John M. Henson

John M. Henson
Short Name: John M. Henson
Full Name: Henson, John Melvin, 1887-1972
Birth Year: 1887
Death Year: 1972

John Melvin Henson, 1887-1972

Born: August 23, 1887 in Cur­ryille, Georg­ia.
Died: Ap­ril 22, 1972, At­lan­ta, Georg­ia.

John Melvin Henson, who was born on Aug. 23, 1887, at Curryville, GA, and began teaching in singing schools in 1909. With Homer F. Morris, he founded the Morris-Henson Company. During his lifetime, he produced over 200 gospel songs, including "Anywhere Is Home," perhaps his best known, along with "I’ll Live In Glory," and "Happy Am I," that have appeared in some of our books. "Watching You" was copyrighted in 1915. The copyright was later owned by R. E. Winsett and eventually became the property of Ellis J. Crum. Henson died in 1972.

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A call comes ringing from the KingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
A gospel wave is sweeping 'round meJ. M. Henson (Author)2
A happy song of love is ringingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
A message divine across the universeJ. M. Henson (Author)2
A song of gladness I am aingingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
After all life's storms are ended and my trials here are overJ. M. Henson (Author)2
All along on the road to the soul's true abodeJ. M. Henson (Author)52
All that I need is my SaviorJ. M. Henson (Author)2
All the redeemed ones are singingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
All the world is just a flowerJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Armed for the fight God's soldiers standJ. M. Henson (Author)2
As I go on the way to gloryJ. M. Henson (Author)2
As I go onward singing of the loveJ. M. Henson (Author)2
As I go through life in peace or strifeJ. M. Henson (Author)1
As I look across the plainJ. M. Henson (Author)2
As I look out my window tonightJ. M. H. (Author)2
As I stand by the broad rolling riverJ. M. Henson (Author)3
As we travel life's way in our efforts to prayJ. M. H. (Author)2
As you go along keep within your heart a songJ. M. Henson (Author)2
As you make your way through this world belowJ. M. Henson (Author)2
As you travel life's roadJ. M. Henson (Author)3
At the dawn Mary came seeking JesusJ. M. Henson (Author)3
Be mindful O my brotherJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Be near me Lord till life'sJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Behold a king expected soonJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Behold ahead I hear sweet singingJ. M. H. (Author)2
Behold our risen Lord todayJ. M. Henson (Author)3
Behold the king expected soonJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Behold the king, expected soon, Be ready for thatJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Behold the Lamb of CalvaryJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Bless us we pray, all through the dayJ. M. H. (Author)2
Blessed Lord let me walk with TheeJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Blessed Savior, I'm a long way from homeJ. M. Henson (Author)7
Blessed Savior, keep usJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Blessings now descend like the summer raindrops and my soul hath perfect peaceJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Brother, along the highway of lifeJ. M. Henson (Author)3
By faith we see beyond the barJ. M. H. (Author)2
Christ is near, love and cheer to extendJ. M. Henson (Author)4
Come all ye people of God and rejoiceJ. M. H. (Author)2
Come before the Lord with praiseJ. M. Henson (Author)3
Come before the Lord with singingJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Come, friends, let us rejoiceJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Come, ye lovers of the Savior, work and singJohn M. Henson (Author)2
Comrades join our song as we go alongJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Comrades march along with an endless happy songJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Comrades of the King, lift your voices and singJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Consecrate your all to JesusJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Darkness of earth will vanish awayJ. M. H. (Author)2
Dear friends and kindred gathered hereJ. M. H. (Author)2
Draw nigh unto ImmanuelJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Each day I sing of ChristJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Each day we sing of Christ our KingJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Earthly wealth and fame may never come to meJohn M. Henson (Author)19
Every morning I go to the gardenJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Everybody praise him, praise himJ. M. Henson (Author)3
Far over the sea, sad voices still cryJohn M. Henson (Author)3
Fear not, O soul, along life's wayJ. M. Henson (Author)5
For all the benefits and blessingsJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Forth to the golden harvestJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Friend of sinners, hear usJ. M. Henson (Author)3
Gladness and glory I am finding each dayJ. H. Henson (Author)2
Glories all gleaming, oft in my dreamingJ. M. Henson (Author)4
Glory fills my being since Jesus pardoned meJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Go, ye, to the harvest for the blessed KingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Guide thou my feet, O blessedJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Hand in hand we walk togetherJ. M. Henson (Author)3
Happy in the service of my KingJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Hark! I hear a glad song ringingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Hark, what a carol of joy we hearJ. M. Henson (Author)2
He can move the mountainsJ. M. H. (Author)2
He has saved my soul, My JesusJ. M. H. (Author)2
