Eben E. Rexford

Eben E. Rexford
Short Name: Eben E. Rexford
Full Name: Rexford, Eben E. (Eben Eugene), 1848-1916
Birth Year: 1848
Death Year: 1916

Rexford, Eben Eugene.M (Johnsburg, New York, July 16, 1848--October 16, 1916, Shiocton, Wisconsin). Horticulturalist and editor of a Wisconsin farm journal. Many of his verses were used to fill empty corners of the journal. He also wrote many books on gardening. Lawrence University (Appleton, Wisc.), Litt.D. Twenty-five years, organist at First Congregational Church, Shiocton.

See: Smith, Mary L.P. (1930). Eben E. Rexford; a biographical sketch. Menasha, Wis., George Banta Pub. Co.

--Leonard Ellinwood, DNAH Archives and Gabriel, Charles H. (1916). Singers and Their Songs. Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company.
Rexford, Eben Eugene , an American writer, born July 16, 1848, is the author of Nos. 199, 246, 263, 353, in I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs and Solos), 1878, No. 5, and 456 in the Methodist Sunday School Hymnbook, 1879.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)


Rexford, E. E. , p. 1587, ii. Additional hymns by this author in common use include:—
1. He saw the wheat fields waiting. Harvest of the World.
2. O where are the reapers. Missions.
3. Rouse up to work that waits for us. Duty.
4. We are sailing o'er an ocean. Life's Vicissitudes.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, New Supplement (1907)


Wikipedia Biography

Eben Eugene Rexford (16 July 1848 – 18 October 1916) was an American writer and poet, and author of lyrics to popular and gospel songs. Born in Johnsburg, New York, he moved with his family to Ellington, Wisconsin in 1855. His first poems were published in the New York Ledger when Rexford was 14. Among the many songs he wrote, Rexford is best remembered for the lyrics to Silver Threads Among the Gold, which were set to music by Hart Pease Danks. This song was one of the first items to be recorded mechanically. Another poem that has had continuing popularity is "The Ride of Paul Venarez", which is considered to be a "cowboy poem", even though the author was from Wisconsin. It has been turned into a song, "Billy Venero", and has a colorful history.

