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The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
11986O, we are volunteers[O, we are volunteers]TextScoreAudio
11987Sweet ’tis to sing of Thee, Jesus, our friendÖREBROTextScoreAudio
11988Take my heart, O loving SaviorUNDERWOODTextScoreAudio
11989Cradled in Bethlehem’s stable and stallCEUTATextScoreAudio
11990There is a land, a beauteous landLIGURIATextScoreAudio
11991How dear to this heart are the scenes of my childhood[How dear to this heart are the scenes of my childhood]TextScoreAudio
11992Jesus, Master, rescue meMARTYNTextScoreAudio
11993The cross is heavy—this I know—CHANTILLYTextScoreAudio
11994Sovereign of Heav’n, who didst prevailALMSGIVINGTextScoreAudio
11995There is a dwelling place aboveKENNEBUNKPORTTextScoreAudio
11996Lo, summer comes again! And after springtide rainMADURAITextScoreAudio
11997Arise, and hail the sacred dayROMFORDTextScoreAudio
11998I see my Savior with thorn crowned head[I see my Savior with thorn crowned head]TextScoreAudio
11999To work! To work! To work![To work! To work! To work]TextScoreAudio
12000O Christ of God who lived for meŚLĄSKTextScoreAudio
12001Not alone on rugged mountainsTRIBECATextAudio
12002The Lord to Peter gaveVANDERBILTTextScoreAudio
12003The Christian’s life is born of faith[The Christian’s life is born of faith]TextScoreAudio
12004Once a mother sweet and mild[Once a mother sweet and mild]TextScoreAudio
12005When the storm in its fury on Galilee fell[When the storm in its fury on Galilee fell]TextScoreAudio
12006Thy people, Lord, throughout all timeWEMBLEYTextScoreAudio
12007The graces of the Christian lifeFORT MYERSTextScoreAudio
12008God shall wipe all tears away[God shall wipe all tears away]TextScoreAudio
12009Burst, ye emerald gates and bringTRANSPORTING VISIONTextScoreAudio
12010Savior, draw me to Thy sideORDUTextScoreAudio
12011Following the Master[Following the Master]TextScoreAudio
12012Try to carry sunshine[Try to carry sunshine]TextScoreAudio
12013Holy Spirit, while we gatherESKIŞEHIRTextScoreAudio
12014Bring a garland for His browWHITECHAPELTextScoreAudio
12015Come to the ark of refuge[Come to the ark of refuge]TextScoreAudio
12016Father! I go to Thee!HOPETextScoreAudio
12017O Lord our God, with earnest careDODGETextScoreAudio
12018What tho’ the way be lonelyHUELVATextScoreAudio
12019Silent a garden resteth in shadow[Silent a garden resteth in shadow]TextScoreAudio
12020My hope is still in JesusVINKOVCITextScoreAudio
12021My Savior walks beside me[My Savior walks beside me]TextScoreAudio
12022Be thou watchful, O my soul![Be thou watchful, O my soul!]TextScoreAudio
12023Oh, those beautiful, beautiful hands![Oh, those beautiful, beautiful hands!]TextScoreAudio
12024Come, Holy Spirit of my Lord Jesus Christ[Come, Holy Spirit of my Lord Jesus Christ]TextScoreAudio
12025You tell me of a city[You tell me of a city]TextScoreAudio
12026Going forth at Christ’s commandOSASCOTextScoreAudio
12027The night is long and dreary[The night is long and dreary]TextAudio
12028The Savior called so lovingly[The Savior called so lovingly]TextScoreAudio
12029Soldier of Christ, be steadfast![Soldier of Christ, be steadfast]TextScoreAudio
12030Silent, like men in solemn hasteEISENACHText
12031Look, the harvest field is teeming[Look, the harvest field is teeming]TextScoreAudio
12032My barns are full, my stores increaseHUNNYSTextScoreAudio
12033Prepare a thankful songACCRATextScoreAudio
12034By various maxims, forms and rulesALSTONETextScoreAudio
12035O Lord, how vile am IMONSELLTextScoreAudio
