Howard S. Olson

Short Name: Howard S. Olson
Full Name: Olson, Howard S., 1922-2010
Birth Year: 1922
Death Year: 2010 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Howard S. Olson (8)sort iconAsInstances
Mfurahini, haleluya (Christ Has Arisen, Alleluia)Howard S. Olson, b. 1922 (Translator)15
Gracious Spirit, heed our pleadingHoward S. Olson, b. 1922 (Translator)8
Hush, little Jesus boy, hallalujahHoward S. Olson (Translator)2
Jesus gave his mandateHoward S. Olson, b. 1922 (Translator)11
Mold me, Lord. Shape me, LordHoward S. Olson, 1922-2010 (Author)2
Praised be the Rock of our salvationHoward S. Olson, b. 1922 (Translator)2
To go to heaven my heart is longingHoward S. Olson, b. 1922 (Translator)3
When Jesus worked here on earthHoward S. Olson (Author)5