Texts by Eben E. Rexford (365)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A storm is raging upon the deepEben E. Rexford (Author)6
A veces oigo un himno yo jamás oíEben E. Rexford, 1848-1916 (Author)Spanish2
Again the Sabbath God has blestEben E. Rexford (Author)8
Again we meet, this happy dayE. E. Rexford (Author)4
All along the way, my FatherEben E. Rexford (Author)2
All the way rejoicing should the christian goEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Although so poor I cannot claimEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Another soldier fallenEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Are you building your house on the sand, brother?E. E. Rexford (Author)9
Are you ever worn and wearyEben E. Rexford (Author)4
Art thou weary with transgression?Eben E. Rexford (Author)English4
Art tired and weary, pilgrimEben E. Rexford (Author)2
As we journey along though the valley of lifeEben E. Rexford (Author)2
At Christmas time the worldEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Away to the woods, away, to the temple God has madeEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Be brave, little soldiersEben E. Rexford (Author)5
Be thou our guide when dangers shall beset usE. E. Rexford (Author)2
Behold that bloodstained banner of the kingEben E. Rexford (Author)4
Behold the bridegroom comes 'twas saidEben E. Rexford (Author)6
Behold the children gatheringEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Behold, the prodigal comes homeEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Beyond the sea, the jasper seaEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Brightly beams our Father's mercyEben E. Rexford (Author)English1
By and by, beyond the riverE. E. Rexford (Author)3
By and by, O soft and lowEben E. Rexford (Author)3
By and by, the thought is sweetEben E. Rexford (Author)3
By and by, we shall know JesusEben E. Rexford (Author)4
Calling, calling, ever callingEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Christ is a shepherd and we are his sheepEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Christian reapers, liftEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Closer, Savior, to thy sideEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Come out, sings the larkEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Crown him, crown him with glory the King of kingsE. E. Rexford (Author)42
Crown him who died on CalvaryE. E. Rexford (Author)3
Dark is the night and the clouds gather o'er usEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Darling, I am growing oldEben E. Rexford (Author)English3
Dear Lord, I need thee all the timeEben Eugen Rexford (Author)1
Dein ist der Tag, der neu beginntEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Do you hear the summons the Master makes today?Eben E. Rexford (Author)2
Do you know a heart that hungersEben E. Rexford (Author)4
Each Christian light a beacon isEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Einst kommt die Zeit, so spricht das HerzEben H. Rexford (Author)German2
Faith casts its anchor in Jesus' loveEben E. Rexford (Author)8
Fall in line, fall in lineE. E. Rexford (Author)3
Far and wide is ringingEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
Far and wide over land and waveEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Father, in need I come to thee, and this shall be my earnest pleaEben E. Rexford (Author)English20
Father, the tempest is ragingEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Father, the way before meEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Gather up the sunbeams all along life's wayEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Give me a faith that turns to theeEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Gleaning in time of harvestEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Go tell the story of Jesus, That all the world may hearE. E. Rexford (Author)4
God leadeth me! The tho't is sweet!Eben E. Rexford (Author)2
God sent to the wayward a message of loveEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
God's word is full of promisesE. E. Rexford (Author)7
Going home, going home, to the Eden hillsEben E. Rexford (Author)5
Going home, yes, going home, O the words are strangely sweetEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Great is the harvest and fewEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Had I wings of the morning to fly awayE. E. Rexford (Author)2
Hark! a call for reapersEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Hark! a knocking at the doorE. E. Rexford (Author)English2
Hark! hear the call that is sent through the landE. E. Rexford (Author)2
Hark, I hear the Savior sayingEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Hark, the bells of heaven ringingEben E. Rexford (Author)1
Hark, the tramping of an armyEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Hark, the voice of many nationsEben E. Rexford (Author)4
Harvester, harvester, gather thy sheavesEben E. Rexford (Author)18
Has the staff you leaned on failed you?Eben E. Rexford (Author)7
He reigns in majesty supremeEben E. Rexford (Author)2
He saw the wheat fields waitingEben E. Rexford (Author)6
Hear the trumpet calling, callingEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Heaven is the Christian's fatherlandEben E. Rexford (Author)9
Here in thy house, O God, we meetEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Here many a friendship fails usEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Here's a hand to the boy who has courageEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Ho, comrades, heavenward faringEben E. Rexford (Author)2
How many times, discouragedEben E. Rexford (Author)16
Hur ofta här försagdaEben E. Rexford (Author)Swedish3
Hur ofta under f'rdenEben E. Rexford (Author)2
I am happy, O so happy, when I think how, long agoEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
I ask not earthly treasureEben E. Rexford (Author)3
I at last have entered into the peace I longed to knowE. E. Rexford (Author)English2
I cannot see the way beforeEben E. Rexford (Author)2
I do not understand God's loveEben E. Rexford (Author)3
I have been in city churchesEben E. Rexford (Author)2
I have had a glorious visionEben E. Rexford (Author)15
I hear a song, a song so sweetEben E. Rexford (Author)36
I hear a sound of singingEben E. Rexford (Author)3
I hear the angels cryEben E. Rexford (Author)2
