Hymns for Psalm 116

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TitleScriptureMatching Instances
Psalm 116 Part 1Psalm 11625
Psalm 116 Part 2Psalm 116:12-1921
Psalm 116: I love the Lord, because my voicePsalm 1168
I love the Lord, because he hath heardPsalm 1168
What Shall I Render to the LORDPsalm 116:12-196
I will walk in the presence of the LordPsalm 1165
For the Beauty of the EarthPsalm 116:174
Great Source of life, our souls confessPsalm 116:8-93
My soul with grateful thoughts of lovePsalm 1163
I Love the Lord, for My RequestPsalm 1163
Psalm 116: Our Blessing-Cup Psalm 116:12-183
What Shall I Render to the LordPsalm 1163
I love the LordPsalm 1163
More Love to Thee, O ChristPsalm 116:12
Cease, ye mourners, cease to languishPsalm 116:152
My TributePsalm 116:122
Return, my soul, and seek thy restPsalm 1162
Look back my soul, with grateful lovePsalm 1162
I'll of salvation take the cupPsalm 1162
Granted PrayersPsalm 1162