Laura E. Newell

Laura E. Newell
Short Name: Laura E. Newell
Full Name: Newell, Laura E., 1854-1916
Birth Year: 1854
Death Year: 1916

Born: Feb­ru­a­ry 5, 1854, New Marl­bo­rough, Con­nec­ti­cut.
Died: Oc­to­ber 13, 1916, Man­hat­tan, Kan­sas.

Daughter of Mr. and Edward A. Pixley, but orphaned as an infant, Laura was adopted by her aunt, then Mrs. Hiram Mabie, who at the time lived in New York. In 1858, the Mabie family moved to a farm south of where Wamego, Kansas, now stands. Two years after the move, Mr. Mabie died, and his wife resumed teaching.

In 1860, Mrs. Mabie accepted a position in Topeka, Kansas, where she taught many years. Under her tutelage, Laura received her education. As early as age 12, Laura was writing rhymes, and two years later her poems began to appear in local newspapers. She had no thought of a literary career; she simply wrote to give vent to her poetical mind.

In 1871, Laura married Lauren Newell, a carpenter from Manhattan, Kansas. They had at least six children, and belonged to the Congregational denomination.

In 1873, Laura was listening to an address by a speaker who lamented the death of "genuine" hymns, and she resolved to try her hand in that line of work. That began a long period of writing songs, sacred and secular, services for all anniversary occasions, cantatas, adapting words to music, and music to words.

"Mrs. Newell is indeed a prolific writer. Her poems number in the thousands. She has had over eight hundred poems published in a single year, a most remarkable record. The great ease with which Mrs. Newell writes is one of her special gifts. Not long since an order, accompanied by music and titles, was sent her for eight poems to suit. At seven o’clock in the evening she sat down to her organ to catch the music. Then she went to her desk, and at ten o’clock the order was ready for the return mail. Her work pleased the publisher so well that he sent her an order for forty-eight additional poems. Mrs. Newell writes several hundred poems annually.
She is a very modest and unpretentious lady, and goes about her daily work as cheerfully as her poems advise others to do. The deeply religious character of the woman stands out boldly in nearly all her work. The next world is apparently as real to her as the present. Her heart is in her work, and to the end of life’s chapter, while able, may she wield her pen to tell the Story to dear to her heart, in verse and song." Hall, pp. 316-17

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A child whose dainty golden curlsLaura E. Newell (Author)2
A city awaits us we soon shall beholdLaura E. Newell (Author)8
A city lies beyond the blueLaura E. Newell (Author)2
A crown of thorns the Savior wearsLaura E. Newell (Author)3
A flash of lightLaura E. Newell (Author)2
A fountain, a clear flowingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
A happy, joyous band are weLaura E. Newell (Author)2
A light shines o'er the earthLaura E. Newell (Author)2
A light shines on my pilgrim wayLaura E. Newell (Author)6
A nation's heroes calmly sleepLaura E. Newell (Author)English2
A pilgrim in life's drearyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
A pilgrim on earthlandLaura E. Newell (Author)2
A voice from heaven, a gentle voiceLaura E. Newell (Author)2
A voice is ringing sweetLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Adown life's vale we wanderLaura E. Newell (Author)2
All for the Savior who lvoes usLaura E. Newell (Author)2
All the world should hear the message we proclaim todayLaura E. Newell (Author)6
Anchor your hope in heavenLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Any sacrifice for JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Are you laying up your treasureLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Are you looking for an answerLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Are you ready for the judgment?Laura E. Newell (Author)English7
Are you ready for the reaperLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Arise, away, 'tis the Master's callLaura E. Newell (Author)2
As priceless pearls to you we bringLaura E. Newell (Author)2
As the life of a flowerLaura E. Newell (Author)11
As thy days thy strength shall be, Only trust and follow meLaura E. Newell (Author)2
As we journey on to the land of songLaura E. Newell (Author)2
As we labor in the vineyard day by dayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
At the Master's feet I'm kneelingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Awake, arise, and greet the mornLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Be faithful while journeying onwardLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Be strong in Jehovah, the mightyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Beautiful children's day, welcome to allLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Beautiful day when the savior was mineLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Beautiful Sabbath morningLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Beautiful words he hath spokenLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Beautiful words of promiseLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Because our Father loved us soLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Behold the Lord, the risenLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Beyond the sunset bareLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Blessed Jesus, loving SaviorLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Blest Jesus, dear Savior, we consecrate nowLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Borne upon hope's goldenLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Breathe upon us holy spirit, Fill our hearts with peace and loveLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Brighter and brighter the way to life's closeLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Brightly beaming o'er the wayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Bring all your cares to JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Bring ye the beautiful liliesLaura E. Newell (Author)2
