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The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
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11886How many in our favored land[How many in our favored land]TextScoreAudio
11887As for me and my house, we will serve You, Lord[As for me and my house, we will serve You, Lord]TextScoreAudio
11888Sound the Gospel trumpet forth[Sound the Gospel trumpet forth]TextScoreAudio
11889Gabbatha—in the judgment hallBEHOLD THE MANTextScoreAudio
11890Hail the hero workersROSMORETextScoreAudio
11891Slowly, by God’s hand unfurledSEYMOURTextScoreAudio
11892Seek not afar for beauty; lo, it glowsWILLINGHAMTextScoreAudio
11893Lord, we come with hearts aflameST. ATHANASIUSTextScoreAudio
11894Thou Lord of light, across the yearsDEVENTERTextScoreAudio
11895We soon shall see the day[We soon shall see the day]TextScoreAudio
11896Redeemed and saved! For me the Savior sufferedROANOKETextScoreAudio
11897Some day I shall hear God’s call of love[Some day I shall hear God’s call of love]TextScoreAudio
11898The Savior and the sinner meet[The Savior and the sinner meet]TextScoreAudio
11899’Tis now in part I know the Lord[’Tis now in part I know the Lord]TextScoreAudio
11900I would be like Thee, Jesus, my Lord[I would be like Thee, Jesus, my Lord]TextScoreAudio
11901The land we love is callingALL HALLOWSTextScoreAudio
11902Down the dark future, through long generationsMARLBOROUGHTextScoreAudio
11903O Thou, whose glory shone like fireCANONBURYTextScoreAudio
11904Jesus, Thou mighty Lord, great is Thy nameDOANETextScoreAudio
11905We are children of a king[We are children of a king]TextScoreAudio
11906Rich are the moments of blessingHOKKAIDOTextScoreAudio
11907Legion was my name, by natureCALON LÂNTextScoreAudio
11908Could the creatures help or ease usEBENEZERTextScoreAudio
11909When the disciples crossed the lakeABERDEENTextScoreAudio
11910Once a woman silent stoodAMSTERDAMTextScoreAudio
11911How kind the good SamaritanBERATextScoreAudio
11912O Lord, my best desire fulfillJERUSALEMTextScoreAudio
11913’Tis my happiness belowMADRIDTextScoreAudio
11914To Jesus, the crown of my hopeDEVOTIONTextScoreAudio
11915When darkness long has veiled my mindRIVAULXTextScoreAudio
11916My former hopes are deadSHAWMUTTextScoreAudio
11917Bestow, dear Lord, upon our youthI SEE THEE STANDINGTextScoreAudio
11918Israel, in ancient daysSAMUELTextScoreAudio
11919To keep the lamp aliveZÜRICHTextScoreAudio
11920I thirst, but not as once I didTHIRSTINGTextScoreAudio
11921The Savior, what a noble flameYORKTextScoreAudio
11922As once for Jonah, so the LordWOODWORTHTextScoreAudio
11923For mercies, countless as the sandsALAMEDATextScoreAudio
11924What a mournful life is mineCALVARYTextScoreAudio
11925Why should I fear the darkest hourST. AIDANTextScoreAudio
11926"I am," saith Christ, our glorious headABIDING GRACETextScoreAudio
11927Though cloudy skies and northern blastsKING OF KINGSTextScoreAudio
11928Upon the cross our Savior diedJAMESTOWNTextScoreAudio
11929Thine agony, O Lord, is o’erPÅ DIG JAG HOPPAS, HERRE KÄRTextScoreAudio
11930Mute are the pleading lips of HimDEN MUN ÄR TYSTTextScoreAudio
11931The Savior is risen, light bursts from the tomb[The Savior is risen, light bursts from the tomb]TextScoreAudio
11932He lives! O fainting heart, anewHAN LEFVERTextScoreAudio
11933In triumph our RedeemerFÖRLOSSNINGEN ÄR VUNNENTextScoreAudio
11934Alleluia! Alleluia!WOODSIDETextScoreAudio
11935On the cruel cross they nailed Him[On the cruel cross they nailed Him]TextScoreAudio
11936Morning spreads her crimson raysGLAD DAYTextScoreAudio