I love to think of JesusEben E. Rexford (Author)2
I love to think of the beautiful landEben E. Rexford (Author)2
I may be poor and friendlessEben E. Rexford (Author)4
I often wonder, as I readEben E. Rexford (Author)2
I often wonder what will beEben E. Rexford (Author)2
I read each tender promiseEben E. Rexford (Author)2
I read the dear old promiseEben E. Rexford (Author)3
I shall reign forever with my Saviour KingEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
I think God gives the childrenEben E. Rexford (Author)English57
I trust it all to God who knowsEben E. Rexford (Author)4
I was in utter bondageEben E. Rexford (Author)3
I wonder if Jesus remembersEben E. Rexford (Author)2
I would sing of Jesus' loveEben E. Rexford (Author)2
If clouds blot out the sunshineE. E. Rexford (Author)5
If hearts, grown faint and wearyEben E. Rexford (Author)6
If the heart is full of sunshineEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
If the path that you must treadEben E. Rexford (Author)English4
If things don't go to suit youEben E. Rexford (Author)2
If we grow weary in the wayEben E. Rexford (Author)2
If we knew about the trialsE. E. Rexford (Author)3
If you find a heart that's hungE. E. Rexford (Author)2
If you know the mighty meaningEben E. Rexford (Author)2
In a moment when ye know notEben E. Rexford (Author)English3
In dreams I hear a song so sweetEben E. Rexford (Author)6
In dreams I see the heavenly landEben E. Rexford (Author)5
In every time of troubleEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
In marriage pomp and splendorEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
In spring the farmer sows his seedEben E. Rexford (Author)2
In the dark and stormy dayEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
In the night when storm and tempestEben E. Rexford (Author)4
In the pathways we are treadingEben E. Rexford (Author)2
In the strength of God go forth to winEben E. Rexford (Author)4
In the times of bitter troubleEben Eugene Rexford (Author)6
In time of trouble and griefEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Into the light of God's glorious loveEben E. Rexford (Author)5
It will be a happy day when we hear the call of GodEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Jesus has come to redeemEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Jesus, Lover of my soul, sorrow's lipsEben E. Rexford (Author)4
Jesus loves me, blessed thoughtEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Jesus loves me, even meEben E. Rexford (Author)4
Jesus loves us, Jesus loves usEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Jesus loves us, sing it gladlyEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Jesus, who loves the childrenEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Joy, joy, joy, joy, Jesus has come to reignEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Keep striving, the winners are those who have strivenEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Keep up the fight, the battle must be wonEben E. Rexford (Author)7
Knock, knock, knockEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Knowing our weaknessEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Lend a helping hand, my brotherEben E. Rexford (Author)7
Let every voice for gladness singEben E. Rexford (Author)5
Let me be something for JesusEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Let me do something for JesusEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Let us come before the Lord today with singingEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Let us scatter sunshine all along life's way (Rexford)Eben E. Rexford (Author)3
Let us sing as we journey along day by dayE. E. Rexford (Author)English6
Let your light shine out (Rexford)Eben E. Rexford (Author)2
Let's all be birds, said MinnieEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Let's dare and do for the pureEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Life's work is before us and this work demandsEben E. Rexford (Author)4
Lift up your hearts in exultationEben E. Rexford (Author)English5
List, to the bells in the steeples (Rexford)Eben E. Rexford (Author)3
Listen heart, be still, I prayEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Listen, O children, the LordEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Little hands be busyEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Lives are fields wherein we sowEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Lo a conquering army marching gainst the foeEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Lo! all ready for the gathering God's great harvest standsEben E. Rexford (Author)24
Lo, I see a hill and upward Climbs One, weak and faintE. E. Rexford (Author)English4
Lo! the banner of the King Floating o'er the field todayEben E. Rexford (Author)4
Lo the harvest is white and the cryEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Long had he wandered farEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Lord of the lowly and the lostEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Lord, we pray thee, giveEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Make me a worker for Jesus, steadfast and earnest and trueEben E. Rexford (Author)24
Make thy dwelling in my heart, Christ who diedEben E. Rexford (Author)3
March on, march on, the battle is at handEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Marching, marching forth to meetEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Marching on to the landEben E. Rexford (Author)2
My boy, when they ask you to drinkEben E. Rexford (Author)3
My Father, this I ask of TheeEben E. Rexford (Author)24
My heart cries out when wearyEben E. Rexford (Author)2
My name is April, I have comeEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Neehovėstsė Tsenano'sene'tȧheoo'ėstsė JesusE. E. Rexford (Author)Cheyenne2
No day has had a dawningEben E. Rexford (Author)2
No night in heaven, but cloudless dayEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
No time for restng till work is doneEben E. Rexford (Author)English4
Nothing, nothing but the blood of JesusEben E. Rexford (Author)2
O blessed Jesus, in my sorrow callingEben E. Rexford (Author)2
O Christ our Master, we would sowEben E. Rexford (Author)2
O Christ, who died for sinnersEben E. Rexford (Author)2
O could I sing a song to touchEben E. Rexford (Author)2