Hear the tramp, tramp, tramp of the royal marchJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Hear thou my prayer, O blessed LordJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Hearken O man across the borderJ. M. H. (Author)2
Heavenly music is ringing todayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Here I wander in need of the thingsJ. M. Henson (Author)3
Here the Christian doth meet with temptationsJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Here there's sorrow, toil and painJ. M. Henson (Author)3
Here we have sorrow, pain and griefJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Here we often sighJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Here we wander as sheep with no shepherdJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Ho ye who are idle there is need ofJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Holy Father, keep us, till the mornJ. M. Henson (Author)3
Homeward, homeward I am goingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am a pilgrim going to my eternal homeJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am always happy in my Savior's loveJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am always singingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am deep in love with JesusJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am delighted with my precious FriendJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am following the King of whose love I singJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am giving out love's storyJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am giving out the storyJ. M. Henson (Author)1
I am going along in the pathway of loveJ. M. Henson (Author)1
I am happy in Jesus, becauseJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am happy in my Lord's employJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am happy in my Savior's keepingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am happy on the shining wayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am happy on the way, with my Savior day by dayJohn M. Henson (Author)2
I am holding to Christ my Redeemer and King J. M. Henson (Author)2
I am in the light, of JesusJ. M. Henson (Author)1
I am laboring on with patience each dayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am looking by faith to a beautiful landJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am needy, Lord, and am prone to strayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am often tossed and drivenJ. M. Henson (Author)9
I am on my way to glory (Henson)J. M. Henson (Author)2
I am on the glory roadJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am on the gospel highway with the King divineJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am on the homeward road to the soul's divine abodeJohn M. Henson (Author)2
I am on the mountainJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am on the shining road to gloryJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am pressing along with a smileJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am singing of Jesus as I travel alongJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am singing of my SaviorJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am sweetly singing on the glory land wayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am traveling on to a heavenly homeJ. M. Henson (Author)1
I am trusting in my Savior day by dayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I am walking close to Jesus, and am happy in His loveJ. M. Henson (Author)1
I am walking daily by my Savior's sideJ. M. H. (Author)2
I am walking with Jesus on the highway of lifeJ. M. Henson (Author)3
I am walking with my Savior to the glory landJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I can feel the presence of a precious FriendJ. M. Henson (Author)1
I can feel the spirit now, as to Thee I humbly bowJ. M. Henson (Author)1
I can sing a song as I go alongJ. M. Henson (Author)3
I can smile on the wayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I come to thee poor and undoneJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have a deep abiding peaceJ. M. H. (Author)2
I have a friend who keeps me trueJ. M. Henson (Author)3
I have a home beyond the tideJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have a lot of friends so true and kindJ. M. Henson (Author)3
I have a most wonderful friendJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have a new song deep down in my soul Since Jesus came in and took full controlJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have a new song deep down in my soul, For Jesus speaks peace and I am made wholeJ. M. Henson (Author)3
I have a safe retreat in Jesus my KingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have a song all the day longJohn M. Henson (Author)3
I have a song down in my soulJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have a song each day to singJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have a song in my heart all the timeJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have a song within my soulJ. M. Henson (Author)3
I have a wonderful feeling, In this new heart of mineJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have a wonderful Savior so trueJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have an assurance sweetJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have assurance sweet, a solace most completeJ. M. Henson (Author)5
I have been alone with Christ my SaviorJ. M. H. (Author)2
I have dear ones gone onJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have found a Friend I long have soughtJ. M. Henson (Author)1
