Alberto Merubia

Short Name: Alberto Merubia
Full Name: Merubia, Alberto, 1919-
Birth Year: 1919 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Alberto Merubia (17)sort descendingAsInstances
Agua, Dios nuestro, donde tu bondadAlberto Merubia (Author)3
Bellas flores guarda el bulboAlberto Merubia (Translator)3
Christ is made the sure foundationAlberto Merubia, b. 1919 (Translator (Spanish))1
Cuando al Jordán fue CristoAlberto Merubia (Translator)3
Dad gracias de corazónAlberto Merubia (Translator)3
Father, we thank thee, who hast plantedAlberto Merubia, b. 1919 (Translator (Spanish))1
"Go make of all disciples"Alberto Merubia, b. 1919 (Translator)1
Many and great, O God, are your worksAlberto Merubia, b. 1919 (Translator (Spanish))1
Mi fe espera en tiAlberto Merubia (Translator (estr. 3))2
Muchas y grandes tus obras, DiosAlberto Merubia (Translator)2
Nuevos comienzos trae el día</Font>Alberto Merubia (Translator)3
Sing, with all the sons of gloryAlberto Merubia, b. 1919 (Translator)3
Spirit of the living God, fall fresh on meAlberto Merubia, b. 1919 (Translator (st. 1))1
This is a day of new beginningsAlberto Merubia, b. 1919 (Translator)1
Tocad trompeta yaAlberto Pablo Merubia, 1919-2013 (Translator (v. 4))3
Ven, Espíritu de DiosAlberto Merubia (Translator)3
When Jesus came to JordanAlberto Merubia, b. 1919 (Translator)1
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