By and by, we all shall meetLaura E. Newell (Author)2
By the cross of JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
By waters still and peacefulLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Can we be lovers of pleasureLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Carols of Junetide are ringing so clearLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Carry all your woe to JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Cast all your cares on JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Catch the sunbeams e'er they vanishLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Children join the chorusLaura E. Newell (Author)4
Children sing, sweetly singLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Christ is coming by and byLaura E. Newell (Author)5
Christ is risen, proclaim the messageLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Christ the Conqueror livesLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Christ the Lord will be the hopeLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Christian soldiers boundLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Christian soldiers, on life's rugged roadLaura E. Newell (Author)6
Clean hands, pure heartsLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Clear the beacon light is gleamingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Come, all ye children, chant the refrainLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Come happy children, chantLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Come to Jesus if the sunlightLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Come to me, all ye so wearyLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Come, what may of joy or sorrowLaura E. Newell (Author)8
Come with a message from JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Consider the lilies, they toil notLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Day by day, with noiseless treadLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Days, these autumn days so rareLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Dear children, two paths are before youLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Dear Jesus, thy children who love theeLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Do I stand on the Rock, Christ Jesus?Laura E. Newell (Author)2
Do you hear His messageLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Fairest 'mong ten thousandLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Faithful to Jesus, O may I be foundLaura E. Newell (Author)4
Far, far from home, The night is coming onLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Far on, O, bravely, steadfastLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Fearlessly with him to guideLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Forgive, and be forgivenLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Founded on the Rock Christ JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
From step to step he dothLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Gaily sing, gaily singLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Gather the sheaves for the MasterLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Gathering golden sheavesLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Gathering pearls for the MasterLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Glory, glory, in the highest, Sang the angels of the airLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Glory in the highest, hear the grand refrainLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Go and seek for souls astrayLaura E. Newell (Author)4
Go, search in the highways and bywaysLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Go tell the world that the Christ is comeLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Go tell them of Jesus across the waveLaura E. Newell (Author)3
God bless the little onesLaura E. Newell (Author)3
God hath given the increase with a lavish handLaura E. Newell (Author)English2
God of our salvation, Grant thy love divineLaura E. Newell (Author)2
God's love illumesLaura E. Newell (Author)2
God's Spirit strives with meLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Grave where is thy victoryLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Hail, glorious day so long foretoldLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Hail, Prince of Peace, all hailLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Hail, star divine, O wondrous lightLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Hallelujah to the Lord! See Christ in glory riseLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Happy children of the KingLaura E. Newell (Author)1
Happy hearts to loveLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Happy land of restLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Hark, I hear a shout along the lineLaura E. Newell (Author)4
Hark, the message of salvationLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Have a purpose, do not waverLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Have you heard the blessed message, Christ, the LordLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Have you heard the gospel message, Sent to us todayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Have you heard the invitation Jesus saysLaura E. Newell (Author)18
Have you heard the SaviorLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Have you heard the wondrous story, How Messiah came to earthLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Have you left all your sins at the crossLaura E. Newell (Author)2
He calls us one by one to dwell with him at homeLaura E. Newell (Author)3
He doth lead me day by dayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
He giveth his beloved sleep, he notes when dreary grows the wayLaura E. Newell (Author)3
He is calling, gently callingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