I have found a Friend who is allJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have found a helperJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have found a precious friend in JesusJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have found a precious Friend who walks beside meJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have found my Lord and SaviorJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have found the way that leads to heaven's happy landJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I have heard the call of Jesus and am on my journey homeJ. M. Henson (Author)12
I have met a most wonderful Redeemer from GloryJ. M. Henson (Author)1
I have no earthly friend to guide me as I make my way alongJ. M. Henson (Author)1
I have no fear along the roadJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I heard a voice from heaven aboveJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I kneel at the cross in contritionJ. M. Henson (Author)1
I know my Savior's love will keep meJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I know of a Name heard over the earthJ. M. H. (Author)2
I live in a garden of rosesJ. M. Henson (Author)3
I love to think of Jesus and His love, And how He died to set me freeJ. M. H. (Author)2
I need the love of Christ my KingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I often have to do the will of mortal manJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I once wandered far from GodJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I once was steeped in sin and shameJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I sat by my Savior and looked on his faceJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I shall lose my heavy burdenJ. M. Henson (Author)5
I shall not walk alone, while Christ is nearJ. M. Henson (Author)1
I shall sing with the throngJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I travel along the blessed old wayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I travel down this road a strangerJ. M. H. (Author)2
I travel onward in the lightJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I trudge along a lonesome roadJ. M. H. (Author)2
I walk in the light of loveJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I walked life's road amid the strifeJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I want to be like the one great friendJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I want to do something for JesusJ. M. Henson (Author)1
I want to sing in glory landJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I was a sinner, sad and forlornJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I was burdened with sin and no hope could I seeJ. M. Henson (Author)4
I was climbing the steeps of the world in the nightJ. M. H. (Author)2
I was lost and sad, but today I'm gladJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I was walking the way that ledJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I went into a home where riches did aboundJ. M. Henson (Author)3
I will sing of my Redeemer who is all to meJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I will tell and sing the gospel storyJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I will work for Jesus whileJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I would be closer to thee, blessed LordJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I'd like to be here when Jesus shall comeJ. M. H. (Author)2
I'd like to see that cityJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I'd like to stay here longer than man's allotted daysJ. M. Henson (Author)12
If you are on the downward wayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
If you are on the outward pathJ. M. H. (Author)2
If you have no chart or compassJ. M. Henson (Author)3
I'll be ready to go to the home aboveJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I'll soon be leaving for a countryJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I'm a child of the FatherJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I'm an heir to the throne of the King aboveJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I'm living in the presence of JesusJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I'm living with Jesus my Savior as I go on life's wayJ. M. Henson (Author)10
I'm lonesome for heaven, the land of my dreamsJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I'm looking away to a beautiful countryJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I'm pressing on the upward wayJ. M. Henson (Author)1
I'm sailing along in safety todayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I'm singing my song while goingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I'm singing of Jesus my wonderful SaviorJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I'm singing of Jesus, the soul's blessed friendJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I'm telling out the storyJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I'm walking with my Savior today along the blessed glory-landJ. M. Henson (Author)2
In a vision I see Christ of dark CalvaryJ. M. H. (Author)2
In everything that I doJ. M. Henson (Author)2
In the Bible we read a sweet story of loveJ. M. Henson (Author)1
In the gospel light we march alongJ. M. Henson (Author)4
In the service of our eternal KingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
It will be a happy day, When we shall singJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I've a Friend that to me is most preciousJ. M. Henson (Author)3
I've been redeemed by Jesus's bloodJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I've heard of a city where cometh no nightJ. M. Henson (Author)3
I've heard the call of Jesus and am on myJ. M. Henson (Author)3
I've left the broad pathway of sorrowJ. M. H. (Author)2
I've read about the holy cityJ. M. Henson (Author)2
I've turned away from sin and shameJ. M. H. (Author)2
