Mattie B. Shannon

Short Name: Mattie B. Shannon
Full Name: Shannon, Mattie B. (Mattie Bayly), 1885-
Birth Year: 1885
Death Year (est.): 1980

Used pseudonym Martha Bayly

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Are you willing to serve wheresoever He will?Mattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
There's a word of wondrous beautyMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Though hard be the task that the day's work may bringMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Time cannot weaken the chain I wearMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
A call is sounding over the wayMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
All our life is like an errand trueMattie B. Shannon (Author)3
All our Savior's goodness showingMattie B. Shannon (Author)3
All the way God sees my pathMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
Angels of Bethlehem singMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
As a sign of heavenly mercyMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
At the happy ChristmasMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
Awake to praise, ye peopleMattie B. Shannon (Author)English3
Christ Jesus is all sufficientMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
Clouds with rain for the meadowsMattie B. Shannon (Author)3
Come and praise the Lord of earth and heavenMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Come ye, come ye in thy youth, Seek the Savior, walk in the ways of truthMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Come ye, join the joyful strainMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Daily do we plead to Christ the SaviorMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
Disturbed by care, by burdens pressedMattie B. Shannon (Author)3
Do I know the love JesusMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
Easter brings a blessed lightMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Ever we hear a challenge callMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Every little blossomMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
Far across the waters, Over life's deep seaMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Father above, reigning in loveMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Father in heaven, bless Thy little childrenMattie B. Shannon (Author)English1
Fisherman brothers by far eastern watersMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
God has prov'd His love unendingMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Great is the heavenly blessingMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Hark, the bells, glad Easter bellsMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
Hear, O Lord, thy children's prayerMartha Bayly (Author)2
Hear the queer, queer ticking of my great big clockMattie B. Shannon (Author)3
Heaven holds much of joyMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
Holy book of truth divineMartha Bayly (Author)2
How do I know I love the Christ my SaviorMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds In a believer's earMattie B. Shannon (Author (Chorus))English1
How sweet the praise that silently is givenMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
How sweet the song within my heartMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
I am safe in the Savior's keepingMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
I loved him that day when in bondage completeMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
I wonder if all of the lambsMattie B. Shannon (Author)1
In my heart is a spark of holy fireMattie B. Shannon (Author)English5
In the brightness of the mornMattie B. Shannon (Author)3
In the service of our Lord (Shannon)Mattie B. Shannon (Author)2
It seems such a wonderful thingMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
I've a guest most precious in my lifeMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Jesus called the childrenMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
Jesus now our Teacher beMattie B. Shannon (Author)1
Jesus, thou dost loveMattie B. Shannon (Author)1
Jesus walked the paths of strife and mourningMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
Lift your heart in glad rejoicingMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
Light is the burden I bear for the KingMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Like knights of old in their armor cladMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Little snowflakes white (Shannon)Mattie B. Shannon (Author)1
Marching ever onward with our news of cheerMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
May our deeds proclaim Thy loveMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
May our hearts be ever praisingMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
My Father who loveth his childrenMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
O bells of peace, forever chimeMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
O bring your service true to JesusMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
O, every little sunbeamMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
O firm is our faith in JesusMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
O wondrous blessing, human souls possessingMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Our God is near, this cheering wordMattie B. Shannon (Author)3
Out in the fields, in the meadows fairMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
Savior, who sought the lost and loneMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
See these Christmas stockingsMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
Serving with ChristMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
Softly the accents ringMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Softly we hear Christ's message, sweet and clearMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Somebody told the sweet story to youMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Someone amid the highways where we dwellMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Sweet is the hallowed blessingMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
The bells of the temple now ringMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
The children of the great, wide worldMattie B. Shannon (Author)1
The church bells are ringing so sweetly todayMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
The earth reveals his loveMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
The fishermen beside the seaMartha Bayly (Author)2
The light of dawn with splendor now tints the shadowed skyMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
The little children of the worldMattie B. Shannon (Author)1
The Lord has blessed in ages pastMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
There is a place for youMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
There was a captive maidMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
There's a call to worship clear and sweetMattie B. Shannon (Author)English4
There's a challenge ringing round the world todayMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
There's a message from the clockMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
There's a sacred word now ringingMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
There's a scene we always must rememberMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
There's a song my heart is singing, O so joyouslyMattie B. Shannon (Author)3
There's a song of wondrous beautyMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
There's a task that only you may renderMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
These words of the SaviorMattie B. Shannon (Author)3
This is a beautiful worldMartha Bayly (Author)2
Though our future is unknownMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
Thy serving hands, upraised in blessingMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
To live to help others, may this be my prayerMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
Tribute we render, King whom we ownMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
We bowed neath the weight of the sorrowMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
We can tell a story (Shannon)Mattie B. Shannon (Author)2
We cannot know God's future planMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
We gladly lift our songsMattie Shannon (Author)1
We have a gift for ChristMattie Shannon (Author)1
We have a message over thereMattie B. Shannon (Author)1
We have heard the Savior's voiceMattie B. Shannon (Author)3
We know the greatness of our LordMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
We look at the sky at ChristmasHattie B. Shannon (Author)2
We thank thee, dear Father (Shanon)Mattie B. Shannon (Author)2
We will give to Christ the King gifts of loveMattie B. Shannon (Author)3
We'll be happy workersMattie B. Shannon (Author)3
We'll come to the templeMattie B. Shannon (Author)1
What a joy to walk the upward wayMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
What are the snowflakesMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
When dark is my path and drearyMattie B. Shannon (Author)English2
When the burden of your sorrowMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
When the cross that God my Father givesMattie B. Shannon (Author)English3
When the darkness lies O'er the shadowed skiesMattie B. Shannon (Author)4
Whispering so softly, hearMattie B. Shannon (Author)1
Whither thou goest, O Christ my LordMattie B. Shannon (Author)2
With happy hearts we joinMattie B. Shannon (Author)2

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