A. A. Payn

Short Name: A. A. Payn
Full Name: Payn, A. A. (see also Charles Austin Miles)
Birth Year: 1868
Death Year: 1946

Pseudonym. See also Miles, C. Austin, 1868-1946

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A message God has given that tellsA. A. Payn (Author)2
Again we greet with joyA. A. Payn (Author)2
All the mountain streams are gently callingA. A. Payn (Author)2
Angels are singing a gladA. A. Payn (Author)1
As an army greater than the serriedA. A. Payn (Author)2
As the hills are roundA. A. Payn (Author)1
As the shadows of the night round are fallingA. A. Payn (Author)English28
As wanderers far from homeA. A. Payn (Author)3
Be not idle today, time is passing awayA. A. Payn (Author)2
Blessed day of joy and lightA. A. Payn (Author)1
Blessings over us aboundA. A. Payn (Author)2
Bright skies are everywhereA. A. Payn (Author)1
Calling from our ease Jesus bids us bear his banners onA. A. Payn (Author)2
Calling, sweetly callingA. A. Payn (Author)2
Can we behold, through gates of goldA. A. Payn (Author)1
Carols for Easter are ringing todayA. A. Payn (Author)2
Child of sin, why will ye wanderA. A. Payn (Author)1
Christ is risen, He is risen (Payn)A. A. Payn (Author)2
Christ the king of glory Unto us is bornA. A. Payn (Author)English1
Clearly falls the voice of dutyA. A. Payn (Author)2
Come, and your garlandsA. A. Payn (Author)2
Come while the day is dawningA. A. Payn (Author)2
Day of Judgment mayA. A. Payn (Author)2
Dropping, dropping falls the rainA. A. Payn (Author)6
Each moment I will trust in him who did so much for meA. A. Payn (Author)1
Each tiny bud that nestlesA. A. Payn (Author)2
Earth filled with joy sings the glad refrainA. A. Payn (Author)English1
Earth to summer's joyA. A. Payn (Author)1
Easter time is with us once againA. A. Payn (Author)2
Enter in the path of peaceA. A. Payn (Author)2
Ever of him I am singingA. A. Payn (Author)5
Every bird and blossomA. A. Payn (Author)1
Every day my heart grows lighterA. A. Payn (Author)English1
Every nodding blossom seems to say todayA. A. Payn (Author)2
Fair are the flowers alongA. A. Payn (Author)2
Fair were the roses that grew where He trodA. A. Payn (Author)English2
Far and near sweet and clearA. A. Payn (Author)2
Father divine, hear in this hourA. A. Payn (Author)English1
Flow on, flow on, O rivers gladA. A. Payn (Author)1
Flowers are gently wavingA. A. Payn (Author)2
For the field is the worldA. A. Payn (Author)2
Garlands of love we are bringingA. A. Payn (Author)2
Glory to God, O hear itA. A. Payn (Author)2
God is calling youA. A. Payn (Author)English1
God is watching o'er the worldA. A. Payn (Author)2
God's my Father and to himA. A. Payn (Author)2
Hail! festal day, to endless ages knownA. A. Payn (Author)English1
Hail the mighty Victor over allA. A. Payn (Author)2
Happy hearts in ChristA. A. Payn (Author)2
He will hear me when I callA. A. Payn (Author)English16
Hear the Easter bells, blessed Easter bellsA. A. Payn (Author)4
Hear the song of the murmuring seaA. A. Payn (Author)1
Heaven's portals outwardA. A. Payn (Author)2
Heralds of love are weA. A. Payn (Author)2
I hear a voice that callsA. A. Payn (Author)2
I once owed a debtA. A. Payn (Author)2
I'll patiently wait on each promiseA. A. Payn (Author)English1
In meadows fair the flower of thy fieldA. A. Payn (Author)2
In the gardens of the worldA. A. Payn (Author)1
In the meadows greenA. A. Payn (Author)1
In the sky the stars are shiningA. A. Payn (Author)1
In the strength of GodA. A. Payn (Author)1
In the tomb they laid himA. A. Payn (Author)English1
I've been redeemed through Jesus' precious bloodA. A. Payn (Author)English2
Jesus loves the children, So to Him we prayA. A. Payn (Author)English1
Jesus was born on ChristmasA. A. Payn (Author)2
Just a sunbeam shining from aboveA. A. Payn (Author)2
Lead on, King of LoveA. A. Payn (Author)1
Lead on, not with the sword the brave of the earth are wieldingA. A. Payn (Author)English4
Let every tribe and rationA. A. Payn (Author)English1
Let me serve thee more and moreA. A. Payn (Author)2
Like an army marching Come the childrenA. A. Payn (Author)1
Linger not in the garden loneA. A. Payn (Author)2
Little bird on joyful wingA. A. Payn (Author)2
Living now upon the mountainA. A. Payn (Author)2
Lord, bless the songs Thy people singA. A. Payn (Author)English2
Lying in a manger, see the ChildA. A. Payn (Author)2
My hands I bring to JesusA. A. Payn (Author)2
My sins became so heavyA. A. Payn (Author)English2
Night is over Now once moreA. A. Payn (Author)English1
No one can take the placeA. A. Payn (Author)2
Now the Children's Day is overA. A. Payn (Author)English1
O starry night, with a holyA. A. Payn (Author)1
O the blessing that is mine todayA. A. Payn (Author)2
O'er the fields in winter'sA. A. Payn (Author)2
Over the sea of life we swiftly glideA. A. Payn (Author)English1
