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Jennie Ree

Short Name: Jennie Ree
Full Name: Ree, Jennie (See Gabriel, Chas. Hutchinson)

Texts by Jennie Ree (82)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A little while and then the summer dayJennie Ree (Author)English10
A little while to gather flowersJennie Ree (Adapter)English4
Above the fields of Bethlehem Jennie Ree (Author)1
Are you hungry, come and take the bread of lifeJennie Ree (Author)English2
Are you looking unto Jesus, asking Him to be your stay?Jennie Ree (Author)English1
As pilgrims we, a loyal bandJennie Ree (Author)English1
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be savedJennie Ree (Author)English2
Children, sing now a merry Christmas carolJennie Ree (Author)English1
Christian [Brother], is life's morning cloudedJennie Ree (Arranger)English1
Come, let us sing unto the Lord A grateful song of praiseJennie Ree (Author)English1
Do you know a heart that hungersJennie Ree (Arranger)English1
Ein treues Auge wacht! Herz, sei getrost!Jennie Ree (Author)German1
Every voice in nature sings the same sweet songJennie Ree (Author)1
Fear not the struggle before youJennie Ree (Author)2
Following Jesus, blessed RedeemerJennie Ree (Author)English1
Glory, honor, majesty and powerJennie Ree (Author)1
God will take care of thee, be not dismayedJennie Ree (Author)English4
Grandly our host is marchingJennie Ree (Author)English1
Great is the Lord, great is the Lord (Gabriel)Jennie Ree (Author)English1
Happy are the hearts and lightJennie Ree (Author)English1
He hath chosen me for a serviceJennie Ree (Author)1
He will hide me in His pavilionJennie Ree (Author)English4
Hosanna to the Lord our KingJennie Ree (Author)1
How wise you look, little star, awayJennie Ree (Author)3
I belong to Jesus, I'm his little friendJennie Ree (Author)1
I can hear my Savior's voice, Calling me, calling meJennie Ree (Author)English2
I have a Savior who is more than all the world to meJennie Ree (Author)English1
I have heard Thee, Savior, calling, Jesus, friend divineJennie Ree (Author)English1
I'm happy in my Savior, I'm singing all the dayJennie Ree (Author)English1
In the name of Jesus do we watch and prayJennie Ree (Author)English1
Into my darkness shineJennie Ree (Author)English1
It only costs a little, to keep a sunny faceJennie Ree (Author)1
Jesus loves even the little onesJennie Ree (Author)1
Jesus, Redeemer, all-wonderful SaviorJennie Ree (Author)1
Let us each be up and doingJennie Ree (Author)2
Let us walk in the light that Jesus gives usJennie Ree (Author)English3
Lift Him up to all, the Savior of the worldJennie Ree (Author)1
Lift your eyes and look upon the fields of rainJennie Ree (Author)English1
Marching along together true and braveJennie Ree (Author)English1
Marching onward like the men of oldJennie Ree (Author)1
My life shall be for JesusJennie Ree (Author)1
O why will you go away tonight Unsaved, far away from God!Jennie Ree (Author)English1
Of the Savior and His love, to those you meet Tell the storyJennie Ree (Author)3
On the cross of Calvary my Savior diedJennie Ree (Author)English2
On where the cross is leadingJennie Ree (Author)English6
Only in Jesus my heart is at restJennie Ree (Author)1
Onward up the King's great highwayJennie Ree (Author)English5
Praise him, praise him, raise a songJennie Ree (Author)1
Praise ye the Lord, timbrel and harp employJennie Ree (Author)6
Ring, bells of heaven, let your sweet music fill the airJennie Ree (Author)1
Savior, I'm waiting, longingJennie Ree (Author)English1
Soldiers in the gospel armyJennie Ree (Author)English1
Songs of praise unto him who hath loved usJennie Ree (Author)1
Soul, a stranger stands at thy heart's closed doorJennie Ree (Author)English1
Speak to me, Lord, I'm prayerfully listeningJennie Ree (Author)English1
Strong in faith, and loyal-heartedJennie Ree (Author)English1
Sunshine and flowers tell the Savior's loveJennie Ree (Author)English3
Sweet and clear, songs of cheerJennie Ree (Author)1
Tag det namnet Jesus med digJennie Ree (Author)1
Take the name of Jesus with you everywhere you goJennie Ree (Author)English2
Tempted and tried, encumbered with careJennie Ree (Author)English1
Thanks be to God, and unto Him the gloryJennie Ree (Author)English1
The Bible says Jesus loved childrenJennie Ree (Author)1
The King of all the earth is HeJennie Ree (Author)English2
The path wherein He leadeth me, I do not know nor ask to seeJennie Ree (Author)English2
The power of death is broken, Its terrors forever pastJennie Ree (Author)1
The Savior once said "Let the little ones come!"Jennie Ree (Author)1
There is need of deeper consecrationJennie Ree (Author)English4
There is work awaiting youJennie Ree (Author)1
Thou mighty Jehovah, our voices we raiseJennie Ree (Author)English2
Unto our Jehovah our king foreverJennie Ree (Author)English1
We are little sentinels of JesusJennie Ree (Author)1
We are the ambassadors of JesusJennie Ree (Author)1
We are volunteers for service in the vineyard of the Lord!Jennie Ree (Author)English2
We dare not idle stand, while here on every handJennie Ree (Arranger)English1
We praise Thee, O King! Thy goodness we singJennie Ree (Author)English2
We'll never grow weary, but ever pursueJennie Ree (Author)English1
We're little gleaners, following the reapersJennie Ree (Author)1
We're soldiers of a King! His praise we daily singJennie Ree (Author)English1
When my heart is sore oppressed, And I seek in vain for restJennie Ree (Author)English1
Why do we linger in the bondage of sinJennie Ree (Author)English1
Why, in idle content will so many remainJennie Ree (Author)English1
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