Jesus comforts my soulJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Jesus gives me sweet peace, and with joy I am singingJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Jesus has banished all my sadnessJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Jesus is a friend to all who will trust His loveJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Jesus is a Friend unfailingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Jesus is a friend you ought to knowJ. M. H. (Author)2
Jesus is a loving FriendJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Jesus is a precious FriendJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Jesus is all I need to keep singing, for He gives my heart its happy songJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Jesus is guiding me over life's stormy seaJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Jesus is keeping me by graceJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Jesus is my light and gloryJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Jesus is my sunshine and my songJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Jesus is with me, O praiseJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Jesus is with me, praise his nameJ. M. Henson (Author)3
Jesus leads me all the wayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Jesus sought and found usJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Jesus will come in His bright glory in His own appointed timeJ. M. Henson (Author)2
John saw a white City to earth coming downJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Joybells within me are ringingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Just to glorify the Lord, and to spreadJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Keep a happy heartJ. M. Henson (Author)4
Know ye not that the world goes wrongJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Labor on in the vineyardJ. Henson (Author)2
Let the world go by, do not stop and sighJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Let us run our race with patienceJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Life has many dangers as we go on our wayJ. M. H. (Author)2
Life is speeding awayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Life is speeding away Life a very brief dayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Lonely days are left behind me, and I sing for joyJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Long long ago in the book that I loveJ. M. Henson (Author)3
Look for a day of rejoicingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Looking and listening for my dear SaviorJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Looking away from sinJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Looking to Jesus, letting Him leadJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Lord art Thou willing to forgive?J. M. H. (Author)2
Lord I want more love in my heartJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Love looked on me, from CalvaryJ. M. Henson (Author)20
Love never dies, but cheers the soulJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Love shall control my heartJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Loved ones and friends are partedJ. M. H. (Author)2
Make peace with JesusJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Many are bearing burdens aloneJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Many dear ones and friendsJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Many years I've read the BibleJ. M. Henson (Author)2
March along to gloryJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Me soul is singing every dayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Meet me where the angels gatherJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Moving along, having no dreadJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Music fills the airJ. M. Henson (Author)2
My earthly friends are dear to meJ. M. Henson (Author)2
My heart a glad carol is voicingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
My heart is singing, the joybellsJ. M. Henson (Author)2
My Master is tender and lovingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
My path grows brighter each dayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
My pathway is bright, I walk in the lightJ. M. Henson (Author)2
My Savior calls and I must goJ. M. Henson (Author)3
My soul has a song and I'm singingJ. M. Henson (Author)3
My soul has a song since Jesus came inJ. M. Henson (Author)1
My soul is happy in the love of JesusJ. M. Henson (Author)2
My soul is rejoicing in JesusJ. M. Henson (Author)2
No mortal tongue can tell the loveJ. M. Henson (Author)2
No wealth I own, my song has flownJ. M. Henson (Author)2
O, a happy time is coming for the childrenJ. M. Henson (Author)2
O behold a Savior bleedingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
O blessed Savior divineJ. M. Henson (Author)2
O God of love renew our strengthJ. M. Henson (Author)2
O homeland in glory I long to be thereJ. M. Henson (Author)2
O I want to leave thisJ. M. Henson (Author)2
O Lord of love thou artJ. M. Henson (Author)3
O pilgrim seeking that fair land aboveJ. M. Henson (Author)3
O proclaim the gospel of the SaviorJ. M. Henson (Author)2
O sailor out on the broad ocean of timeJ. M. H. (Author)2
O Savior dear, I come to theeJ. M. Henson (Author)2
O Savior, dear Savior, I need Thee sorely nowJ. M. H. (Author)2
O sinner, hearken to the Savior's callJ. M. Henson (Author)3
O the Holy Ghost came inJ. M. Henson (Author)4
O the love of our Redeemer is so boundlessJ. M. Henson (Author)2
O the peace that I feel, it is trueJ. M. Henson (Author)2
O what a message we sing todayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
O what glory 'twill beJ. M. Henson (Author)2
O ye who are walking destruction's dark wayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Oft my way grows drearyJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Often burdens bend me lowJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Often strange voices we hear in the nightJ. M. H. (Author)2