O do some good deed every dayEben E. Rexford (Author)10
O friends, as journeying onwardEben E. Rexford (Author)4
O go and tell Jesus, my brotherEben E. Rexford (Author)2
O great, O awful judgment dayEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
O haste, the night is nearingEben E. Rexford (Author)3
O heil'ger tag von gott geweihtEben E. Rexford (Author)2
O hvor er de hoestfolk som tro vil herEben E. Rexford (Author)2
O it's grand to be a soldier in the army of the KingEben E. Rexford (Author)2
O Jesus, I love theeEben E. Rexford (Author)2
O let us be endeavorers to do the Master's willEben E. Rexford (Author)2
O love of Christ that faileth notE. E. Rexford (Author)English3
O my brother, danger lurketh In the wine cups wilesEben E. Rexford (Author)9
O my Father, rough and steepEben E. Rexford (Author)5
O ring, glad bells, ring loud and sweetEben E. Rexford (Author)English3
O Savior, come and walk with meEben E. Rexford (Author)3
O sing a song for May dayEben E. Rexford (Author)2
O sing, fellow soldiersEben E. Rexford (Author)4
O sinner, delay notEben E. Rexford (Author)3
O speak kind words to one and allE. E. Rexford (Author)3
O speak kind words, where'er you beEben E. Rexford (Author)5
O the cross of Christ, behold itEben E. Rexford (Author)4
O the golden sunset ferryEben E. Rexford (Author)2
O Thou our King, enthroned in realms on highEben E. Rexford (Author)English4
O thought so sweet with comfortEben E. Rexford (Author)2
O to win a soul for Jesus (Rexford)Eben E. Rexford (Author)2
O where are the reapers that garner inEben E. Rexford (Author)English102
O what a King, Behold he standsEben E. Rexford (Author)3
O where are you going, my brotherEben E. Rexford (Author)2
O why have you wandered so far from the right way? (Rexford)Eben E. Rexford (Author)English10
O, wo sind die Schnitter, die sammeln einEben E. Rexford (Author)German1
O wo sind die Schnitter im ErntefeldEben E. Rexford (Author)German4
O wondrous thought, Christ died for meEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
Of all God's tender promisesE. E. Rexford (Author)3
Of all the Bible storiesEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Oft schwebt, wenn stilles SehnenEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Often we sit down discouragedEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
O are there any words more sweet than theseEben E. Rexford (Author)2
O city of the angelsE. E. Rexford (Author)3
O sing on earth, for up in heavenEben E. Rexford (Author)3
O weary with transgressionE. E. Rexford (Author)2
O whither are you goingEben E. Rexford (Author)2
On Judea's starlit plainEben E. Rexford (Author)3
On leaves of stone our God made knownEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Once I was lost, and in darkness wanderedEben E. Rexford (Author)2
One of Christ's burden bearersEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Only a little way fartherEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Onward toward heavenEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Open the door of your heart today (Rexford)Eben E. Rexford (Author)2
Our praise to thee, O FatherE. E. Rexford (Author)3
Outward bound, to the landEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Over, over and over the callEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Over the river, oh, what is there?Eben E. Rexford (Author)18
Over the river the hills of the blestEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Over there what rest is waitingEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Praise the Lord for all his loving kindnessEben E. Rexford (Author)6
Pray brother pray discouraged never growEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Rally round the banner of our Savior KingEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Reich' die Helferhand, mein BruderEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Rejoice, for the wanderers are comingEben E. Rexford (Author)6
Rise up to labor, ye who sitEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Roads steep and stony our feet find to treadEben E. Rexford (Author)English6
Rouse up to work that waits for usEben E. Rexford (Author)9
Savior, bless meEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Say, little soldiers, who fight for the trueEben E. Rexford (Author)4
See, the hill is clad in snowEben E. Rexford (Author)2
See the light, sailors, the port is not farEben E. Rexford (Author)8
Set a glad song ringingEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Shall we sing in heaven's bright courtsEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Sing it, the love of the SaviorEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Soldier of Christ, art thou famished and wearyEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Some day earth's faithful onesEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Some day, we say, and turn our eyesEben E. Rexford (Author (attributed to))English2
Some earthly friendships fail usEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Something for Jesus, O, what shall it beEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Something's going to happenEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Sometime, God knoweth when, I'll seeEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
Sometimes a vision comes to meRev. E. Rexford (Author)3
Sometimes I hear strange musicEben E. Rexford (Author)9
Sometimes the mists of doubt and sinEben E. Rexford (Author)4
Soul, art thou faint and wearyEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
Soul, is the conflict deepeningEben E. Rexford (Author)4
Soul of the Christian, be happyEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Sow the good seed of the spiritEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Sow the good seed of the spirit God will send the rainEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
Speak a little word for JesusEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Speed away, speed away to the isles of the seaEben E. Rexford (Author)5
Speed the day, happy day, when our land shall be freeEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Stand up for Christ, my brotherEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Sweet little pansy, The winter is nearEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Swifter than a weaver's shuttleEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Tú que vagas en la tinieblasEben Eugene Rexford (Author)Spanish1
