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Adventist Hymnals:

HymnalAsPublication Date
Advent Hymn BookAdventist hymnals (general)1854
Better Than Pearls: sacred songs expressly adapted for gospel meetingsSeventh-Day Adventist Church1881
Blessed Hope ManualAdvent Christian Church1910
Cantos Infantiles para La Escuela SabaticaSeventh-Day Adventist Church1953
Carols of Hope: a compilation of select sacred songs for use in Sunday schools, praise and young people's servicesAdvent Christian Church1906
Children SingSeventh-Day Adventist Church1955
Christ in SongSeventh-Day Adventist Church1900
Christ in Song: for all religious services nearly one thousand best gospel hymns, new and old with responsive scripture readings (Rev. and Enl.)Seventh-Day Adventist Church1908
Convention HymnalSeventh-Day Adventist Church1917
Golden sheaf: a collection of choice hymns and songs especially designed for Sunday schools, Loyal Worker's meeting, prayer and social servicesAdvent Christian Church--Hymns1902
Happy Songs for Boys and GirlsSeventh-Day Adventist Church1952
Himnario Adventista : para uso en el culto divinoSeventh-day Adventist Church1962
Hymns and Tunes: for those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.Seventh-day Adventist Church1876
Hymns for Second Advent BelieversSeventh-Day Adventist Church1852
Hymns for Use in Divine Worship ... Seventh-Day AdventistsSeventh-Day Adventist Church1886
Hymns of the "Jubilee Harp"Advent Christian Church1868
Hymns of the AdventAdvent Christian Church1881
Hymns of the Millennial DawnJehovah's Witnesses1937
Hymns of the Morning: Designed for the use of God's PeopleAdvent Christian Church1872
Hymns, Principles of Faith, Church Order, and Divine Services, or Occasional liturgy; for the use of Messiah's ChurchAdventist and Sabbatarian (Hebraic)1860
Hymns: designed for the Use of the Second advent bandAdventist hymnals (general)1843
Joyful Greeting: for the Sabbath-schoolSeventh-Day Adventist Church1886
Laymens' Missionary Movement Convention HymnalSeventh-Day Adventist Church1915
Millennial Harp: or, Second Advent Hymns: designed for the meetings on the second coming of ChristAdventist hymnals (general)1842
Millennial MusingsAdventist hymnals (general)1841
Missionary HymnalSeventh-Day Adventist Church1909
Our Family CircleAdvent Christian Church1950
Sabbath Songs for Tiny TotsSeventh-Day Adventist Church1951
Sabbath Songs for Tiny Tots. Book TwoSeventh-Day Adventist Church1955
Sacred Melodies for Second Advent, Conference and Camp MeetingsAdventist hymnals (general)1843
Second Advent Hymn BookAdventist hymnals (general)1850
Second Advent Hymn BookAdventist hymnals (general)1867
Second Advent HymnsAdventist hymnals (general)1843
Second Advent Hymns, Designed for Use in Prayer and CampmeetingsAdventist hymnals (general)1842
Second Advent Hymns, Designed to be Used in Prayer and CampmeetingsAdventist hymnals (general)1842
Second Advent Hymns, Designed to be Used in Prayer and CampmeetingsAdventist hymnals (general)1842
Second Advent Hymns, Designed to be Used in Prayer and Campmeetings. Rev. ed.Adventist hymnals (general)1843
Seventh-day Adventist HymnalSeventh-day Adventist Church1985
Sing Praises to JehovahJehovah's Witnesses1984
Singing and Accompanying Yourselves with Music in Your HeartsJehovah's Witnesses1966
Singing by the WayAdvent Christian Church1890
Singing by the Way. Rev. ed.Advent Christian Church1897
Singing YouthSeventh-Day Adventist Church1953
Song Anchor: a Choice Collection of Favorites for Sabbath School and Praise ServiceSeventh-Day Adventist Church1878
Songs for the Tented Grove, Gospel Meetings and Home CircleAdvent Christian Church1889
Songs of Faith and HopeAdvent Christian Church1928
Songs to Jehovah's PraiseJehovah's Witnesses1950
Spiritual Melodies. Enl. & impr. ed.Adventist hymnals (general)1870
Supplement to Song AnchorSeventh-Day Adventist Church1880
Supplement to the Advent and Sabbath Hymn BookSeventh-Day Adventist Church1858
The Advent Christian HymnalAdvent Christian Church1967
The Advent Christian HymnalAdvent Christian Church1894
The Advent Christian Hymnal. Rev.Advent Christian Church1952
The Advent Harp; designed for believers in the speedy coming of ChristAdventist hymnals (general)1849
The Bookman Song Sheaf, a Collection of Colporteur ... SongsSeventh-Day Adventist Church1917
The Christian LyreAdventist hymnals (general)1860
The Church Hymnal: the official hymnal of the Seventh-Day Adventist ChurchSeventh-Day Adventist Church1941
The Golden SheafAdvent Christian Church1898
The Golden Sheaf No. 2: a collection of gospel hymns, new and old, responsive readings, hymns for the Sunday school, young people's societies, male voices, choruses, and general worshipAdvent Christian Church1916
The Golden Sheaf: a collection of choice hymns and songs especially designed for Sunday schools, loyal worker's meetings, prayer and social services (Enl. ed.)Advent Christian Church1902
The Gospel Awakening: a collection of original and selected "hymns and spiritual songs" for the use in gospel meetings everywhereAdvent Christian Church1888
The Jubilee Harp: a choice selection of psalmody, ancient and modern, designed for use in public and social worshipAdvent Christian Church1867
The Millennial HarpAdventist hymnals (general)1851
The Millennial HarpAdventist hymnals (general)1854
The New Golden SheafAdvent Christian Church1940
The New Jubilee Harp, or Christian hymns and songs. a new collection of hymns and tunes for public and social worship.Advent Christian Church1888
The Pilgrims' Songster: a choice collection of hymns, designed for tent, conference, and prayer meetings: Revised and correctedAdventist hymnals (general)1853
The Seventh-Day Adventist Hymn and Tune Book: for use in divine worshipSeventh-Day Adventist Church1886