Often the darkness surrounds you with gloomJ. M. H. (Author)2
Once a Galilean cameJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Once a mighty savior spoke unto the peopleJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Once I bore a burden greatJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Once I was friendless, sorrow was endlessJ. M. Henson (Author)3
Once I was lone and sad, burdened by sinJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Once I was void of sweet singingJ. M. H. (Author)2
Others may fail me in time of great needJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Our Hero strong once conquered wrongJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Over the river, fields are all greenJ. M. H. (Author)2
Perfect joy in my heart is aboundingJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Praise anew the Savior of the world todayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Pray without ceasing the Master saidJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Press along O care worn pilgrimJ. Henson (Author)2
Press on to gloryJ. Henson (Author)2
Put Him to the test todayJ. M. H. (Author)2
Raise a happy song to God's gloryJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Renew my strength, O Lord divineJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Rivers of love freely flowing from mount CalvaryJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Running the race of lifeJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Sailor on life's sea, lookJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Sailor tempest tossed fearingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Since I took the blessed Savior as my ownJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Singing along the way, happy from day to dayJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Singing praise, happy days, onward I goJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Singing singing Happy along the wayJ. M. Henson (Author)1
So often the night time brings sadnessJ. M. Henson (Author)3
Some speak of the LordJ. M. Henson (Author)3
Someone is drifting far out on the seaJ. M. Henson (Author)3
Someone touched my heart with loveJ. M. Henson (Author)4
Sometimes we feel discouraged as on we goJ. M. Henson (Author)1
Somewhere the angels are singingJ. M. Henson (Author)3
Soon the Savior will come from His heavenly throneJ. M. H. (Author)2
Soon upon a cloud of glory Jesus will comeJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Sorrows often meet us hereJ. M. Henson (Author)9
Soul whither bound?J. M. H. (Author)3
Souls forgiven and made whole lift your voiceJohn M. Henson (Author)2
Spread the love of JesusJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Stay with me, SaviorJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Strong is our faith in the leaderJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Sunset is nearingJ. M. H. (Author)2
Sweetly I trust in my RedeemerJ. M. Henson (Author)6
The clouds hang low, all moving slowJ. M. H. (Author)2
The final day of reckoning will dawnJ. M. Henson (Author)3
The Lord has done wonders for all here belowJ. M. Henson (Author)2
The Lord he is my shepherdJ. M. Henson (Author)2
The Lord is my Shepherd, No wanting shall I ever knowJ. M. Henson (Author)2
The Lord is now my life and lightJ. M. Henson (Author)2
The love of Christ, my FriendJ. M. Henson (Author)2
The love of my Lord is boundless and freeJ. M. Henson (Author)3
The mighty Savior leads us on to victoryJ. M. Henson (Author)2
The old Ship of Zion glides up to the shoreJ. M. H. (Author)2
The rivers bear it on their wayJ. M. H. (Author)2
The Savior came and he found meJ. M. Henson (Author)1
The Savior of the world is ChristJ. M. Henson (Author)2
The Savior once suffered on CalvaryJ. M. Henson (Author)2
The song that I sing is of my kingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
The world is in a hurry, but few will stop and prayJ. M. Henson (Author)3
There are waves that are rollingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There is a city whose streets are goldJ. M. Henson (Author)3
There is a land where falls no tearsJ. M. H. (Author)2
There is a name that I hold dearJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There is a peace I am feelingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There is a song of gladness ringingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There is joy divine that is ever mineJ. M. Henson (Author)5
There is joy each day in the upward wayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There is joy in knowing that the LordJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There is joy in my soul, for I am made wholeJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There is joy in the Lord each dayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There is one whose loveJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There is perfect joy in singingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There is something in my soul that keeps me happyJ. M. Henson (Author)3
There is struggle and strife in the battle of lifeJ. M. H. (Author)2
There will be a great assemblyJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There will be a happy time when we'll all have joy sublimeJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There will come a day when the saved shall meetJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There's a city we are seekingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There's a dear and scared placeJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There's a great throng up in gloryJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There's a happy carol in my soul that I singJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There's a happy home in glory free from sorrowJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There's a happy land and I'm going thereJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There's a home of delight on an evergreen shoreJ. M. H. (Author)2
