author)4
I need to be filled with the SpiritAda R. Habershon (Author)10
I was found by the One who sought meAda R. Habershon (Author)6
I wonder when we shall see himAda R. Habershon (Author)2
If singing his praises is sweet to us hereAda R. Habershon (Author)13
If singing his praises on earth is so sweetAda R. Habershon (Author)3
I'm pleading for you at the throne of graceAda R. Habershon (Author)3
I'm pressing on the upward wayAda R. Habershon (Author)5
In the dark without a lightAda R. Habershon (Author)2
It is not dying love aloneAda R. Habershon (Author)3
Jesus himself drew nearAda R. Habershon (Author)3
Little children need salvationAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Look up my soul and hail the homeAda R. Habershon (Author)2
My confidence is in my LordAda R. Habershon (Author)5
My Father loves, and he knows and caresAda R. Habershon (Author)2
My heart was burdened with my careAda R. Habershon (Author)2
No burdens yonder, not a single careAda R. Habershon (Author)18
No more sea, no troubled billowsAda R. Habershon (Author)2
No other story will bear repeating As often as this is toldAda R. Habershon (Author)8
O give me a heart that's fixedAda R. Habershon (Author)2
On Jesus the Savior my sins have beenAda R. Habershon (Author)4
Only a breath which God has givenAda R. Habershon (Author)3
Only a touch, my Savior's handAda R. Habershon (Author)4
Out from the city the multitudeAda R. Habershon (Author)3
Passing through, we have a faithful guideAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Pray, pray when things go wrongAda R. Habershon (Author)1
Pull against the tide brotherA. R. H. (Author)2
Send the signal of distressAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Shine, shine, just where you areAda R. Habershon (Author)11
Si la fe me abandonareAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Snart kommer Jesus i himmelens skkyAda R. Habershon (Author)2
So weary am I, but the Lord can give restAda R. Habershon (Author)3
Someone had strayed like a wandering sheepAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Soon will our Savior from heaven appearAda R. Habershon (Author)41
Speak Lord, for thy servant hearethAda R. Habershon (Author)2
The cry rings out through the midnight airAda R. Habershon (Author)2
The darkness around seems more thickAda R. Habershon (Author)3
The face of Jesus Christ my LordAda R. Habershon (Author)2
The face of Jesus Christ, my Lord (Morris)Ada R. Habershon (Author)1
The favor that could ne'er be boughtAda R. Habershon (Author)2
The field is the world, and its acres wideAda R. Habershon (Author)2
The heavy burden of daily careAda R. Habershon (Author)2
The Lord of glory loves the childrenAda R. Habershon (Author)2
The redeemed of the Lord shall walk on the King's highwayAda R. Habershon (Author)2
The Shepherd went after the wandering sheepAda R. Habershon (Author)2
The Son of Man upon the crossAda R. Habershon (Author)2
The weeks and months are passing onAda R. Habershon (Author)3
The words my mother taught meAda R. Habershon (Author)2
There are loved ones in the gloryAda R. Habershon (Author)48
There are many sorrows hard to bearAda R. Habershon (Author)3
There is a place to which we turnAda R. Habershon (Author)2
There is no present powerAda R. Habershon (Author)2
There is power in the wordAda R. Habershon (Author)2
There was balm in Gilead's spicesAda R. Habershon (Author)2
There's a city of refugeAda R. Habershon (Author)2
There's a step that you must takeAda R. Habershon (Author)2
There's never a case that's too hopeless for himAda R. Habershon (Author)3
They mockingly platted a crown of thornsAda R. Habershon (Author)2
They tell me that there is a shaded valeAda R. Habershon (Author)9
They tenderly lowered his form from the crossAda R. Habershon (Author)2
This is the restAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Though the storm of life be raging highAda R. Habershon (Arranger)1
Through the gate of the cityAda R. Habershon (Author)12
Thy love, our Father, day by dayAda R. Habershon (Author)3
Till the day break and the shadows fleeAda R. Habershon (Author)4
'Tis good to have the peace of GodAda R. Habershon (Author)2
To the Savior we commend youAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Two roads, a broad and narrowAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Until He showed His richesAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Waiting for the coming of our Lord from heavenAda R. Habershon (Author)2
We are going through the valley one by oneAda R. Habershon (Author)4
We are making for the havenAda R. Habershon (Author)2
We cannot count our blessingsAda R. Habershon (Author)2
We have heard thy gentle voice, O blessedAda R. Habershon (Author)3
We must say farewell, for our paths divideAda R. Habershon (Author)2
We often to him in our griefAda R. Habershon (Author)2
We shall meet on the other sideAda R. Habershon (Author)3
Weary ones who long have laboredAda R. Habershon (Author)2
We'll fight for our CaptainAda R. Habershon (Author)2
We're just a sunset nearerAda R. Habershon (Author)4
What are you writing on the page of lifeAda R. Habershon (Author)2
What is faith, it is believingAda R. Habershon (Author)2
When God looks down on the childrenAda R. Habershon (Author)7
When I fear my faith will failAda R. Habershon, 1861-1918 (Author)56
When I had wandered from the trackAda R. Habershon (Author)3
When my heart is crushed with sorrowAda R. Habershon (Author)2
When you long for Christ to blessAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Will you join the white robed throngAda R. Habershon (Author)3
Will you meet me in he Homeland, Shall we both reach heaven at lastAda R. Habershon (Author)5
Will you meet me in the homeland when life's race is runAda Ruth Habershon (Author)1
Work for the Savior, go forth and sowAda R. Habershon (Author)2
Your King has need of youAda R. Habershon (Author)2