John W. Peterson

Short Name: John W. Peterson
Full Name: Peterson, John W., 1921-2006
Birth Year: 1921
Death Year: 2006

Wikipedia Biography

John Willard Peterson (November 1, 1921 – September 20, 2006) was a songwriter who had a major influence on evangelical Christian music in the 1950s through the 1970s. He wrote over 1000 songs, and 35 cantatas.

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ماذا أرد لك يا حبيبJohn W. Peterson (Author)Arabic1
那是何等奇妙、奇妙日子,我永遠不能忘記 (Nà shì héděng qímiào, qímiào rìzi, wǒ yǒngyuǎn bùnéng wàngjì)John W. Peterson (Author)Chinese2
A new commandment give I unto youJohn W. Peterson (Author)English4
A pilgrim was I, and a-wand'ring,J. W. P. (Author)English33
A soldier in the army of the King of kingsJohn W. Peterson, 1921- (Author)English3
Advance! Advance! O Church of Christ ariseJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Alabad al Dios potenteJ. W. P. (Author)2
All glory to Jesus, begotten of GodJohn W. Peterson (Author)English8
All over life's sea it is stormy and darkJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
All things work out for good, we knowJohn W. Peterson (Author)English7
Amid the hurried rush of lifeJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Angels worship God in heavenJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Are you discouraged and are you blueJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
Back to Bethel I am goingJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Be a little candleJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Before the cross of shame was raised On Calvary's bitterJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Before the stars were hung or planets fashionedJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Bless the Lord and sing His praisesJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Brave Gideon had three hundredJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
Calling, Christ is tenderly callingJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Cantad mortales por doquierJohn Peterson (Author)Spanish2
Children's voices speak of JesusJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Christ is urgently calling for workersJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Christ will be my guideJ. W. P. (Author)2
Cristo te espera, te quiere salvarJohn W. Peterson (Author)Spanish2
Cuando en sombras encubiertoJohn W. Peterson (Author)Spanish2
Cut the ties of sin that hold you todayJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Día tan grande no puedo olvidarJohn W. Peterson (Author)Spanish4
Dark is the road that lies before meJohn W. Peterson (Author)English2
Dark was the night when the Savior layJohn W. Peterson (Author)English2
Dark were the clouds of sin that spread above meJ. W. P. (Author)English2
Darling, the day has comeJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Do the shadows around you gatherJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Do you wonder why I love Him, Jesus Christ of CalvaryJohn W. Peterson (Author)English2
Doy gloria a Jesús, el Ungido de DiosJohn W. Peterson (Author)Spanish3
Driven with the wind and tossed was IJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
En la vergüenza de mi gran pecarJohn W. Peterson (Author)Spanish2
Every earthly sunrise has a sunsetJ. W. P. (Author)2
Every time I see a rainbowJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Everybody seems to have a cause for which to speakJ. W. P. (Author)2
Everybody sing praise to the LordJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
Fathomless love, what a wondrous themeJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
Fix your eyes alone on JesusJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
For a life of sin and pleasure, friendJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Friend, if your troubled heart longs for peaceJ. W. P. (Author)3
Friend, tonight the sea is stormyJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
From heaven to earth to dieJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Give me a shining faith, O LordJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Give me a vision, Lord, I pleadJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Go on for God and never be afraidJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
God has measured time's durationJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
God incarnate, Jesus cameJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
God is love! the heavens tell it, Stars above in brilliance spell itJ. W. P. (Author)3
God of everlasting glory Filling earth and skyJohn W. Peterson (Author)English8
God spoke the word, “Let there be light"John W. Peterson (Author)2
God the all wise and Creator of the human intellectJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
God the Father was in JesusJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
Gone is the guilt of my sinJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
Have you ever wondered why the Savior cameJ. W. P. (Author)2
He calls his sheep by nameJ. W. P. (Author)3
He cares when you’re troubled and the whole world seems wrongJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
He is coming again for meJ. W. P. (Author)2
He loved me when I wanderedJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
He owns the cattle on a thousand hillsJ. W. P. (Author)English8
He walked that lonesome roadJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Helping the widows and orphans in their needJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Here's my life, I lay it on the altarJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Holy Spirit, now descend, now outpouredJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Holy Spirit, not outpouredJohn W. Peterson, 1921- (Author)3
How dark and dreary was my wayJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
How much longer will you lingerJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
How oft the happy mountain top we leave behindJ. W. P. (Author)English5
How rich I am since Jesus came my wayJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I am a little oneJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I am persuaded that Christ has saved meJohn W. Peterson (Author)English2
I chose a path of sin and lossJ. W. P. (Author)3
I do not seek for earthly fameJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I have a wonderful SaviorJohn W. Peterson (Author)1
I have found a glorious upwardJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I heard there was a cleansing fountJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
I just keep trusting my Lord as I walk alongJ. W. P. (Author)English5
I know my Savior leadeth meJ. W. P. (Author)3