On our way, day by dayA. A. Payn (Author)English1
On the cross my Savior died, Yes, for me was crucifiedA. A. Payn (Author)English4
On the cross of Calvary lifted highA. A. Payn (Author)English1
On the Eastern plain the flocks are sleepingA. A. P. (Author)English1
On we are floating in sunshine and shadowA. A. Payn (Author)2
Once again the children's dayA. A. Payn (Author)2
Once so drearily we scanned the cloudy skyA. A. Payn (Author)1
Over all is breakingA. A. Payn (Author)2
Over all the world a song is ringingA. A. Payn (Author)2
Over desert dreary, Over barren landA. A. Payn (Author)2
Praise our God, ye starsA. A. Payn (Author)2
Promises of Jesus how they cheer the heartA. A. Payn (Author)English3
Put on the armor of the gospelA. A. Payn (Author)3
Raise the standard let the banner flyA. A. Payn (Author)1
Rejoice, rejoice, The ChristA. A. Payn (Author)2
Rivers are flowing gently, freeA. A. Payn (Author)2
Safe we rest whatever may betide usA. A. Payn (Author)2
Scatter the shining sunbeamsA. A. Payn (Author)2
Securely resting in God's loveA. A. Payn (Author)2
Send forth the glad evangelA. A. Payn (Author)English1
Shades of evening shall be veilingA. A. Payn (Author)2
Shadows are falling and voicesA. A. Payn (Author)1
Shine on, starry lightA. A. Payn (Author)English1
Silence reigned o'er BethlehemA. A. Payn (Author)2
Sing a song of praise on the cloudy daysA. A. Payn (Author)2
Sing God's great gloryA. A. Payn (Author)2
Singing to Christ our King as we march alongA. A. Payn (Author)English1
Softly the south winds are sighingA. A. Payn (Author)1
Song birds come from the southA. A. Payn (Author)English1
Songbirds come from the south, hasten on your wayA. A. Payn (Author)1
Sons of God and heirs of heavenA. A. Payn (Arranger)English1
Summer days, filled with praise, Now on earth adoringA. A. Payn (Author)1
Summerland, summerland, where the fields in their beauty growA. A. Payn (Author)2
Summer's bells are ringingA. A. Payn (Author)2
Summer's gift is with us, joy is all aroundA. A. Payn (Author)2
Sweet and low, sweet and low, comes a song at eventideA. A. Payn (Author)English1
Sweet is the voice of a motherA. A. Payn (Author)4
The bells of heaven in tune with earthA. A. Payn (Author)1
The bells of summer are ringing joy As to and fro they goA. A. Payn (Author)2
The clouds may hover over meA. A. Payn (Author)3
The glory of a Father's loveA. A. Payn (Author)2
The humblest of God's creaturesA. A. Payn (Author)2
The meadow and plainA. A. Payn (Author)2
The mountains are growingA. A. Payn (Author)2
The night winds are singingA. A. Payn (Author)1
The thief on the cross criedA. A. Payn (Author)2
The voices of the summerA. A. Payn (Author)2
The wise men sought him and worshiped at his feetA. A. Payn (Author)2
There are souls that wait for the gospel lightA. A. Payn (Author)2
There comes to my heart o'er and o'erA. A. Payn (Author)2
There is one whom I loveA. A. Payn (Author)2
There is one whose love is steadfast everA. A. Payn (Author)2
There's a church in the valley by the wildwoodA. A. Payn (Author (3rd and 4th verses))English7
There's a Friend who waits to save theeA. A. Payn (Author)1
There's a happy home my soul shall dwell withinA. A. Payn (Author)English1
There's a land of bliss eternal, Where the saints their Lord beholdA. A. Payn (Author)English3
There's a mighty army marching, which can never be dismayedA. A. Payn (Author)English3
There's a whirringA. A. Payn (Author)2
Through the Savior, crucifiedA. A. Payn (Author)English1
Throw your icy fetters offA. A. Payn (Author)2
To and fro the soft winds blowA. A. Payn (Author)English1
Trusting Jesus, trusting every dayA. A. Payn (Author)English9
'Twas a song at midnightA. A. Payn (Author)2
Unto him we sing, whoA. A. Payn (Author)2
Unto Him who rose in His gloryA. A. Payn (Author)English2
Waken O earth, nor silentA. A. Payn (Author)1
Wave your banners, letA. A. Payn (Author)2
We are sailors on the sea of lifeA. A. Payn (Author)2
We come, we come, with happy voices singing joyous songs of praiseA. A. Payn (Author)1
What is summer's messageA. A. Payn (Author)2
When doubt and fear assail meA. A. Payn (Author)English3
When Jesus leads, the way grows brightA. A. Payn (Author)English11
When softly fall the night'sA. A. Payn (Author)2
When the day is breaking and I rise from restA. A. Payn (Author)3
When the early morning lightA. A. Payn (Author)2
When you are tempted to complainA. A. Payn (Author)3
When you get to heaven, as you surely willA. A. Payn (Author)English33
Who can tell how soon the bride may hear the cryA. A. Payn (Author)English4
Who will rally neath the banner royalA. A. Payn (Author)2
Words of gladness greet thy beauteous rayA. A. Payn (Author)1
You may look for me, for I'll be thereA. A. Payn (Author)English2
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