Hymns for Proverbs 29

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TitleScriptureMatching Instances
Be Still and KnowProverbs 29:251
Am I a Soldier of the Cross?Proverbs 29:251
Amazing grace – how sweet the soundProverbs 29:251
Your harps, ye trembling saintsProverbs 29:251
Trusting JesusProverbs 29:251
Anywhere with JesusProverbs 29:251
Who would true valour seeProverbs 29:251
Boldness in the gospelProverbs 29:251
I am Happy in HimProverbs 29:171
Evergreen ShoreProverbs 29:251
O Day of PeaceProverbs 29:71
O Light Whose Splendor ThrillsProverbs 29:231
Sing with a Tuneful SpiritProverbs 29:61
Lord, Give Us a VisionProverbs 29:181
O When Will We See Justice DoneProverbs 29:171
O God, Your Deeds Are Unsurpassed (Psalm 75)Proverbs 29:231
Give Thanks, O Christian PeopleProverbs 29:71
ImagineProverbs 29:71
Oh a Song Must Rise (A Song Must Rise)Proverbs1