He is knocking at your heartLaura E. Newell (Author)3
He is pleading todayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
He is risen, proclaim the storyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
He is ris'n, our Lord is risenMrs. Laura E. Newell (Author)English3
He stands at the door, at the door of your heartLaura E. Newell (Author)5
Hear the call, blessed callLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Hear the Savior's invitation, Come to Me todayLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Hearken to the message, sent from heaven aboveLaura E. Newell (Author)4
Helt pa Jesus vill jag troestaLaura E. Newell (Author)2
His eye is ever watchingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Hold aloft the temperance bannerLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Holy memories round thee clustersLaura E. Newell (Author)2
How can ye doubt, but come with meLaura E. Newell (Author)2
How life's trials and temptationsLaura E. Newell (Author)2
How sweet are thy words to my tasteLaura E. Newell (Author)3
I am coming back to Jesus, I have heardLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I am listening for His footfallLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I am nearing scenes celestialLaura E. Newell (Author)5
I am so happy for Jesus is mineLaura E. Newell (Author)3
I am the light, our Savior saidLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I am trusting day by day in his wordMrs. Laura E. Newell (Author)4
I am waiting for a messageLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I can hear my Savior's gentle voiceLaura E. Newell (Author)4
I cannot drift beyond his loveLaura E. Newell (Author)English1
I gave my heart to Jesus, What peace what joy is mineLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I have a hope, blessed hopeLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I know his voice, my Shepherd's voiceLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I know not the hour of his coming, the pathLaura E. Newell (Author)4
I know not the way I shallLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I know not when my barque shall sailLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I know that all my sins are goneLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I know that my Redeemer liveth, and I with himLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I know we shall meetLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I may not see my onward pathLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I need not know how Christ can saveLaura E. Newell (Author)5
I rejoice in the loveLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I was carrying a burdenLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I will be glad and rejoice in thy loveLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I will leave all my past at the crossLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I will take away their sinsLaura E. Newell (Author)2
If dark the thorny wayLaura E. Newell (Author)3
If the Master should callLaura E. Newell (Author)2
If waiting or sleepingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I'll always have Jesus beside meLaura E. Newell (Author)3
I'll anchor safe at homeLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I'll sing away my sorrowLaura E. Newell (Author)3
I'm always rejoicing, for Jesus is mineLaura E. Newell (Author)5
I'm safe in the rift of the rockLaura E. Newell (Author)3
I'm waiting in the borderlandLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I'm watching the sunset, for even is nearLaura E. Newell (Author)2
In our dear blessed cause we are workers todayLaura E. Newell (Author)3
In our grand Epworth LeagueLaura E. Newell (Author)2
In our Sabbath-school we rejoice todayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
In sweet content and thankfulnessLaura E. Newell (Author)2
In the brightness of his gloryLaura E. Newell (Author)2
In the fold of Christ the ShepherdLaura E. Newell (Author)1
In the golden by and byLaura E. Newell (Author)1
In the light of the cross do I laborLaura E. Newell (Author)2
In the Rock I’m safely restingLaura E. Newell (Author)English2
In the sunshine of his love let us liveLaura E. Newell (Author)2
In youth's bright days we comeLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Is Christ your KingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Is it well with my soul today?Laura E. Newell (Author)3
I've a message sweet and tenderLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I've heard such a wonderful storyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
I've sailed till the sunsetLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Jesus calls for workers, faithful, loyal, trueLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Jesus calls us, and he gentlyLaura E. Newell (Author)4
Jesus doth call todayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Jesus is seeking the lost ones todayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Jesus leads the way to gloryLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Jesus loves me I knowLaura E. Newell (Author)1
Jesus loves the little ones, evenLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Jesus, my King, at Thy dear feet I kneelLaura E. Newell (Author)English2
Jesus, my Savior, is pleading with meLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Jesus never will forsake meLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Jesus, our refugeLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Jesus, tender Shepherd, Who thy flock doth keepLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Jesus, the Conqueror, Savior divineLaura E. Newell (Author)English2
Jesus, we come to thee, Craving thy loveLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Jewels for thy diademLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Jewels in thy diademLaura E. Newell (Author)4
