W. P. Mackay

Short Name: W. P. Mackay
Full Name: Mackay, W. P. (William Paton), 1839-1885
Birth Year: 1839
Death Year: 1885

Mackay, William Paton, M.D., was born at Montrose, May 13, 1839, and educated at the University of Edinburgh. After following his medical profession for a time, he became minister of Prospect Street Presbyterian Church, Hull, in 1868, and died from an accident, at Portree, Aug. 22, 1885. Seventeen of his hymns are in W. Reid's Praise Book, 1872. Of these the best known is "We praise Thee, O God, for the Son of Thy love" (Praise to God), written 1863, recast 1867. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix II (1907)


Born: May 13, 1839, Montrose, Scotland.
Died: August 22, 1885, Portree, Scotland, of an accident.

Mackay graduated from the University of Edinburgh and initially worked as a doctor. However, he was ordained, and in 1868 became pastor of the Prospect Street Presbyterian Church in Hull. He married Mary Loughton Livingstone 1868 in Kingston Upon Hull, Yorkshire; they were living in Sculcoates, Yorkshire, as of 1881. Seventeen of his hymns appeared in W. Reid’s Praise Book in 1872.

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Texts by W. P. Mackay (25)sort descendingAsInstances
神,我讚美你,(Shén, wǒ zànměi nǐ,)William P. Mackay (Author)2
Accepted in Christ, who has stood in our placeWilliam P. Mackay (Author)2
Be strong in Jehovah, though hard be the fightWilliam P. Mackay (Author)4
Hoonani ia'e ka makua maika'iWilliam P. MacKay, 1839-1885 (Author)2
Lofva herren h'r paa jordenWilliam P. Mackay (Author)2
"Look unto Me, and be ye saved!" Look, men of nations allW. P. Mackay (Author)8
Louvamos-te, ó DeusWilliam Paton Mackay (Author)2
No works of law have we to boastWilliam P. Mackay (Author)3
Nothing Lord I bring beforeW. P. Mackay (Author)2
O Gott, sei gelobt, für die Liebe im SohnWilliam P. Mackay (Author)16
Praise the Lord with hearts and voices, Gathered in his holy nameW. P. Mackay, M. A. (Author)3
Preis sei dir o Gott den du gabst deinen SohnWilliam P. Mackay (Author)4
Rejoice and be glad, the Redeemer has comeRev. Wm. Paton Mackay, 1839- (Author)1
Te loamos, ¡oh Dios! Con unánime vozWilliam P. Mackay (Author)3
The great Physician now is hereWm. P. Mackay (Author)1
The Lord is risen, and death's dark judgmentWilliam P. Mackay (Author)2
The Lord is risen, the Red Sea's judgment floodW. P. Mackay (Author)3
Vi prisa dig Gud, for din soen du os gavWilliam P. Mackay (Author)2
Vi priser dig, Gud, for din enbaarne sønWm. Mackay (Author)2
We praise thee, O God! For the days of our youthWilliam P. Mackay (Author)3
We praise thee, O God! For the Son of thy loveWilliam P. Mackay (Author)1038
We praise thee, O God, for Jesus who diedWilliam P. Mackay (Author)2
When we reach our Father's dwellingWilliam Patton Mackay (Author)3
When we reach our peaceful dwellingWilliam P. Mackay (Author)2
Worthy, worthy is the Lamb, Worthy, worthy is the LambWilliam P. Mackay, 1839-1885 (Author)3

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