Pablo D. Sosa

Short Name: Pablo D. Sosa
Full Name: Sosa, Pablo D.
Birth Year: 1933
Death Year: 2020

Pablo Sosa (b. 1933 - d. 2020) grew up and was educated in Argentina, the U.S. (Westminster Choir College), and Germany. For years he pastored a large Methodist congregation in Buenos Aires, Argentina while composing songs, leading choirs, editing hymnals, producing religious broadcasts, and teaching liturgy and hymnology at a seminary.

Meanwhile, life in Argentina pushed him to question his assumptions about what’s best for congregational singing. During Argentina’s “dirty war,” two young women from his church were disappeared, possibly for working among the poor. As Catholic and Protestant churches hesitated whether to speak out, remain silent, or support the government, many people lost faith. Economic meltdown after the war plunged many middle-class Argentinians into poverty. Sosa’s growing social awareness widened his vision for “lifting up hope with a song.” He often describes worship as “the fiesta of the faithful,” where all are welcome and all music is seen as “part of the ‘song of the earth,’ which answers the psalmist’s call ‘Sing joyfully to God, all the earth!’ (Psalm 98:4).”

Whether in his home church, Iglesia Evangélica Metodista La Tercera (Third Methodist Church) in Buenos Aires, or at churches or conferences around the world, he urges people, “Put your body into worship!” And he reminds them of the biblical connection between justice and worship.

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Texts by Pablo D. Sosa (34)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A tí venimos Dios bueno y santoPablo D. Sosa (Translator)Spanish2
Abranme las puertas de la justicia (Open the doors of true justice and mercy)Pablo D. Sosa (Author)Spanish, English2
Alabemos al SeñorPablo Sosa (Translator)Spanish2
Ábranme las puertas de la justiciaPablo D. Sosa (Author)Spanish2
Cristo vive, fuere el llanto (Christ is risen, Christ is living)Pablo D. Sosa, b. 1933 (Author)English, Spanish1
Con amor y gratitudPablo D. Sosa (Translator)Spanish3
Cristo vive, fuera el llantoPablo D. Sosa, b. 1933 (Author)Spanish1
Deus chama a gente pra'um momento novo (In this new moment we can hear God calling)Pablo D. Sosa (Translator (Spanish))English, Portuguese, Spanish2
Dios hizo al agua cristalinaPablo D. Sosa (Translator)Spanish2
Dios hoy nos llama a un momento nuevoPablo Sosa (Translator)Spanish4
Dios, que hizo el marP. D. Sosa (Translator)Spanish2
¡El cielo canta alegría! ¡Aleluya!Pablo Sosa, b. 1933 (Author)Spanish8
El sol que se apaga apenas encendido (Sun that fades to darkness barely after dawning)Pablo D. Sosa, n. 1933 (Author)English, Spanish2
Gloria, gloria gloria en las alturas a DiosPablo Sosa (Author)Spanish1
Glory, glory, glory glory be to God on high (Gloria, gloria, gloria)Pablo Sosa (Author)English, Spanish4
Heaven is singing for joy (El cielo canta alegria)Pablo Sosa, b. 1933 (Author)English13
Si tuvieras fe (If you only had faith]Pablo Sosa (Translator (English))English, Spanish5
La bendición del Dios de Sara, Abraham y Agar (The God of Sarah, Hagar, and of Abraham)Pablo Sosa, n. 1933 (Translator (Española))English, Spanish3
Lo mortal esté en silencioP. D. Sosa (Translator)Spanish2
Look at how good it is (Miren que bueno es)Pablo Sosa (Author)English, Spanish4
Miren qué bueño es cuando los creyentes están juntosPablo D. Sosa (Author)Spanish5
Miren qué bueno es cuando los hermanos están juntos (How good it is when brothers dwell in peace together)Pablo Sosa (Author and Translator (into English))English, Spanish14
¡Miren qué bueno qué bueno es! (O look and wonder, how good it is!]Pablo Sosa (Author)English, Spanish2
Many are the lightbeamsPablo D. Sosa (b. 1933) (Translator)English2
Muchos resplandores, sólo una luzPablo Sosa (Translator)Spanish4
Open, now, open the doorways of justice! (Ábranme las puertas de la justicia)Pablo Sosa (Author)English, Spanish5
Que esta iglesia sea un árbol en el fondo de tu casa (May this church be like a tree behind your house, there in your garden)Pablo D. Sosa, n. 1933 (Author)English, Spanish2
Quien quiera frente al malP. D. Sosa (Translator)Spanish3
Tua Palavra na vidaPablo Sosa (Translator (Spanish))Portuguese1
Tuyo es el Reino, tuyo el poderPablo Sosa (Author)Spanish2
Un poco después del presentePablo D. Sosa (trad. del portugués)Spanish3
Un poco después del presente (A little beyond this our time)Pablo D. Sosa, n. 1933 (Translator (Spanish))English, Spanish6
Vai com Deus!Pablo Sosa (Translator (Spanish))Portuguese1
[Yours Is the Kingdom]Pablo Sosa (Author)English2
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