Howard S. Olson

Short Name: Howard S. Olson
Full Name: Olson, Howard S., 1922-2010
Birth Year: 1922
Death Year: 2010 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Howard S. Olson (29)sort descendingAsInstances
Abide in me alwaysHoward S. Olson (Translator)2
Mfurahini, haleluya (Christ Has Arisen, Alleluia)Howard S. Olson, b. 1922 (Translator)16
Christ is the way, Christ is the truthHoward S. Olson (Translator)2
Christ the Lord ascended to the Father, Alleluia!Howard S. Olson (Translator)2
Christ the Savior has appearedHoward S. Olson (Adapt. and tr.)2
Come, O God, abide among us day by dayHoward S. Olson (Translator)2
Go tell the news to each nationHoward S. Olson (Translator)2
God made us stewards of all earth's bountyHoward S. Olson (Translator)2
God the Father, God the Son, and God the SpiritHoward S. Olson (Translator)2
God's faithful provision of daily bread (Ameturuzuku, yeye pekee)Howard S. Olson (Author)2
Gracious Spirit, heed our pleadingHoward S. Olson, b. 1922 (Translator)9
Hear us, Abba Father, heaven is your dwellingHoward S. Olson (Translator)2
Hush, little Jesus boy, hallalujahHoward S. Olson (Translator)3
In Zion, in Zion, Lord, with you we'll abideHoward S. Olson (Translator)2
Jesus gave his mandateHoward S. Olson, b. 1922 (Translator)12
Lord, we come before you nowHoward S. Olson (Translator)2
Mold me, Lord. Shape me, LordHoward S. Olson, 1922-2010 (Author)2
O God's Lamb most holyHoward S. Olson (Author)2
Oh, brothers, let us follow him (Akina, baba tumwendee)Howard S. Olson (Translator)2
Oh, what sorrow! Christ the Savior has been buried (Ni huzuni, Yesu amekufa kweli)Howard S. Olson (Translator)2
Order from chaosHoward S. Olson (Translator)2
Our Savior has arisen (Yesu amefufuka)Howard S. Olson (Translator)2
Praised be the Rock of our salvationHoward S. Olson, b. 1922 (Translator)3
Shout alleluia to the Savior, our LordHoward S. Olson (Translator)4
The love of God Almighty can only amaze!Howard S. Olson (Translator)2
To go to heaven my heart is longingHoward S. Olson, b. 1922 (Translator)4
When Jesus worked here on earthHoward S. Olson (Author)6
When tempted to fretHoward S. Olson (Translator)2
Who is he? Christ the Savior, none more holyHoward S. Olson (Translator)2
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