I love my precious Lord todayJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
I met the precious SaviorJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I must tell others the storyJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I once was sorrow ladenJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I see God's hand in every blushing roseJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I sought a flag to followJohn W. Peterson (Author)English9
I surrender all, O blessed Lord to theeJ. W. P. (Author)3
I thirsted in the barren land of sin and shameJ. W. P. (Author)23
I tuned in on HeavenJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I walked a lonely valleyJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I was a poor lost sinnerJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
I was a rebel and stranger from GodJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I was a sinner all covered with shameJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
I was drifting on life's stormy seaJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
I was fretful and fearfulJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I went to church on SundayJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I will build my churchJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I will declare what he hath done for meJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I will trust and never be afraidJohn W. Peterson (Author)5
I'd not have left a golden streetJ. W. P. (Author)3
If you seek to serve the LordJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
I'll trust in God though shadows mark the wayJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
I'm homesick for heaven. for Jesus my friendJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I’m looking today for His glorious appearingJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
I'm moving along to gloryJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
I'm not alone, while walking on life's pathwayJohn W. Peterson (Author)English2
I’m singing on my way to GloryJ. W. P. (Author)3
I'm traveling on to glorylandJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
In God’s hands, so then why worryJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
In heaven there are many thingsJohn W. Peterson (Author)6
In Jordan's stream the Savior stoodJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
In my darkness Jesus found meJohn W. Peterson (Author)English3
In my heart there's joys as I travel onJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
In sin's bitter night I was wanderingJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
In the Bible 'twas written downJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
In the book of life in heaven now my name is written downJohn W. Peterson (Author)English3
In the image of God, we were made long agoJohn W. Peterson (Author)English3
In the service of the King of KingsJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Is your life without a purposeJ. W. P. (Author)3
It will all be different thereJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
It's just too wonderful for wordsJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
It's not an easy road we are traveling to heavenJohn W. Peterson (Author)10
I've been through the valley, I've been through the fireJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
I’ve builded on the RockJ. W. P. (Author)2
I've heeded my Savior's callJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Jesus died on Calvary for everyoneJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Jesus is coming, Though we know not whenJ. W. P. (Author)English2
Jesus is the Friend of sinners, Friend of sinnersJohn W. Peterson (Author)5
Jesus is walking beside meJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Jesus lives! Jesus livesJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Jesus, the man of GalileeJ. W. P. (Author)2
Jesus took away my heavy load of sinJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Just keep trusting in the Lord each dayJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Keep me faithful, Lord, I prayJ. W. P. (Author)2
Keep singing in the shadowsJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Levantos, puertas sempiternasJ. W. P. (Author)2
Life has purpose now it never had beforeJ. W. Pereson (Author)English4
Lift up your eyes, weary travelerJohn W. Peterson (Author)7
Like a shepherd, Jesus leads meJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Long ago the Savior sorrowedJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Look on the fields they are white unto harvestJohn W. Peterson (Author)English3
Looking for Jesus, looking and longingJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Lord, I've a hunger deep for theeJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Lost sinners are dying in darkness todayJ. W. P. (Author)2
Love this world through me, Lord, Love this world through meJohn W. Peterson (Author)English2
Many souls are in danger on life's stormy seaJ. W. P. (Author)English3
Many things here would hide thy beautyJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Marvelous message we bringJohn W. Peterson, 1921- (Author)English29
Men's hearts today are failingJohn W. Peterson (Author)1
Message all glorious, wonderful to tellJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
Meu bom Pastor, sabias que me perdiJohn W. Peterson (Author)Portuguese2
Mi Padre omnipotenteJohn W. Peterson (Author)Spanish3
Millions still in every landJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Muy triste vagaba en el mundoJohn W. Peterson (Author)Spanish2
My faith is not a fabled thingJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
My Father is omnipotentJohn W. Peterson (Author)English38
My heart is running over with the joy of the LordJohn W. Peterson (Author)English2
My heart is thrilled whenever I think of heaven's glory fairJ. W. P. (Author)3
My heart was full of sinJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
My heavenly Father’s watchful eyeJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
My spirit once was thirstingJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Names of kings and rulers we honorJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Near to thy heart, O Christ divineJohn W. Peterson (Author)8
Never be ashamed of JesusJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
New life in ChristJ. W. P. (Author)English2
No matter where he leadethJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
No more I'll wander in the dreadful night of sin and shameJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
