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Henry Thomas Smart
Short Name: Henry Thomas Smart
Full Name: Smart, Henry Thomas, 1813-1879
Birth Year: 1813
Death Year: 1879

Henry Smart (b. Marylebone, London, England, 1813; d. Hampstead, London, 1879), a capable composer of church music who wrote some very fine hymn tunes (REGENT SQUARE, 354, is the best-known).

Smart gave up a career in the legal profession for one in music. Although largely self taught, he became proficient in organ playing and composition, and he was a music teacher and critic. Organist in a number of London churches, including St. Luke's, Old Street (1844-1864), and St. Pancras (1864-1869), Smart was famous for his extemporiza­tions and for his accompaniment of congregational singing. He became completely blind at the age of fifty-two, but his remarkable memory enabled him to continue playing the organ. Fascinated by organs as a youth, Smart designed organs for impor­tant places such as St. Andrew Hall in Glasgow and the Town Hall in Leeds. He composed an opera, oratorios, part-songs, some instrumental music, and many hymn tunes, as well as a large number of works for organ and choir. He edited the Choralebook (1858), the English Presbyterian Psalms and Hymns for Divine Worship (1867), and the Scottish Presbyterian Hymnal (1875). Some of his hymn tunes were first published in Hymns Ancient and Modern (1861).

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Tunes by Henry Thomas Smart (67)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ASHGROVEH. Smart (Composer)2
Barnby's Hymnary, Tune 620Henry Smart (1812-1879) (Composer)255365 54211 253
BETHANY (Mason)Henry Thomas Smart, 1813-1879 (Composer)132116 65132 32116
BETHANY (Smart)Henry Smart (Composer)10536531 21765 13543
BETHESDA (Smart)H. Smart (Composer)2
BLACKBURN (Smart)Henry Smart (1812-1879) (Composer)2
[Chant] (Smart 53651)H. Smart, 1813-70 (Composer)253651 76545 23145
[Chant] (Smart 55551)H. Smart, 1813-70 (Composer)255551 72132 26643
[Chant)] (Smart 53143)Henry Thomas Smart (Composer)1553143 67125 56277
CHEBARH. Smart (Composer)453143 65144 323
COLDREYHenry Thomas Smart (Composer)417156 65351 32117
COLEBROOKHenry Smart (1812-1879) (Composer)334326 543
ETHNOLHenry Smart, 1813-1879 (Composer)151765 64534 51432
CORDE NATUS, NO. 2 (Smart)Henry Thomas Smart (Composer)212354 66515 34562
DESIRE (Smart)Henry Thomas Smart (Composer)411432 51223 33456
DOXOLOGY (Smart)Henry Smart (Composer)3
EDINBURGH (Smart)Henry Thomas Smart, 1813-1879 (Composer)315531 66551 17653
EVENTIDE (Smart)Henry Smart (Composer)8
EVERTON (Smart)Henry Smart (Composer)3234516 71545 31222
[Faint not, fear not, God is near thee]Henry Smart (Composer)333536 55427 13542
FAITH (Smart)Henry Thomas Smart, 1813-1879 (Composer)256651 76543 32154
GENOA (Smart)Henry Smart, 1813-1879 (Composer)2
GORDON (Smart)Henry Smart, 1813 - 79 (Composer)355513 46512 4323
TUNE 174 (Smart)Henry Thomas Smart, 1813-1879 (Composer)453162 17143 25176
HEATHLANDS (Smart)Henry Thomas Smart (Composer)5651756 65423 45432
IRBYHenry T. Smart (Composer)157111 71221 13533
[Chant] (Smart 53217)Henry Smart (Composer)253217 32141 72112
KEARNSHenry Smart (1812-1879) (Composer)3
LANCASHIREHenry Thomas Smart (Composer)37055346 53114 56255
SICILIAN MARINERSHenry Smart (Composer)156543 45654 35567
MARYTONHenry P. Smart (Composer)133343 22255 43117
MISERICORDIAHenry Smart, 1813-1879 (Composer)2432143 66557 12314
MOREDUNHenry Smart, 1813-1879 (Composer)935234 56543 21543
MOSELEY (Smart)Henry Smart (Composer)2512346 56453 12531
NACHTLIEDHenry Thomas Smart (Composer)3733343 65123 25436
NEALE (Smart)Henry Smart (1812-1879) (Composer)3
NOMINAHenry Smart, 1813-1879 (Composer)4
[Chant] (Smart 35717)Henry Smart, 1813-70 (Composer)335717 61217 1
[Chant] (Smart 15654)Henry Smart, 1813-79 (Composer)315654 34321
SOUTHAMPTON (Smart)Henry Smart (Composer)255365 67123 17652
PALMS (Smart)H. Smart (Composer)2
PARADISE (Smart)Henry Smart, 1813-1879 (Composer)1635321 17712 3453
PILGRIMS (Smart)Henry Thomas Smart (Composer)10835432 12343 25176
REGENT SQUARE (Smart)Henry Smart (Composer)55253153 21566 51432
REX GLORIAE (Smart)Henry Smart (Composer)6715123 43251 23432
ROXBURGHHenry Thomas Smart, 1813-1879 (Composer)251127 51234 43352
SALEM (Smart)Henry Smart (1812-1879) (Composer)2
REFUGE (Smart)Henry Smart (Composer)532114 32543 26713
SERAPHIMHenry Thomas Smart (Composer)432436 54317 65676
SIONHenry Smart (Composer)4755321 51125 35532
SONG 67Henry Smart, 1813 - 1879 (Arranger)1215345 66551 67761
SPIELBERGHenry T. Smart (Composer)251534 51665 51321
ST. LEONARD (Smart)Henry Smart (Composer)2955365 67123 17652
ST. PANCRAS (Smart)Henry Smart (Composer)1217153 432
SUNDERLANDHenry Thomas Smart (Composer)553135 16515 42536
TE DEUM LAUDAMUS (Smart)Hanry Smart (Composer)1
[The Lord is my Shepherd, I never shall want]Henry Smart (Composer)351345 53665 4445
THE SUN IS SINKING FAST (Smart)Henry Smart (1812-1879) (Composer)3
TRANSFIGURATION (Smart)Henry Smart, 1813-1879 (Composer)2
TRISAGIONHenry Thomas Smart (Composer)1955653 21223 32154
TROY (Smart)Henry Smart, 1813-1879 (Composer)2
CUM NUBIBUSHenry Smart, 1812-1879 (Composer)8
VEXILLUMHenry Smart (Composer)834551 53452 31235
[We praise thee, O God, we acknowledge thee to be the Lord]Henry Smart (Composer)355665 35443 45432
SMARTHenry Smart (Composer)315135 43234 56233
[Why, most Highest, art Thou lying] (55651)Henry Smart (Composer)155651 23453 21
[Zion stands with hills surrounded]Henry Smart (Composer)2

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