Joy, joy, joy, joy in the portals of gloryLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Joyfully on toward His palaceLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Joyously sing, joyously sing, Sing the glad songs of the kingdomLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Just now blessed Jesus is callingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Keep our hearts pure, blessed SaviorLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Let us look to JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Let us ne'er be deceivedLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Let us work for Jesus, he's a friendLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Let your words awake sweet echoesLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Like as a father, He pitiesLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Little children, come to Jesus (Newell)Laura E. Newell (Author)2
Long long from the foldLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Many souls wait in darkness appallingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Marching on, rejoicing, HappyLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Marching on to ZionLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Marching onward, allLaura E. Newell (Author)2
May God be with you everydayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Merry, merry birds that lightly swayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Messages from home, sweet homeLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Messiah is come to redeem usLaura E. Newell (Author)2
My Father reigns in heavenLaura E. Newell (Author)2
My Savior bled on CalvaryLaura E. Newell (Author)3
My soul is safely anchoredLaura E. Newell (Author)2
My trust is stayed on Thee, O LordLaura E. Newell (Author)3
My weary heart is filled with painLaura E. Newell (Author)2
My weary heart was troubledLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Myself I bring to JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Near to thy cross, O ChristLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Neath the banner of the crossLaura E. Newell (Author)2
No hope outside of JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
No one but Jesus can knowLaura E. Newell (Author)3
No tears may fall in yonder homeLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Now and forever thine would we beLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Now is the time to serve himLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Now the good shepherd is calling his sheepLaura E. Newell (Author)2
O come to the fountain ye wearyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
O free is salvation, all landsLaura E. Newell (Author)2
O gather the gems in your pathwayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
O glory land I longLaura E. Newell (Author)2
O hear Him, tenderly He callsLaura E. Newell (Author)4
O home of the ransomedLaura E. Newell (Author)2
O I would sing of JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)1
O Jesus, our Savior, to thee we prayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
O let your light shine in the darknessLaura E. Newell (Author)4
O list to the call, He is yearning for theeLaura E. Newell (Author)English7
O Lord, we approach theeLaura E. Newell (Author)7
O pilgrim so lonely and wearyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
O tell me of Christ and his wonderful loveLaura E. Newell (Author)3
O tell me the storyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
O the mansions over yonderLaura E. Newell (Author)2
O the white robed throngLaura E. Newell (Author)2
O the wondrous love of Jesus, and the gloryMrs. Laura E. Newell (Author)2
O to serve him trulyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
O what shall your influence beLaura E. Newell (Author)3
O who will bear witnessLaura E. Newell (Author)2
O'er life's restless stormy billowsLaura E. Newell (Author)2
On the throne of my heartLaura E. Newell (Author)2
One by one, our dear ones gone before usLaura E. Newell (Author)2
One with Christ, Lord would I beLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Only a few more shadowsLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Only Jesus, blessed JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Onward march toward the better landLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Out at sea and tempest tossedLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Out of the shadow and darknessLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Proclaim the gospel tidingsLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Rejoice and be glad, all ye faithfulLaura E. Newell (Author)5
Rejoice evermore, hallelujahLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Rejoice, rejoice, the Lord is KingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Render to Cæsar His rightful dueLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Ring, ring, joyously, loudly, ringLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Ring, ring, ring, salute your KingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Ring the bells cheerily, loud be their chimeLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Rise above your troublesLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Saved by believing only believingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Savior, I am clingingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Savior, Thy little ones seek Thee todayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Scatter the sunshine wherever youLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Seek him today, seek himLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Send afar the gospel tidingsLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Shout, shout the gospel songLaura E. Pixley Newell (Author)2