There's a home where glories gleam brighter than the fondest dreamJ. M. H. (Author)2
There's a land beyond the shadows and by faith I seeJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There's a land of delight where there never is nightJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There's a light still brightly shining, from the cross of CalvaryJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There's a love that is outreaching to poor mortal manJ. M. H. (Author)2
There's a precious flowJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There's a ringing call to serviceJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There's a song my soul shall singJ. M. Henson (Author)2
There's a starry crown in the glory landJ. M. H. (Author)2
There's a way that leads to lifeJ. M. Henson (Author)2
They crucified our blessed SaviorJ. M. Henson (Author)3
They say there is a happy homeJ. M. H. (Author)2
This I fully realize, Now that I am freeJ. M. Henson (Author)2
This is a world of beautyJ. M. H. (Author)2
This is the song my soulJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Though oft I bend beneath a weightJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Through the shadows brightly gleamingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
To my Savior I'm clinging, and his praises I'm singingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
To the sad and loneJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Tomorrow, tomorrow, a day of song or sorrowJ. M. H. (Author)2
Too long you have slightedJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Voices blending, never endingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We are bravely fighting for JehovahJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We are fighting for JehovahJ. M. Henson (Author)3
We are going onward to a CityJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We are in the way of the kingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We are marching along with a wonderful songJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We are marching onward with the King of all the worldJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We are pressing on to the land of dawnJ. M. Henson (Author)3
We are redeemed by loveJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We are winning endless victoryJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We belong to Jesus our kingJ. M. Henson (Author)3
We follow, Lord, where thou dost leadJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We have a song of gladness, taking the place of sadnessJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We have accepted Christ the Lord of allJ. M. Henson (Author)3
We have been looking to JesusJ. M. H. (Author)3
We have dear ones gone on to that beautiful shoreJ. M. H. (Author)1
We hear the sound of mighty wavesJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We may walk in the beauty of holinessJ. M. Henson (Author)4
We meet in thy temple, dear Lord, to prayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We read in His Word that Jesus is comingJ. M. H. (Author)2
We read of a land, a beautiful strandJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We read of a place we shall reachJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We read of a place where ransomed ones dwellJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We shall meet our friends when our journeyJ. M. Henson (Author)3
We travel here in life's hard raceJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We would be true to thee, Savior divineJ. M. Henson (Author)2
We've heard it proclaimed through the agesJ. M. Henson (Author)2
What a happy song is mine since Jesus made me freeJ. M. Henson (Author)2
When discouraged on the upward wayJ. M. Henson (Author)2
When I am destitute of friendsJ. M. H. (Author)3
When I go to my garden each morningJ. M. Henson (Author)2
When I go to the home of my childhoodJ. M. Henson (Author)7
When I shall come to the riverJ. M. H. (Author)4
When it seems I'm aloneJ. M. Henson (Author)3
When Jesus comes some day for meJ. M. Henson (Author)2
When my traveling days are o'erJ. M. Henson (Author)3
When my work here is doneJ. M. Henson (Author)2
When shall end toil and strifeJ. M. Henson (Author)2
When storms are raging, Dreary is the dayJ. M. Henson (Author)3
When the Lord calls the ransomedJ. M. Henson (Author)2
When the Lord shall come from the lofty skiesJ. M. Henson (Author)3
When the night comes on and all the worldJ. M. Henson (Author)3
When trouble comes along to take away your songJ. M. Henson (Author)3
When we meet in a city on the golden shoreJ. M. Henson (Author)3
When we reach the hills of gloryJ. M. Henson (Author)2
When we've told our eartly storyJ. M. Henson (Author)5
When your heart is overburdened with a load of careJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Where Christ was crucified, stay by the crossJ. M. H. (Author)3
Who but the Lord can make the sun to shine by dayJ. M. H. (Author)2
With gladness the days may go byJ. M. Henson (Author)5
With Jesus my Savior I go hand in handJ. M. H. (Author)2
With joyous song we press alongJ. M. Henson (Author)2
With praise overflowing, I'm homeward goingJ. M. Henson (Author)2
With steady step we march alongJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Workers for Jesus who is yourJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Working on in the field of dutyJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Ye followers of Jesus, nowJ. M. Henson (Author)4
Ye sleeping saints, awake, ariseJ. M. Henson (Author)2
Yonder in glory where the angels singJ. M. Henson (Author)2
You ask me whom am IJ. M. H. (Author)2
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