No more will I be wandering in the darknessJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
No one understands like JesusJohn W. Peterson (Author)English17
No other song have I but that of JesusJohn W. Peterson (Author)English4
No room, only a manger of hayJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Notas alegres cantadJohn W. Peterson (Author)Spanish3
O grant Thy touch of fire, LordJohn W. Peterson, 1921- (Author)English2
O he's a wonderful SaviorJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
O how good to know that God in heavenJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
O how He must have loved usJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
O I am so glad I’m savedJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
O I want to be like Jesus (Peterson)John W. Peterson (Author)4
O many things are different nowJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
O mighty God, when I behold the wonderJohn Peterson (Translator)English2
O my prodigal friend, from the Father astrayJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
O Savior, as my eyes beholdJohn W. Peterson, 1921-2006 (Author)English1
O shout the tidings far and nearJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
O soul, are you troubled with doubting and fearJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
O, that you would meet my JesusJ. W. P. (Author)2
O the blessed contemplationJohn W. Peterson (Author)7
O the healing love of JesusJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
O the love, the love of JesusJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
O the wonder of the love of JesusJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
O the wonderful hands of JesusJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
O what a blessing to know the LordJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
O what a wonderful, wonderful dayJohn W. Peterson, b. 1921 (Author)English31
O what happiness divineJohn W. Peterson (Author)English1
Oh wonderful, wonderful day that will beJohn W. Peterson (Author)English3
Oh Salvador, al contemplarJohn W. Peterson, 1921-2006 (Author)Spanish2
O what heavenly riches of goodness and graceJ. W. P. (Author)2
On yonder cross, the center crossJ. W. P. (Author)2
Once I knew nothing but emptinessJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Once my heart was set on earthly richesJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Once my life was filled with discordJohn W. Peterson (Author)6
Once the paths of sin I followedJ. W. P. (Author)3
Only for Jesus I want to liveJ. W. P. (Author)3
Open wide, ye everlasting doorsJohn W. Peterson, 1921- (Author)English2
Out from heaven's palacesJ. W. P. (Author)2
Out from the city to CalvaryJ. W. P. (Author)3
Out in the darkness of sin they are waitingJohn W. Peterson (Author)6
Over the sunset mountainsJohn W. Peterson (Author)English11
Por cristalinos maresJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Praise him now, Lord God AlmightyJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Praise our God, all ye His servantsJohn W. Peterson, 1921- (Author)2
Quiero cantar si el tema es JesucristoJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Raise your hand and open your heart to JesusJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Santa mensagem trazemosJohn Willard Peterson (Author)Portuguese2
Send, O God, a breath from heavenJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Sheltered in the love of JesusJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Shepherd of love, You know I had lost my wayJohn W. Peterson (Author)6
Si en esta vida andas sin gozoJohn W. Peterson (Author)Spanish2
Sigo confiando en JesúsJohn W. Peterson (Author)Spanish2
Sinful and guilty, condemned and undoneJohn W. Peterson (Author)English3
Sinful and lonely and dyingJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Sing a song, spread some cheerJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Sinner friend, are you carelessly drifting todayJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Sinner friend look away from your failure and lossJ. W. P. (Author)2
Sinner, now pause for a moment I prayJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Sin's angry billows dashJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Soldiers of the cross arise and pressJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Solo no estoy, Jesús está a mi ladoJ. W. P. (Author)Spanish3
Some day life's journey will be overJohn W. Peterson (Author)English8
Some day the clouds will be partedJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Some day we'll leave this world of sinJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
Some day when the toils of life are overJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Some day you'll hear God's final call to youJohn W. Peterson (Author)English6
Someday when this age has run the course that God intendedJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Someone to love me I longed so to meetJ. W. P. (Author)3
Sometime soon all toiling will be pastJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
Somewhere a brother was bowed down with careJohn W. Peterson (Author)5
Sons of God are we, belovedJ. W. P. (Author)2
Soon our heartaches will be endedJohn W. Peterson (Author)5
Soul, are you treading the broad ways of sinJ. W. P. (Author)3
Sweet and precious are the momentsJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Sweet is the promise the Savior gaveJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Sweet it is to follow the SaviorJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Teach me to trust when there is cause to fearJ. W. P. (Author)3
That old family altar I knew as a boyJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
The Bible declares Jesus came not to seek righteous onesJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
The future veiled before us liesJohn W. Peterson, 1921- (Author)English2
The heavens will be ringing with our joyous singingJohn W. Peterson (Author)English2
The Holy Spirit came at PentecostJohn W. Peterson (Author)English8
The love of friend and lover is often sweetly sungJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
The Savior died a world to saveJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
The Savior was once but a stranger to meJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
The Savior took hold of my hand one dayJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
The Spirit is speaking to someone, I knowJ. W. P. (Author)2
The week is made of seven daysJohn W. Peterson (Author)English2
There are souls adrift from JesusJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
There are two ways built for little feetJohn W. Peterson (Author)7
