John H. Sammis

Short Name: John H. Sammis
Full Name: Sammis, John H. (John Henry), 1846-1919
Birth Year: 1846
Death Year: 1919

John H. Sammis was born in Brooklyn. He moved to Logansport, Indiana when ye was 22, where he was converted to Christianity. He was active in the Y.M.C.A., serving as secretary for the Terre Haute Association and later becoming State Secretary. After this, he studied at Lane and McCormack seminaries and was ordained in the Presbyterian church at Glidden, Iowa. He also pastored churches in Indianapolis, Grand Haven, MI, Red Wing and St. Paul, Minn. In 1909 he became associated with the Los Angeles Bible Institute. He wrote more that 100 hymns.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

Texts by John H. Sammis (74)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
إن تبعنا الحبيبJohn H. Sammis (Author)Arabic2
“A little while,”—be brave, be strongJ. H. Sammis (Author)2
Aia hele kakou, Me ka Haku, IesuRev. J. H. Sammis (Author)Hawaiian3
Al andar con JesúsJ. H. Sammis (Author)Spanish2
Awanto ti ulepJohn H. Sammis (Author)Tagalog2
Be strong, my soul, to will and doJohn Henry Sammis (Author)2
Be up, my soul, and doingJ. H. Sammis (Author)6
Boatman, my spirit is yearningRev. J. H. Sammis (Author)2
By grace redeemed through thy bloodJ. H. Sammis (Author)4
By thine eye, O God, all seekingRev. J. H. Sammis (Author)5
Come, Holy Spirit, and anewJ. H. Sammis (Author)4
Come, thou apart and rest awhileJ. H. Sammis (Author)3
Cuando andamos con DiosJohn H. Sammis (Author)Spanish2
Cuando andemos con Dios escuchando su vozJ. H. Sammis (Author)Spanish4
當我與主同行 (Dāng wǒ yǔ zhǔ tóngxíng)John H. Sammis (Author)Chinese2
Em Jesus confiar, suas leis observarJohn Henry Sammis (Author)Portuguese2
Father, heavenly Father, unto thee we cryJ. H. Sammis (Author)3
Father in Thy love draw near usJohn H. Sammis (Author)2
Father, my feeble faith takes holdJ. H. Sammis (Author)2
Friend saloonist, I'm a-thinkin'John Henry Sammis (Author)2
Gnadengrund, mein bestes TeilJ. H. Sammis (Author)German2
Go tell it to Jesus, go tell him thy woeJohn Henry Sammis (Author)3
Great things the Lord has done for meJohn Henry Sammis (Author)4
Have you heard of the wonderful storyJohn Henry Sammis (Author)3
I am going home in the good old wayJ. H. Sammis (Author)3
I have found the living fountainJ. H. Sammis (Author)2
I have toiled for gold in the heat and coldJ. H. Sammis (Author)3
It is written in the Book, Hallelujah!J. H. Sammis (Author)6
It’s all of Grace; though marred by sinJ. H. Sammis (Author)3
Let Jesus have his wayJ. H. Sammis (Author)4
Let us live while we live, for the good we can doJ. H. Sammis (Author)2
Lord, hear our prayer (Sammis)J. H. Sammis (Author)2
Mahvesevotsė JesusJohn H. Sammis (Author)Cheyenne2
My boy, the wide world is before youJ. H. Sammis (Author)3
My weary soul for rest and shelterJohn H. Sammis (Author)2
Naar vi vandrer med GudJ. H. Sammis (Author)Norwegian2
Now to the Lord our God upraiseJ. H. Sammis (Author)2
O du, der auf dem breiten WegJohn Henry Sammis (Author)German1
O soul on worldly pleasures bentJ. H. Sammis (Author)3
O where will you be when eternity dawnsJ. H. Sammis (Author)3
O wonderful, wonderful graceJ. H. Sammis (Author)4
Of all the woes recorded by seer or prophet dreadJ. H. Sammis (Author)2
Oh, how blest is the man unto whom He hath saidRev. J. H. Sammis (Author)2
On Calvary my Savior diedJ. H. Sammis (Author)English7
Once afar from home I wanderedJ. H. Sammis (Author)2
Para andar con JesúsJohn Sammis (Author)Spanish3
Pardon in Jesus, my brotherJ. H. Sammis (Author)5
Plead with the God of loveJ. H. Sammis (Author)3
Saved by grace alone, God's own Word believingJ. H. Sammis (Author)15
Savior, but for love like ThineJohn H. Sammis (Author)English2
Sieh im heil'gen BibelbuchJ. H. Sammis (Author)German2
Soldiers of the Living GodJohn H. Sammis (Author)2
The life I lived was low and meanJ. H. Sammis (Author)3
There are friends beloved in gloryRev. J. H. Sammis (Author)3
There is only one way to get right with GodJ. H. Sammis (Author)3
Thou blessed Lord Jesus, my treasure divineJ. H. Sammis (Author)3
To thee, who from the narrow roadJ. H. Sammis (Author)12
Today, today the Father waitsRev. J. H. Sammis (Author)2
Trust and obey, for there's no other wayRev. J. H. Sammis (Author)2
Was braucht mein Herz voll Sorge sein?J. H. Sammis (Author)German2
Wayward feet are homeward turningRev. J. H. Sammis (Author)2
We all like sheep have gone astray, We've turned us eachJ. H. Sammis (Author)6
We are one with the Son, reckoned holy as HeJ. H. Sammis (Author)2
We know not yet what we shall be, Though now the sons of GodRev. J. H. Sammis (Author)3
Wenn auf Jesum wir schau'nJohn H. Sammis (Author)German1
Wenn wir wandelin mit GottJohn H. Sammis (Author)German1
Wer dem Heiland gehörtRev. J. H. Sammis (Author)German2
Wer dem Heiland still lauschtJ. H. Sammis (Author)1
What a change that will beJ. H. Sammis (Author)2
What were we when mercy found usJ. H. Sammis (Author)4
When the night comes on and the work is doneJ. H. Sammis (Author)4
When we walk with the LordRev. J. H. Sammis (Author)English397
Why should I charge my soul with careJ. H. Sammis (Author)37
Ye sons of men to you we bringJohn Henry Sammis (Author)3
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