William C. Poole

William C. Poole
Short Name: William C. Poole
Full Name: Poole, William C., 1875-1949
Birth Year: 1875
Death Year: 1949

William C. Poole was born and raised on a farm in Maryland. His parents belonged to the Methodist church. He graduated from Washington College and became a Methodist minister in Wilmington, Delaware area. He was pastor of McCabe Memorial, Richardson Park and other churches. In 1913 he was superintendent of the Anti-Saloon League of Delaware. He wrote about five hundred hymns. The writing was done as recreation and a diversion from his pastoral work. His goal in writing as well as in being a minister was to help people.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

Texts by William C. Poole (239)sort descendingAsInstances
A glorious day is coming by the prophets longWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
A gospel was written by Matthew of oldW. C. Poole (Author)2
A smile will do so many thingsRev. W. C. Poole (Author)2
A wonderful change has come into the worldW. C. Poole (Author)2
A wonderful love, from heaven aboveWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Across life's sea, through calm and stormW. C. Poole (Author)2
All around the world todayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
All around the world, Wrong is backward hurledWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
All I am belongs to JesusW. C. Poole (Author)2
All my way grows lighterRev. W. C. Poole (Author)2
All that I need will God's grace supplyW. C. Poole (Author)3
All the flowers may fadeWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
All the way I'll go for JesusWilliam C. Poole (Author)4
All the way I'll go with JesusWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
All to thee I bringWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Amid the failures of the yearsWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
Are you free to work for JesusWilliam C. Poole (Author)8
Are your signals rightWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
As onward I travel with gladness and songWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
As onward you journey toward heaven each dayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
As steady as stars in their coursesWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
As the sunshine on the rain cloudWilliam C. Poole (Author)4
As you journey onward to the land aboveW. C. Poole (Author)2
At Jesus' feet I heard the wordRev. W. C. Poole (Author)2
At the end of the wayRev. W. C. Poole (Author)2
Back of every drop of rainRev. Wm. C. Pool (Author)6
Because he saw me far awayWilliam C. Poole (Author)5
Better days are comingWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Beyond the clouds that drift aboveWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Bring another friend or brotherW. C. Poole (Author)2
Christ shall be King of the whole wide worldW. C. Poole (Author)23
Christ will never fail me, how precious the wordRev. W. C. Poole (Author)7
Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and drive out every sinWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
Dear child of God's loveWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Deep down in my heart there is gladness todayWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
Do not ask me to go without JesusRev. W. C. Poole (Author)2
Do the shadows gather o'er the path you treadWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Does your sunshine make a bowW. C. Poole (Author)2
Don't forget Jesus when long is the wayRev. W. C. Poole (Author)8
Every day the Savior sends me blessings newRev. W. C. Poole (Author)6
Face toward the crossWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
Following in the footprints of my LordWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
Following Jesus, my Shepherd kindRev. Wm. C. Poole (Author)2
From the land of here to the land of thereW. C. Poole (Author)2
Go tell the sweet story of Jesus your LordWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
God gives me blessings all along my wayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
God has given work for everyone to doWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
God has his pathways of blessingW. C. Poole (Author)2
God's love will grow strongerWilliam C. Poole (Author)4
Have you been in the garden with JesusWilliam C. Poole (Author)5
Have you heard heaven broadcastingWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Have you prayed all night Till the break of dayW. C. Poole (Author)17
He took my sins away, took them all awayWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
Hear the call of Jesus, Ringing far and nearWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Heart of my heart, for sinners pleadingWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Heart of my Jesus, my Shepherd, my friendWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
Help the word along with your words of cheerW. C. Poole (Author)5
How far shall I go for the sheep astrayWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
How sweet the thought that comes to me (Poole)William C. Poole (Author)2
I am tired of sin and straying (Poole)William C. Poole (Author)3
I am waiting this side of that bright crystal seaWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
I cannot see beyond todayRev. W. C. Poole (Author)4
I do not know, I cannot seeWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
I find each day new victoryWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
I find the Savior's preciousWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
I have a Savior who lightens my wayW. C. Poole (Author)4
I have been to Jesus and he heard my prayerWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
I have blessings new, like the morning dewRev. W. C. Poole (Author)4
I have blessings that are falling all around meWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
I know I was lost in sin astrayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
I know of a love that is stronger than sinW. C. Poole (Author)5
I know who plans my onward wayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
I may not understand just howWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