There never was a truer friend than Jesus (Peterson)John W. Peterson (Author)English2
There was a time I worriedJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
There will never be a sweeter storyJohn W. Peterson (Author)English9
There'll be a glad, glad tomorrowJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
There's a book I've always treasuredJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
There's a joy in every mileJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
There's a melody of gladness that is ringing in my heartJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
There's a message in the word I loveJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
There's a new song in my heartJohn W. Peterson (Author)English3
There's a place where sin's forgivenJ. W. P. (Author)3
There’s a Savior unseen who is passing this wayJ. W. P. (Author)2
There's a stairway that winds up to heavenJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
There’s a sweet and precious promiseJ. W. P. (Author)2
There's a world of difference when you're bornJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
There's not a day that passesJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
There's only one way—one way to heavenJ. W. P. (Author)English2
They nailed Christ to a cross on CalvaryJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
This is the hour of decisionJ. W. P. (Author)2
This is the season to count all our blessingsJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
This night of sin and woe soon will be pastJ. W. P. (Author)2
Tho like pilgrims here we wanderJohn W. Peterson, 1921- (Author)English4
Though on earth there’s woe assailingJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Through the slow parting crowds crept the leperJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Time is quickly passingJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Today, tomorrow and alwaysJ. W. P. (Author)2
Traveling on the royal road to gloryJohn W. Peterson (Author)English2
Troubles may fall like showers of rainJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Trust on, O troubled heart todayJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
'Twould surely be a wondrous thingJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Un día el mundo dejaré A la dorada playa iréJohn W. Peterson (1921-2006) (Author)Spanish4
Un dia el mundo dejaré Y las mansiones llegaréJohn W. Peterson (Author)Spanish4
Un lugar hay do el pecadoJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Una vez mi vida estaba llena de dolorJohn W. Peterson (Author)Spanish2
Vagué sediento en el pecado abrumadorJohn W. Peterson (Author)Spanish3
Vivi tão longe do SenhorJohn Willard Peterson (Author)Portuguese2
我們傅奇妙佳音,我們唱榮耀歌吟 (Wǒmen fù qímiào jiāyīn, wǒmen chàng róngyào gēyín)John W. Peterson (Author)Chinese2
Walking with the Savior on the narrow wayJ. W. P. (Author)3
Wandering alone with a heart of steelJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
We have come to worship You, Savior of IsraelJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
We may sound the depths of all the might oceansJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
We need the sunshine to warm a summer breezeJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
We thank thee, heavenly Father nowJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
We will walk the streets of gold (Peterson)John W. Peterson (Author)3
What a joy it will be, how my glad heart will singJ. W. P. (Author)2
What a joy to know our Father holds the futureJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
What a wonderful Savior is Jesus (Peterson)John W. Peterson (Author)5
When by faith I saw my Savior hangingJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
When clouds of trial break in furyJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
When I cannot understand God's leadingJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
When I leave this world of sadnessJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
When I remember the cross that He boreJ. W. P. (Author)2
When I think how Jesus suffered on the cross for meJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
When I was burdened down with care, I knelt with God apartJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
When I'm faint from the toils and the cares of the dayJohn W. Peterson (Author)English3
When our Lord was here our Savior dearJohn W. Peterson (Author)4
When our Savior and Lord was hereJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
When the brightest star has fadedJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
When the saints are called to heavenJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
When the way is dark before youJ. W. P. (Author)2
When through a fiery furnaceJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
When your grief cannot be spokenJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
When your heart is heavy and the clouds are hangingJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Where He leads me I will follow, I will walk with Jesus anywhereJohn W. Peterson (Author)English2
Where is he that is born the KingJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Where two or three are gatheredJ. W. P. (Author)3
Who can move the mountains that are hindering you todayJ. W. P. (Author)3
Who cares when the days are drearyJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Why should I sing of lesser thingsJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Why worry when you can pray?J. W. P. (Author)English4
With a holy hush and in deep reverenceJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
With Christmas now returningJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
With the sound of trumpetsJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Wonderful, glorious tidingsJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Wonderful love! Glorious loveJohn W. Peterson (Author)English2
Wonderful that Jesus loved meJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
Wondrous the angelic messageJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Worthy is the Lamb of CalvaryJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
Yo confiaré en Jesús, él me guiaráJohn W. Peterson (1921-2006) (Author)Spanish2
Yo fui peregrino errabundoJohn Peterson (Author)Spanish4
You are only a heartbeat from heavenJohn W. Peterson (Author)2
You can always count on JesusJohn W. Peterson (Author)3
You may have friends who forsake youJ. W. P. (Author)2
You'll always be happyJohn W. Peterson (Author)English3
You've sought in vain for happinessJ. W. P. (Author)2

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