D. R. Lucas

D. R. Lucas
Short Name: D. R. Lucas
Full Name: Lucas, D. R. (Daniel Robertson), 1840-1907
Birth Year: 1840
Death Year: 1907

Daniel Robertson Lucas, b. Belvidere, Boone County, Ill., January 14, 1840; m. Mary Longley in 1862; joined 99th Indiana Volunteer Infantry and appointed chaplain of the regiment; later studied for the ministry; in 1876, settled in Des Moines, Iowa, where he pastored the Central Christian Church and helped found Drake University; Department Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic and secretary of the Morton Monument Commission; d. March 11, 1907

From Daniel R. Lucas papers, WWW site, Mar. 18, 2004


Daniel Robertson Lucas, son of Albert and Catherine Robertson Lucas, was born in Belvidere, Boone County, Illinois, on January 14, 1840. In 1858, his family moved to Indiana where he enrolled at the Indiana Normal Institute at Burnettsville, White County, and began preaching at the local Christian church. After his marriage to Mary Longley in 1862, Lucas joined Company C Ninety Ninth Indiana Volunteer Infantry as a Second Lieutenant. On October 24, 1862, he was appointed chaplain of the regiment. Eighteen months later, he was transferred to the office of provost marshal where he served until the close of the War. The Ninety Ninth fought in the Vicksburg campaign, the second battle of Jackson, the Chatanooga campaign, the battle of Missionary Ridge, and many skirmishes.

After the War, Lucas studied for the ministry. In 1876, he settled in Des Moines, Iowa, where he pastored the Central Christian Church and helped found Drake University. In 1888, he returned to Indiana to pastor the Central Christian Church of Indianapolis. Lucas was Department Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic and secretary of the Morton Monument Commission. At the time of his death on March 11, 1907, he was pastor of the Seventh Church in Indianapolis.

Source: Cauble, Commodore Wesley. Disciples of Christ in Indiana: Achievements of a Century. Indianapolis: Meigs Publishing, 1930, page

Daniel R. Lucas, 1840-1907, was probably the youngest chaplain in the Civil War in Indiana. Soon after that conflict he studied for the ministry and did a great work, being pastor of the Central Church, Indianapolis, and also the Seventh Church. He was a very popular speaker for the Grand Army of the Republic and was secretary of the Morton Monument Commission. He was pastor of the Seventh Church at the time of his death.


