St. Stephen of Mar Sabas

Short Name: St. Stephen of Mar Sabas
Full Name: Stephen of Mar Sabas, Saint, 725-794
Birth Year: 725
Death Year: 794 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by St. Stephen of Mar Sabas (8)sort descendingAsInstances
Ah my heart is heavy laden, Weary and oppressedStephen the Sabaite (Author)7
Ak mit hjerte er bebyrdetStephen the Sabaite (Author)2
Art thou weary, art thou languidStephen the Sabaite, 725-794 (Author)317
Bist du müde? Stephen of St. Sabas (Author)3
Ĉu lacega, kor-premita, en aflikto, vi?St. Stephen of Mar Sabas (Author )3
O where shall rest be foundS. Stephen the Sabaite (Author)1
"Triste estás, candado e aflito, pobre e sem vigor?"St. Stephen of Mar Sabas, 725-794 (Author)2
¿Vives triste y angustiado? Stephen of St. Sabas (Author)4
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