Sing aloud, proclaim it wideLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Sing, children, sing of the heavenly KingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Sinner, just nowLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Sleeping in Jesus, never to wakenLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Softly the bells on the Sabbath airLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Some day, some sunny dayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Somewhere 'tis always morningLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Souls are waitingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Souls, awake, delay no longerLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Speak a word for Jesus nowLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Stand by the right, Be undauntedLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Steadfastly walking my Savior withLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Step by step we near his heavenly kingdomLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Striving to follow the footsteps of Jesus, Ever to walk in the beautiful wayLaura E. Newell (Author)5
Suffer the children to come unto me, Jesus is sayingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Sunshine, golden sunshineLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Sweet peace is theirs who love thy lawLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Take me, Savior, keep me near theeMrs. Laura E. Newell (Author)3
Take up your cross for JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
The beautiful, beautiful story of JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
The beautiful heavenly kingdomLaura E. Newell (Author)2
The beautiful story of JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
The Christmas bells peel forth their chimeLaura E. Newell (Author)2
The crumb's from the master's tableLaura E. Newell (Author)2
The days how they glideLaura E. Newell (Author)2
The door of the fold is JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
The door of the kingdom is openLaura E. Newell (Author)2
The Lord doth reign, let earth rejoiceLaura E. Newell (Author)2
The Lord of life is knockingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
The Lord of the harvest is coming, We know not the day it will beLaura E. Newell (Author)3
The love of Christ so fullLaura E. Newell (Author)2
The Master has lent us a seasonLaura E. Newell (Author)2
The merciful Lord is my ShepherdLaura E. Newell (Author)2
The morn is come, the night is pastLaura E. Newell (Author)2
The same old story sweetLaura E. Newell (Author)2
The story of his loveLaura E. Newell (Author)1
The wages of sin is death but GodLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There is a blissful homeLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There is a land beyond the sky, a sunny land of perfect dayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There is a rest for the faithful and pureLaura E. Newell (Author)English2
There is a word we all have heardLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There is deadly peril lurkingLaura E. Newell (Author)3
There is joy in my soul, Jesus' pardon makes me wholeLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There is joy, joy, joyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There is no joy but in JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There is no other way but the pathLaura E. Newell (Author)3
There's a beautiful faithLaura E. Newell (Author)3
There's a beautiful faith Newell, Laura E.Laura E. Newell (Author)2
There's a bright sunny land over yonderLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There's a fountain, a clear flowing fountainLaura E. Newell (Author)3
There's a home that awaits on that radiant shoreLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There's a light, a heavenly lightLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There's a light that shines for meLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There's a message of salvation, Unto every tribe and nationLaura E. Newell (Author)English2
There's a song, sweet song, sung in realms aboveLaura E. Newell (Author)4
There's a star of such radiant beautyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There's a star that shines for meLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There's a story, a beautiful storyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There's a story I would tell, will you hear it?Laura E. Newell (Author)6
There's a story sweet and old, new whenever it is toldLaura E. Newell (Author)5
There's a voice that is calling todayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There's a way that leads to gloryLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There's a way, the way of lifeLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There's a wondrous, wondrous storyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There's a work, a work that we all may doLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There's light on the wayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
There's love and peace and joyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
They are coming, they are coming (Newell)Laura E. Newell (Author)2
They that sow in tearsLaura E. Newell (Author)2
They watch and wait beyond death’s seaLaura E. Newell (Author)2
They're waiting in the land of lightLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Thou art my God, on thee I callLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Thou art the Way, and I resignLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Thou knowest that I loveLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Thou, O Lord, art my RedeemerLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Though he slay me, I will trust him, Christ shall my salvation beLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Though we labor in hisLaura E. Newell (Author)2
'Tis ever summer in my heartLaura E. Newell (Author)2
To a better land, and an heavenlyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
To his blessed cross I’m clingingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
To Jesus, our Savior, our youngLaura E. Newell (Author)2