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A voice from MacedoniaDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Above all other namesDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
All the weary and ladened with sorrowDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
All things shall work for good, To those who love the LordDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
All truth is one, the sameDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Almost a Christian, said the kingDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Along the tranquil pathDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Although I once was wandered awayD. R. Lucas (Author)2
Ancient church of Christ upraisingDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
As in Adam all dieDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
At midnight's holy hour the saintsDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
At the grave of Lazarus, Jesus weptDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Awake, my soul, and joyful singDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
Blessed are the meek, gentle ones who bowDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
Blessed are the pure in heart, whose souls are free from sinDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Blessed are they that mournDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
Blessed are those who through the flameDaniel R. Lucas (Author)4
Blessed the merciful, filled with compassionDaniel R. Lucas (Author)4
Blessed they in spirit poorDaniel R. Lucas (Author)4
Children of the living oneDaniel R. Lucas (Author)1
Christ loved the church, himself he gaveDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Christmas bells, joyful swellsDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Cling close to the Rock, brother, Safety is thereDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Come sinners come todayDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Do not say, tomorrow I'll obeyDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Far beyond shadows, by faith I can seeDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
Father, hear me while I'm prayingDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Father of all, since thou art nearD. R. Lucas (Author)2
For a little while hereDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
For the honor of our GodDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Forgive us our debts now, we prayDaniel R. Lucas (Author)5
Forward now, the voice of Jesus bravely callsD. R. Lucas (Author)2
From heaven to earth the Savior cameD. R. Lucas (Author)2
Gather the sheaves, 'tis harvest timeDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
Gird yourself with heavenly armorDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
God notes the little sparrow's fall, and shows his watchful careDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Gone to the unseen homeDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Great God, thy wisdom, power, and graceDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Hark, the throng of angel voicesDaniel R. Lucas (Author)5
He is my Rock, I build on himD. R. Lucas (Author)5
Hear my prayer, O heavenly Father, hear todayDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
Hear the words of Jesus spokenDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Heirs with ChristDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
Here we know not our awaitingDaniel R. Lucas (Author)5
Hope on golden pinion brings usDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
How strong is thy faithD. R. Lucas (Author)4
How sweet are the songs of JesusD. R. Lucas (Author)4
How the lilies growDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Hungering and thirsting onesD. R. L. (Author)4
I know not where to go, O LordD. R. Lucas (Author)2
I lay at night upon the groundDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
I oft by faith have gone to seeDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
I will ever seek the willDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
I will toil for theeD. R. Lucas (Author)2
If you would not be a drunkard You will never touch a cupD. R. Lucas (Author)2
I'll tell you a story of Jesus our KingDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
In the day of my youthDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
I've a mansion fair in gloryDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
I've wondered oft when I've been toldD. R. Lucas (Author)3
Jesus is tenderly calling for thee, Calling for theeD. R. Lucas (Author)24
Jesus tells the welcome storyDaniel R. Lucas (Author)6
Just across the silver seaDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Just beyond the shadowsDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Lift up the cross of faithDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Martyred Stephen saw the MasterDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Now unto him whose ample powerDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
O blessed are the pure in heart!D. R. L. (Author)1
Blessed are they who are makers of peaceD. R. L. (Author)3
O hasten thou bright morningDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
O Lord, how much I owe to TheeD. R. Lucas (Author)2
O Lord, my heart would bring Thee moreDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
O Lord, to thee I bringDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
O my Lord, thou art tenderDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
O sing when sorrow comesDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
O we love to hear the chimingDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
Obedience from the heartDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
On the corss see the Savior suspendedD. R. Lucas (Author)2
Our homes on the earthDaniel R. Lucas (Author)4
Our life is here a life of toilDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Pilgrim, seeking for the fountainDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
Preaching Jesus on the wayDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Serve the Lord with gladness, come before his throneDaniel R. Lucas (Author)4
Some day, we say, and turn our eyesDaniel R. Lucas (Author)English6
Sweet psalms and hymns and songsDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Sweetest songs the children singD. R. Lucas (Author)2
Sweetest thoughts of jesusDaniel R. Lucas (Author)5
The graces of the Christian lifeD. R. Lucas (Author)3
The light of the world you must beD. R. Lucas (Author)5
The Lord to Peter gaveDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
The Master's footsteps marked, while hereDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
The Savior shed his precious blood Redemption to procureDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
The sinners of BereaDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
The sorrowing bishops around were gatheredDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
There is no love like the love of JesusDaniel R. Lucas (Author)English6
There is no love like the love of Jesus, Known in the tide of timeDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
There is no refuge for the soulDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
There's a beautiful isle in the ocean of timeDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
There's a path that leads up to the bright throneDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
There's a song that is heardDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
This is religion, pure and fullDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Though the path be dark and coldDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Through his name, the prophets allDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
'Tis a funeral song we singDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
'Tis a glorious throngDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
'Tis not by works of Moses' lawDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
We are little children, but ourDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
We have heard of a land far awayDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
We wait the coming of the LordD. R. Lucas (Author)9
We yearn for joys we can not seeDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
We're a little pilgrim band, Going to the promised landD. R. Lucas (Author)3
What care I for fame's opinionD. R. Lucas (Author)5
What may I do for thee, JesusDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
What shall I do with Jesus, whoDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
When earth from chaos into order cameDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
When first I started on the roadDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
When first I started on the way, A youth, to seek the land of dayD. R. Lucas (Author)2
When shall I be free from painDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
When we climb the goldenDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
While I am young in yearsDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
While I hear life's surging billowsDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
Who is this that comes from Edom, All his raiment stained with bloodDaniel R. Lucas (Author)English1
Who is this that comes from Edom stained with bloodD. R. Lucas (Author)2
Who, who is this ascending highD. R. Lucas (Author)2
Who, who, who shall enter inDaniel R. Lucas (Author)3
Would you imitate your MasterDaniel R. Lucas (Author)2
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