I shall see the King Where the angels singW. C. Poole (Author)21
I sing of the love that is matchless and freeW. C. Poole (Author)2
I vision the hands of the SaviorWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
I will look for you up yonderRev. W. C. Poole (Author)7
I will sing for Jesus till the nightWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
I would not live without JesusWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
If in life's tempest by faith I can seeWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
If on the raging seaWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
If tempted to falter or turn from the wayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
If the dear Savior has saved you from sinWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
If you ever get discouraged with the work you have to doW. C. Poole (Author)2
In a land far away, up a hill there one dayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
In sunshine or shadow, in joy or in painW. C. Poole (Author)4
In that great word whosoeverWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
In the darkness o'erWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
In the days of my youth I will love HimRev. W. C. Poole (Author)2
In the land of song with the ransomed throngRev. W. C. Poole (Author)2
In the valley so fair by the side of the hillW. C. Poole (Author)2
It comes to me ever in sorrow and woeRev. W. C. Poole (Author)3
It helps me forget every sorrowW. C. Poole (Author)2
It helps when temptation sweeps over my soulw. C. Poole (Author)2
It will help you in the sunshineWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
I've sweet communion with my LordWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Jesus and I have been friendsWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Jesus is calling the lost astrayRev. W. C. Poole (Author)2
Jesus is worthy the bestW. C. Poole (Author)2
Jesus was a child so meekWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Just a little sunshine on the rainW. C. Poole (Author)4
Just ahead the days are brighterW. C. Poole (Author)2
Just beyond the sunset and the shades of nightWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Just when I need Him, Jesus is nearWilliam C. Poole, 1875-1949 (Author)118
Just where He needs me, there would I beW. C. Poole (Author)2
Keep holding on, just one more hourWilliam C. Poole (Author)6
Kept by the power of God's love am IWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Kept for thy use, dear Lord, I would beRev. W. C. Poole (Author)2
Lead me dear Savior, be Thou my GuideW. C. Poole (Author)2
Lead on, bright starWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Like a beacon brightWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
Like a beacon bright Through the dark of nightWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Long years I was strugglingWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
Lord, make today one [a] day for theeRev. W. C. Poole (Author)6
Make me what you want me to be, O LordW. C. Poole (Author)4
Make my will thine, dear LordWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
My Father knows the way I take, He never will my soul forsakeWilliam C. Poole (Author)1
My Father's ways are always rightW. C. Poole (Author)2
My light in the darkness, my star in the nightW. C. Poole (Author)2
My Lord has need of me todayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
My Savior is so good to me, along my earthly wayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
My soul is a garden most wondrous and fairWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
My soul sings hallelujahW. C. Poole (Author)2
Nearer to Jesus each step of my wayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Never afar from his children's callW. C. Poole (Author)2
New blessings are crowning my life each dayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Nothing held back from thee JesusRev. Wm. C. Poole (Author)3
O heart that was broken for meWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
O the boundless joy that cameWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
O the glory untoldWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
O think of the work that is waiting for youWilliam C. Poole (Author)7
Often I have wandered in the darkRev. W. C. Poole (Author)2
O say, can you hear itW. C. Poole (Author)2
On the road to heaven, all along the wayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Once I fought to conquer sinRev. W. C. Poole (Author)2
Once I was speeding onward in paths of sinW. C. Poole (Author)3
One vision of Jesus, one look on his faceRev. W. C. Poole (Author)2
Out of the grave my Savior cameWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Over the mountains so bleak and so coldWilliam C. Poole (Author)5
Poor old booze is losing all his friendsWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Praise, praise, praiseWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Seeing me far from the pathway astrayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Send the message over the world, Jesus livesW. C. Poole (Author)2
Some day, I know not where or whenWilliam C. Poole (Author)1
Some day I'll join in the songs they singRev. W. C. Poole (Author)3
Some day when comes life's setting sunWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Someone must tell the glad storyWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
Someone will be glad if we conquer sinWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Sometime life's way will be endedRev. W. C. Poole (Author)2
Somewhere is waiting for me some dayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Somewhere they need youW. C. Poole (Author)2
Sound the note of victory, everywhereW. C. Poole (Author)2
Sowing for others to reapWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Tell it out to every nation, Over land and over seaWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
The best news that I have is Jesus loves you William C. Poole (Author)2
The call of the Christ rings out todayW. C. Poole (Author)9
The greatest nameWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
