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M. E. Servoss

Short Name: M. E. Servoss
Full Name: Servoss, M. E. (Mary Elizabeth) 1849-1906
Birth Year: 1849
Death Year: 1906

Servoss, M. E. Hymns by this writer are in I. D. Sankey's Sacred Songs & Solos, 1881. (1) “Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice" (Joy in the Redeemer); and (2) "When the storms of life are raging" (Refuge in God). Another, "'Tis Jesus when the burdened heart" (Jesus, the Sinner's Friend), is in the Sunday School Union Voice of Praise, 1887. Miss Servoss was born at Schenectady, near New York.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by M. E. Servoss (105)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A ship comes over the sea of timeMary E. Servoss (Author)6
A song, a song for JesusM. E. Servoss (Author)3
Across life's rugged mountainsM. E. Servoss (Author)5
All the way home, all the way homeMary E. Servoss (Author)2
Always ready for the comingMary E. Servoss (Author)4
Amid the deep valleys of anguishM. E. Servoss (Author)7
As the lightning's bright flash in the eastern horizonMrs. M. E. Servoss (Author)English3
Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, All ye that are upright in heartMary Elizabeth Servoss, 1849-1906 (Author)English7
Be not afraid, 'twas Jesus spokeMary E. Servoss (Author)2
Beyond the rolling billowsM. E. Servoss (Author)4
Come up higher, till the FatherMary E. Servoss (Author)3
Come with bright garlandsMary E. Servoss (Author)3
Faithful is he that calleth theeMary E. Servoss (Author)2
Fight the good fight, Christian soldierMary E. Servoss (Author)3
Floating on between the shadowsM. C. Servoss (Author)5
From the north and the southM. E. Servoss (Author)2
From the windy storm and tempestM. E. Servoss (Author)2
Full many, many years have passedMary E. Servoss (Author)5
Gently as the wind of autumnMary E. Servoss (Author)5
Give thanks unto God, who is able and willingMary E. Servoss (Author)7
Happy in God's sunlightMary E. Servoss (Author)5
Have you felt a Savior's loveM. E. Servoss (Author)2
He spake in the cloudy pillarMary E. Servoss (Author)2
He whose word hath never beenM. E. Servoss (Author)2
Hear ye now the gladsome tidingsM. E. Servoss (Author)5
Hoping in Jesus, hoping in JesusM. E. Servoss (Author)5
How blindly some have waitedMary E. Servoss (Author)2
Hur 'n lifvets stormar rasaMary E. Servoss (Author)3
I am coming, gentle SaviorMary E. Servoss (Author)4
I have found a rest completeM. E. Servoss (Author)5
I know not the hour of his coming, I know not the dayMary E. Servoss (Author)2
I know the great RedeemerMary E. Servoss (Author)2
If with sin you're overcastM. E. Servoss (Author)2
In the garden of the LordMary E. Servoss (Author)2
In the journey of life there are dutiesM. E. Servoss (Author)5
In the morning lit landMary E. Servoss (Author)2
Into his rest, how the heartMary E. Servoss (Author)2
It may be He'll come in the morningM. E. Servoss (Author)2
Jesus loves the little children (Servoss)Mary E. Servoss (Author)3
Jesus only, when the sinful heartMary E. Servoss (Author)3
Journeying homeward, we joyously singM. E. Servoss (Author)2
Lift up the gates of praiseM. E. Servoss (Author)English27
Like the lily of the valleyMary E. Servoss (Author)2
Like the lily of the valley In their beauty pure and sweetMary E. Servoss (Author)2
Mid the mire and clayMary E. Servoss (Author)2
Naar at livets storme raserM. G. Servoss (Author)Norwegian2
Naar st'rk Livets Storme raseMary E. Servoss (Author)2
No pearly gate on hingeMary E. Servoss (Author)2
Not far from the kingdom, The gates open wideMary E. Servoss (Author)2
O city of beauty, I long to beholdMary E. Servoss (Author)6
O holy word with reverent handsM. E. Servoss (Author)5
O lasst uns mit Jauchzen erhebenMary E. Servoss (Author)German1
O lift up your voices in songMiss M. E. Servoss (Author)2
O meu coração sofredor descanso seguro encontrouMary Elizabeth Servoss (Author)Portuguese2
O morning land of sunshineMary E. Servoss (Author)2
O sing ye morning stars, rejoiceMary E. Servoss (Author)2
O ye who would journey to Canaan's landMary E. Servoss (Author)3
O Zion acclaim your RedeemerMary Elizabeth Servoss, 1849-190 (Author)2
O be earnest, friends, be earnestM. E. Servoss (Author)2
Our God is our refuge and strengthMary E. Servoss (Author)2
Out on the mountain the tempestMary E. Servoss (Author)2
Patiently enduring as the daysMiss. M. E. Servoss (Author)2
Peace on earth the angels sangMary E. Servoss (Author)2
Quench not the spirit, turn not awayM. E. Servoss (Author)3
Rejoice, rejoice, for Jesus reignsM. E. Servoss (Author)12
Rock of my refugeMary E. Servoss (Author)2
Shall desolation always rule throughout our nativelandM. E. Servoss (Author)2
Sing how the angels came by nightM. E. Servoss (Author)2
Tenderly and reassuringM. E. Servoss (Author)3
The Christian army stands arrayedMary E. Servoss (Author)3
The conflict is ragingM. E. Servoss (Author)3
The door of salvation is open wideM. E. Servoss (Author)7
The fields are white for harvest, the reaper's work is begunMary E. Servoss (Author)2
The glad bells of temperanceMary E. Servoss (Author)2
Then make us humble, LordMary E. Servoss (Author)2
There are pain prisoned soulsMary E. Servoss (Author)2
There was rest, sweet restMary E. Servoss (Author)2
There's a tide of anguish rollsMary E. Servoss (Author)3
Though long my feet have wanderedM. E. Servoss (Author)3
'Tis Jesus when the burdened heartMary E. Servoss (Author)12
'Tis sweet to know that Jesus hearsMary E. Servoss (Author)3
To the children of God there remaineth a restMary E. Servoss (Author)3
'Twas only a sinnerM. E. Servoss (Author)2
Unto the shining hills of GodMary E. Servoss (Author)2
Waiting for his coming, toiling as I waitMrs. M. E. Servoss (Author)5
Waiting for Jesus, and working while I waitMary E. Servoss (Author)4
We are going on a journey to a countryM. E. Servoss (Author)2
We are going on a journey to a country bright and fair,M. E. Servoss (Author)2
We sing of the days that have passed awayMary E. Servoss (Author)3
We will sweetly sing on the golden shoreM. E. Servoss (Author)7
Wenn des Lebens Stürme tosenMiss M. E. Servoss (Author)German4
We're trying to gatherMary E. Servoss (Author)2
What means this glorious radianceMary E. Servoss (Author)English5
Whatever the battles of lifeM. E. Servoss (Author)4
When a heart is wearyMary E. Servoss (Author)3
When mothers brought their childrenMary E. Servoss (Author)4
When the clouds hang darkly o'er usMary E. Servoss (Author)2
When the drunkards who reel in our streets todayMary E. Servoss (Author)2
When the glorious bells areMary E. Servoss (Author)2
When the storms of life are raging, Tempests wild on sea and landMary E. Servoss (Author)51
When toil alongM. E. Servoss (Author)2
When with earthly conflictsMary E. Servoss (Author)3
Why should I wait, when Jesus is callingM. E. Servoss (Author)3
Why should we be discouragedMary E. Servoss (Author)3
Within thy gates of peace, O city fair to seeMary E. Servoss (Author)3
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