12036Uncertain how the way to findI BRING MY ALL TO THEETextScoreAudio
12037Christ has risen from the deadCHIBATextScoreAudio
12038In mercy, not in wrath, rebukeMAITLANDTextScoreAudio
12039Joy! joy! joy! Joy! joy! joy![Joy! joy! joy! Joy! joy! joy]TextScoreAudio
12040Remember thy CreatorCUVILTextScoreAudio
12041Yes, my native land, I love theeSEGURTextScoreAudio
12042My infant, Lord, to Thee I gladly bringSHORTERTextScoreAudio
12043We are the children of the churchOUR FATHER'S CHURCHTextScoreAudio
12044Sleep, thou dust and ashes, sleepDIRGETextScoreAudio
12045We are marching forth to battle[We are marching forth to battle]TextScoreAudio
12046Only a touch of the tremulous hand[Only a touch of the tremulous hand]TextScoreAudio
12047A band of faithful reapers we[A band of faithful reapers we]TextScoreAudio
12048This is merry Christmas Day[This is merry Christmas Day]TextScoreAudio
12049"Upheld by hope"—a glorious hopeUPHELD BY HOPETextScoreAudio
12050Grace rules below, and sits enthroned aboveYORKSHIRETextScoreAudio
12051Happy the city, where their sonsWINCHESTER NEWTextScoreAudio
12052Happy the hours, the golden daysLEFFINGWELLTextScoreAudio
12053I’m saved by the blood of the Crucified One[I’m saved by the blood of the Crucified One]TextScoreAudio
12054My rest is in Heaven; my rest is not hereWE PRAISE THEETextScoreAudio
12055The mercies of my God and KingST. ANNETextScoreAudio
12056The leaves around me falling[The leaves around me falling]TextScoreAudio
12057Sweet is the solemn voice that callsWARRINGTONTextScoreAudio
12058On Horeb’s rock the prophet stoodPLITVIČETextScoreAudio
12059The bird, let loose in eastern skiesBRIDGMANTextScoreAudio
12060The turf shall be my fragrant shrineLOUVANTextScoreAudio
12061Jesus Christ our Savior, once for us a childST. DAVIDTextScoreAudio
12062The God of Glory walks His roundDUKE STEETTextScoreAudio
12063The winds were howling o’er the deepBROWNTextScoreAudio
12064Oh weep not o’er thy children’s tombCLAUDIUSTextScoreAudio
12065Oh hand of bounty, largely spreadLEST WE FORGETTextScoreAudio
12066Incarnate Word, who, wont to dwellLEIPZIGTextScoreAudio
12067Lord! whose love, in power excellingMERTONTextScoreAudio
12068Dear one, you are weary and tired[Dear one, you are weary and tired]TextScoreAudio
12069Brother, thou art gone before usMOYLETextScoreAudio
12070Lord, have mercy when we prayMADRIDTextScoreAudio
12071Let the laurel twine[Let the laurel twine]TextScoreAudio
12072Crown, O crown Him Conqueror![Crown, O crown Him Conqueror!]TextScoreAudio
12073Great Redeemer, friend of sinnersALEXANDERTextScoreAudio
12074There are coming changes great[There are coming changes great]TextScoreAudio
12075My God, I now from sleep awakeBOWENTextScoreAudio
12076Encompassed with clouds of distressGREEN FIELDSTextScoreAudio
12077The old year’s long campaign is o’erCLARIONTextScoreAudio
12078O sacred head, surroundedPASSION CHORALETextScoreAudio
12079Blest Trinity! from mortal sightWOODWORTHText
12080The king, O Lord, with songs of praiseSAXONYText
12081Why wander in the wilderness, O fainting soul?[Why wander in the wilderness, O fainting soul?]TextScoreAudio
12082On every sunny mountain[On every sunny mountain]TextScoreAudio
12083High as the mountain tho’ the billows roll[High as the mountain tho’ the billows roll]TextScoreAudio
12084The Lord the Judge His churches warnsKING OF KINGSTextScoreAudio
12085Lo! Jesus patiently knocks at the door[Lo! Jesus patiently knocks at the door]TextScoreAudio

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