The liquor dealer once was bossWilliam C. Poole (Author)4
The old world needs Jesus to heal its sinW. C. Poole (Author)2
The promised power of long agoW. C. Poole (Author)3
The sunshine land is a big bright landRev. W. C. Poole (Author)3
The thought that keeps me over life's roadWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
There are mansions awaiting for you and for meW. C. Poole (Author)5
There are many stormy trials along my pilgrim wayW. C. Poole (Author)5
There is a word, a little wordRev. W. C. Poole (Author)2
There is gladness in my soul, There is joy beyond controlW. C. Poole (Author)1
There is need today for hearts that are braveWilliam C. Poole (Author)4
There is one I can trust when I need a friendW. C. Poole (Author)2
There is one whose love unmeasuredRev. W. C. Poole (Author)4
There is pardon full and free, At the cross; There's redemption their for meWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
There is work to do, there is work for youRev. W. C. Poole (Author)3
There is work to do, that awaits for youW. C. Poole (Author)2
There was power, O Lord, in the days of oldRev. W. C. Poole (Author)15
There's a call comes ringingWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
There's a city bright and fair (Poole)William C. Poole (Author)2
There's a glad new song over the world to singW. C. Pool (Author)2
There's a hand that safely guides meRev. W. C. Poole (Author)7
There's a joy that is filling my life todayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
There's a prayer I am praying todayWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
There's only one way into heavenWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
They talk about the hard timesWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
This day shall be God's day as I go alongW. C. Poole (Author)3
Thou hast saved me, Lord, from sinRev. Wm. C. Poole (Author)3
Though raging the tempest, I fear not the blastWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Through the mist [of years] I can seem to seeRev. W. C. Poole (Author)16
Through ages of yearsWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
Thy will, not mine, O God, I prayWm. C. Poole (Author)2
Till the work is doneWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
'Tis a glad, sweet time when a day I spendW. C. Poole (Author)2
To the front, to the front, hear the bugleWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Up Calvary there climbed one dayWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
Volunteers are needed, now to march awayRev. W. C. Poole (Author)6
We are living in a worldWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Weary of wandering from home far awayW. C. Poole (Author)2
What do the flowers that bloomWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
What hast thou done with the messageWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
What is the life you are living todayWilliam C. Poole (Author)6
When I grow weary and long seems the wayWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
When I need a helping handWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
When I shall come to the end of my wayW.C. Poole (Author)59
When I think of the Christ on that hill far awayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
When I was far away in sinWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
When I'm tempted to wander in sin far awayW. C. Poole (Author)2
When life's questions are all answeredWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
When long is the journey and heavy my loadWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
When my work is done and the victory wonW. C. Poole (Author)4
When rages the battle of right against wrongW. C. Poole (Author)2
When shall I come to the end of my wayWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
When the clouds come driftingWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
When the days are bright as some days will beWilliam C. Poole (Author)6
When the kingdoms of this worldRev. W. C. Poole (Author)2
When the night is over on the day break shoreWilliam C. Poole (Author)8
When the shadows have turned into night timeW. C. Poole (Author)2
When the storm clouds gather o'er the pathwayWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
When the tempest high is ragingRev. W. C. Poole (Author)2
When the whole world lives for JesusW. C. Poole (Author)2
When thy life is filled with grief and careWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
When we love Jesus all service is sweetWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
When you are tempted and when you are triedWilliam C. Poole (Author)3
When you count the ones who love the LordW. C. Poole (Author)20
When your burdens are too heavy for your strength to bearWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Where angels are singing, around the white throngWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Where leads the crossWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Where my King leads on till the fight is wonRev. W. C. Poole (Author)8
Where my Savior leads me I will gladly goWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Where the battle rages and the foe is strongWilliam C. Poole (Author)4
Where the fight is hardest and the heroes fallRev. W. C. Poole (Author)8
Where the right and the true live forever anewW. C. Poole (Author)2
Where the wild sea tossesWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Where thou leadest me, O JesusWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Wherever I go on earth belowW. C. Poole (Author)2
Why should I linger, I am longing for homeWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Won't you come along with meWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Words of cheerW. C. Poole (Author)2
Workers are needed the harvests are whiteWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
Would you know the path to peaceWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
You ask me how I know that Jesus cameWilliam C. Poole (Author)2
You may know where to find me when there's work to doW. C. Poole (Author)2
You will want to spend eternity with JesusW. C. Poole (Author)5
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