Pablo D. Sosa

Pablo D. Sosa
Short Name: Pablo D. Sosa
Full Name: Sosa, Pablo D.

Pablo Sosa (b. 1933), born in Chivilcoy, Argentina, but residing now in Buenos Aires. A Methodist pastor, Mr. Sosa studied theology at ISEDET and church music at Westminster Choir College (Princeton), the Hochschule für Musik (Berlin) and Union Theological Seminary’s School of Sacred Music (New York). He has served as a professor at ISEDET and at the National Conservatory of Music in Buenos Aires.

Mr. Sosa is known for his leadership in ecumenical activities worldwide, including assemblies of the World Council of Churches, ecumenical base communities, United Methodist Global Gatherings and Women’s Assemblies. His workshops have taken him to many corners of the earth and his compositions appear in a wide variety of hymnals and global song collections throughout the world. As the editor of Cántico Nuevo and Cancionero Abierto (“Open Songbook”), a project begun in 1974, he has done more than perhaps any other person to foster the composition of Spanish-language hymnody.

Texts by Pablo D. Sosa (19)sort descendingAsInstances
Abranme las puertas de la justicia (Open the doors of true justice and mercy)Pablo D. Sosa (Author)2
Cristo vive, fuere el llanto (Christ is risen, Christ is living)Pablo D. Sosa, b. 1933 (Author)1
Cristo vive, fuera el llantoPablo D. Sosa, b. 1933 (Author)1
Dios hoy nos llama a un momento nuevoPablo Sosa (Translator)3
¡El cielo canta alegría! ¡Aleluya!Pablo Sosa (Author)7
Glory, glory, glory glory be to God on high (Gloria, gloria, gloria)Pablo Sosa (Author)4
Heaven is singing for joy (El cielo canta alegria)Pablo Sosa (Author)7
Miren qué bueno es cuando los hermanos están juntos (How pleasant and harmonious when God's people are together)Pablo Sosa (Author)5
If you only had faith (Si tuvieras fe)Pablo Sosa (Translator (English))2
La bendición del Dios de Sara, Abraham y Agar (The God of Sarah, Hagar, and of Abraham)Pablo Sosa, n. 1933 (Translator (Española))2
Look at how good it is (Miren que bueno es)Pablo Sosa (Author)4
Miren qué bueño es cuando los creyentes están juntosPablo Sosa (Author)3
Miren qué bueno es (How good it is when brothers)Pablo Sosa, b. 1933 (Author)8
¡Miren qué bueno qué bueno es! (O look and wonder, how good it is!]Pablo Sosa (Author)2
Many are the lightbeamsPablo D. Sosa (b. 1933) (Translator)2
Muchos resplandores, sólo una luzPablo Sosa (Translator)3
Open, now, open the doorways of justice! (Ábranme las puertas de la justicia)Pablo Sosa (Author)4
Un poco después del presente (A little beyond this our time)Pablo Sosa (Translator (del portugués))3
[Yours Is the Kingdom]Pablo Sosa (Author)2
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