To souls who are waitingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
To thy cross we cling, O blessed SaviorLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Touch our hearts, O blessed SaviorLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Touch the harp gentlyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Trusting in his word of promiseLaura E. Newell (Author)3
'Twas for me that Jesus came to earth to liveLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Under his banner we march todayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Under the breeze of heaven we sailLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Unless I tell the story of christ the king of GloryLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Unto Christ I bring my burdensLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Up and be doing for JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Walking close to Jesus, Feeding on his wordLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Walking, Savior, close to theeLaura E. Newell (Author)4
We are almost to the cityLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We are coming, coming homeLaura E. Newell (Author)3
We are coming to the foldLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We are gathered today in our Sunday schoolLaura E. Newell (Author)3
We are going home to the promised landLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We are his people, his sheep hear his voiceLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We are little soldiers (Newell)Laura E. Newell (Author)3
We are out upon life's oceanLaura E. Newell (Author)3
We are sailing on life's rough tempestuous oceanLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We are striving for a crownLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We are toiling, gladlyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We are waiting for the dawningLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We are waiting, waiting for the dayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We are workers for the KingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We are workers in the Master's vineyardLaura E. Newell (Author)1
We can scatter as we goLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We have harken'd to Thy tender invitationLaura E. Newell (Author)English2
We have hearkenedLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We know that the momentLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We read in sacred storyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We shall anchor in the harborLaura E. Newell (Author)3
We shall read life's pagesLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We shall rest when toils are endedLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We sing the beautiful songs of ZionLaura E. Newell (Author)4
We will gather sheaves for Jesus In the morning bright and fairMrs. Laura E. Newell (Author)English2
We would sing of JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Weary heart, O cease repiningLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We'll gather the blossoms wherever we strayLaura E. Newell (Author)3
We're a band of soldiers under ordersLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We're a happy, happy bandLaura E. Newell (Author)6
We're looking for a brighter timeLaura E. Newell (Author)3
We're nearing the valleyLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We're on our journey homewardLaura E. Newell (Author)2
We're soldiers of the cross of ChristLaura E. Newell (Author)2
What hast thou done for JesusLaura E. Newell (Author)2
What have I done for Jesus, Tell me O heart of mine?Laura E. Newell (Author)2
What is my rank in the army of GodLaura E. Newell (Author)2
What shall I say in the judgment dayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
What will your record be, by and byLaura E. Newell (Author)6
When does with the cares and the woes of earthLaura E. Newell (Author)2
When he maketh up his jewelsLaura E. Newell (Author)3
When life's sunshine and itsLaura E. Newell (Author)2
When lonely and weary and sadLaura E. Newell (Author)2
When my work is done, and life's setting sunLaura E. Newell (Author)2
When our feet shall standLaura E. Newell (Author)2
When the clouds give placeLaura E. Newell (Author)2
When the fading gleamsLaura E. Newell (Author)2
When the journey toilsome growsLaura E. Newell (Author)5
When the shining gates unfoldLaura E. Newell (Author)2
When the years that areLaura E. Newell (Author)2
When thou shalt appearLaura E. Newell (Author)2
When we all get home When we all get homeLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Where the gates are opened by dayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Where the gates by day are openedLaura E. Newell (Author)2
While he is calling, graciously callingLaura E. Newell (Author)3
White wings of peace to bless our wayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Who can count the mercies that our God bestowsLaura E. Newell (Author)4
Who is with us every dayLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Why the way is hedgedLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Will the Savior be waiting to welcome me homeLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Will you receive HimLaura E. Newell (Author)2
With hearts full of gladness this beautiful dayLaura E. Newell (Author)4
With joy we hail this dayLaura E. Newell (Author)1
With joy we hail this happy dayLaura E. Newell (Author)English3
With the pure in heart abidingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Within the shining gatesMrs. Laura E. Newell (Author)2
Work time is passingLaura E. Newell (Author)2
Working for Jesus my Savior and kingLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Working for Jesus our Savior each dayLaura E. Newell (Author)3
Yet there is room for thy small [young] [dear] feetLaura E. Newell (Author)3

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