Tenderly, lovingly, calleth todayEben E. Rexford (Author)2
The bells are ringing clear and sweetEben E. Rexford (Author)2
The cross of Christ forever standsE. E. Rexford (Author)English3
The day had been dark and drearyEben E. Rexford (Author)3
The enemy is rallying fastEben E. Rexford (Author)4
The land is stirred by a great commotionEben E. Rexford (Author)2
The Master has need of brave hearts to do His biddingEben E. Rexford (Author)4
The soul from the kingdom of darknessEben E. Rexford (Author)2
The tide of Jesus' mighty loveEben E. Rexford (Author)2
The twilight's fairy fingersEben E. Rexford (Author)3
The way leads home wherein I treadEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
The way that leads us heavenwardEben E. Rexford (Author)7
The world is stirred by the pomp of warE. E. Rexford (Author)2
There are hills beyond the valley where the river glideth byEben E. Rexford (Author)7
There are times when a word just a friendly wordEben E. Rexford (Author)3
There are times when we grow wearyEben E. Rexford (Author)2
There is a narrow way that leadsEben E. Rexford (Author)3
There is a song I love to sing, About the Eden HillsE. E. Rexford (Author)3
There is gladness up in heavenEben E. Rexford (Author)2
There is no friend like Jesus, so loving, kind and trueEben E. Rexford (Author)5
There is only one way of salvationE. E. Rexford (Author)11
There's a beautiful land o'er the ocean of timeEben E. Rexford (Author)3
There's a better day approachingEben E. Rexford (Author)2
There's a mighty warfare wagingEben E. Rexford (Author)2
There's a question we must settleEben E. Rexford (Author)6
There's a river that runs toward the shoreless seaEben E. Rexford (Author)English4
There's a song I love to sing when my heart is sadEben E. Rexford (Author)3
There's a song that I hope I shall hear some dayEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
There's a story old of a Christ who diedEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
There's never a day so dreary that it has no hint of sunEben E. Rexford (Author)3
They brought their gifts to JesusEben E. Rexford (Author)15
They tell of a Christ who on CalvaryEben E. Rexford (Author)2
They tell us of a happy landEben E. Rexford (Author)2
This Easter morning let us raiseEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
Though sorrows come aboutEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Though faith to move mountainsEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Though the road is rough and the hills are steepEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Through the dark and silent forestsEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Through the green pastures, by the still watersEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
Through the mists of night is shiningEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Throw open wide the windowsE. E. Rexford (Author)9
'Tis a sweet and wonderful storyEben E. Rexford (Author)2
To and fro our hands are swingingEben E. Rexford (Author)2
To weary hearts the promises of GodEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Traían en silencio presentes al SeñorEben E. Rexford (Author)Spanish2
Traveling on in the path that the Savior trodEben E. Rexford (Author)English5
'Twill not be long before the night is overEben E. Rexford (Author)4
Vi ofte her betagesEben E. Rexford (Author)Norwegian2
Waiteth the golden harvestEben E. Rexford (Author)7
Watched by the eye that never sleepsEben E. Rexford (Author)2
We are a band of workers for JesusEben E. Rexford (Author)4
We are loyal Christian soldiers in the army of the KingEben E. Rexford (Author)2
We are sailing o'er an ocean To a far and foreign shoreEben E. Rexford (Author)12
We are soldiers in an armyE. E. Rexford (Author)1
We are soldiers in the army (Rexford)Eben E. Rexford (Author)2
We are soldiers in the army that is bound at last to winEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
We are workers for the MasterEben E. Rexford (Author)2
We come with blossomEben E. Rexford (Author)2
We read in the dear old chaptersEben E. Rexford (Author)2
We shall not weep in heavenEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Weary pilgrim, go to JesusEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Welcome, happy voicesEben E. Rexford (Author)2
What shall be the tribute that today we bringEben E. Rexford (Author)2
What word in all God's promisesEben E. Rexford (Author)3
When a wandering one comes backEben E. Rexford (Author)English3
When I am bowed with griefEben E. Rexford (Author)2
When I am worn and wearyEben E. Rexford (Author)2
When I get home to Father's landEben E. Rexford (Author)2
When I read the dear old story of the cross and CalvaryEben E. Rexford (Author)14
When I was wandering far in the paths of sinEben E. Rexford (Author)4
When our earthly life is endedEben E. Rexford (Author)1
When tempests rise aboutEben E. Rexford (Author)2
When the battle trumpet calls forthEben E. Rexford (Author)2
When the Bridegroom cometh, At dawn, or dark of dayEben E. Rexford (Author)3
When the day is stormyE. E. Rexford (Author)3
When the friends we have trusted forsake usEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
When the ills of life beset meEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
When the path I am treading is rough and steepEben E. Rexford (Author)English2
When the path of life has led meEben E. Rexford (Author)2
When the way is rough and steepEben E. Rexford (Author)4
When trials come as come they willEben E. Rexford (Author)2
When up in heaven the angels singEben E. Rexford (Author)4
When we get over the riverEben E. Rexford (Author)3
When we grow weary and the way looks darkEben E. Rexford (Author)6
While life's summer days go byEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Who knows what dangers mayEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Willie brought his little BibleEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Wonderful, wonderful Jesus bore Calvary's cross for meEben E. Rexford (Author)12
Work on work on no time for restingEben E. Rexford (Author)3
Would you be saved, then why not comeEben E. Rexford (Author)5
Would you like a home in heavenEben E. Rexford (Author)2
Ye who wander of sin grown wearyEben E. Rexford (Author)38
You think I am poorEben E. Rexford (Author)2

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