11937Now at the Lamb’s imperial feastDUKE STREETTextScoreAudio
11938Thou, whom their maker Heav’n and earthCHINOTextScoreAudio
11939Eternal King of Heav’n on highANCYRATextScoreAudio
11940We wait the coming of the Lord[We wait the coming of the Lord]TextScoreAudio
11941Just over the river, just over the river[Just over the river, just over the river]TextScoreAudio
11942Life is one continued battleBONHAMTextScoreAudio
11943We scatter seeds with careless hand[We scatter seeds with careless hand]TextScoreAudio
11944Shepherds, watching on the plainSUGAR LANDTextScoreAudio
11945O I wonder when Jesus is coming again[O I wonder when Jesus is coming again]TextScoreAudio
11946On that shore, on that bright golden shore[On that shore, on that bright golden shore]TextScoreAudio
11947Lift up your eyes upon the land[Lift up your eyes upon the land]TextScoreAudio
11948I bring my heart to TheeFUKUOKATextScoreAudio
11949Come, Lord Jesus, come[Come, Lord Jesus, come]TextScoreAudio
11950To Thee, O God, whose Father handQUINTANA ROOTextScoreAudio
11951Tell me, ye winged winds, that round my pathway roarGHAZIABADTextScoreAudio
11952The soul within me longs for restNIJMEGENTextScoreAudio
11953There’s a blessed Book, and if sinners lookHOLLISTERTextScoreAudio
11954O thou sacred Book—may thy light divine[O thou sacred Book—may thy light divine]TextScoreAudio
11955Will that bright star again appearERNANTextScoreAudio
11956The bright and morning star[The bright and morning star]TextScoreAudio
11957She came to Jesus, one of oldSELAFOTextScoreAudio
11958Ring the Christmas bells againMYSORETextScoreAudio
11959A homeless stranger amongst us came[A homeless stranger amongst us came]TextScoreAudio
11960Jesus knocks, He calls to thee[Jesus knocks, He calls to thee]TextScoreAudio
11961Just as the stars are shiningKINSHASATextScoreAudio
11962Lord, my wayward heart is broken[Lord, my wayward heart is broken]TextScoreAudio
11963Hark to the sound of voices![Hark to the sound of voices!]TextScoreAudio
11964We must win them one by one[We must win them one by one]TextScoreAudio
11965Praise the Lord with heart and voice[Praise the Lord with heart and voice]TextScoreAudio
11966Father above the concave skyOAKVILLETextScoreAudio
11967Begin, my soul, th’exalted layFRANCESTextScoreAudio
11968Christian, the morn breaks sweetly o’er theeBREAKING MORNTextScoreAudio
11969Thy will be done! I will not fearHAMBURGTextScoreAudio
11970Press forward, press forward[Press forward, press forward]TextScoreAudio
11971Children, would you know the storyNOVI SADTextScoreAudio
11972I want to be an angelOLSZTYNTextScoreAudio
11973Happy hearts children bring[Happy hearts children bring]TextScoreAudio
11974Christian, gird the armor onText
11975Bright and blessed morning[Bright and blessed morning]TextScoreAudio
11976Though I walk the shore that rims the ocean[Though I walk the shore that rims the ocean]TextScoreAudio
11977There was power, O Lord, in the days of old[There was power, O Lord, in the days of old]TextScoreAudio
11978Savior of men, our joy supremeCREATIONTextScoreAudio
11979Come, Christian brethren! ere we partDEPAUWTextScoreAudio
11980Through sorrow’s night and danger’s pathFAITHTextScoreAudio
11981O Lord, another day is flownCAMPMEETINGTextScoreAudio
11982In the arms of Jesus I sweetly rest[In the arms of Jesus I sweetly rest]TextScoreAudio
11983I am so glad that JesusPURDUETextScoreAudio
11984Little ones are often sorryTRIPOLITextScoreAudio
11985He promised me, tho’ blind and halt and lameASHFORDTextScoreAudio

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