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The Cyber Hymnal

The Cyber Hymnal™ ( is a website established in 1996 by Dick Adams. It has over 10,000 Christian hymns from many denominations and languages. It provides lyrics, sheet music, audio, pictures, biographies, history and more. The worship and educational resource is provided as a public service and gets an average of 24,000 visitors per month. Mr. Adams has graciously allowed to add his resources to our site. (Note: the site that calls itself NetHymnal at is not affiliated with The Cyber Hymnal™ in any way.)
Editor: Dick Adams
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
11022Jesus shall reign—rejoice, ye nationsWENZHOUTextScoreAudio
11023Have you found redemption thro’ the Son of God?[Have you found redemption thro' the Son of God]TextScoreAudio
11024Glad tidings, my brother, glad tidings I bring[Glad tidings, my brother, glad tidings I bring]TextScoreAudio
11025When the trump of God shall sound[When the trump of God shall sound]TextScoreAudio
11026O thoughtless one, to forgiveness a stranger[O thoughtless one, to forgiveness a stranger]TextScoreAudio
11027Don’t try to succeed without Christ as your friend[Don't try to succeed without Christ as your friend]TextScoreAudio
11028Is your way thorn beset and uncertain?[Is your way thorn beset and uncertain]TextScoreAudio
11029Till the day break and the shadows flee awayGUAYAQUILTextScoreAudio
11030If the world and all of its wealth you gain[If the world and all of its wealth you gain]TextScoreAudio
11031God is good! I will not fearMATO GROSSOTextScoreAudio
11032Some other day, some other time[Some other day, some other time]TextScoreAudio
11033I will go and tell my Savior[I will go and tell my Savior]TextScoreAudio
11034’Tis settled at last, and Jesus is mine['Tis settled at last, and Jesus is mine]TextScoreAudio
11035I am waiting in the meadowsHERTFORDSHIRETextScoreAudio
11036Dare to live for Jesus! Dare to bravely standPONTEVEDRATextScoreAudio
11037Christ the Lord has gone to glory[Christ the Lord has gone to glory]TextScoreAudio
11038Are you living for today[Are you living for today]Text
11039Fret not thyself, my heart![Fret not thyself, my heart]TextScoreAudio
11040Tell, O tell the Christmas storySAN RAFAELTextScoreAudio
11041I have wandered far away[I have wandered far away]TextScoreAudio
11042Consecrated lives He’s asking[Consecrated lives He's asking]TextScoreAudio
11043List the music pealing; hear our song of might[List the music pealing; hear our song of might]TextScoreAudio
11044List to the beautiful story[List to the beautiful story]Text
11045List! afar! what angel voices[List afar! what angel voices]TextScoreAudio
11046Our journey lies acrossBRAZOSTextScoreAudio
11047When the world is radiant, rich with summer hoursMODESTOTextScoreAudio
11048Save me from sin, my blessèd Lord, I prayRAJASTHANTextScoreAudio
11049Joy to the sons of men[Joy to the sons of men]TextScoreAudio
11050Listen to the voice of the Savior dear[Listen to the voice of the Savior dear]TextScoreAudio
11051Christ is born, and Heaven rejoicesREGENT SQUARETextScoreAudio
11052Listen to the wondrous story,AMARATextScoreAudio
11053Listen, peoples, while I tellGUIDETextScoreAudio
11054Little birds are singing, in the leafy treesLAKE KARIBATextScoreAudio
11055Little birds their Maker praise[Little birds their Maker praise]TextScoreAudio
11056Once my eyes saw nothing comelyTIJUANATextScoreAudio
11057Little children, joyful sing[Little children, joyful sing]TextScoreAudio
11058Little hands, be free in giving[Little hands, be free in giving]TextScoreAudio
11059Little stars that twinkle in the heavens’ blueCAHOKIA MOUNDSTextScoreAudio
11060Live nearer to Jesus[Live nearer to Jesus]TextScoreAudio
11061These are the crowns that we shall wearMANOAHTextScoreAudio
11062Lo! a fountain full and free[Lo! a fountain full and free]TextScoreAudio
11063Lo! a star, ye sages hoary[Lo! a star, ye sages hoary]TextScoreAudio
11064Lo! an angel host descending[Lo! an angel host descending]TextScoreAudio
11065Lo! He comes, an infant stranger[Lo! He comes an infant stranger]TextScoreAudio
11066On the other shore they’re waitingBURBANKTextScoreAudio
11067Lo! He comes, the blessèd King of Heav’n and earth[Lo! He comes the blessed King of Heav'n and earth]TextScoreAudio
11068Lo! He cometh in the clouds of heaven[Lo! He cometh in the clouds of heaven]TextScoreAudio
11069Lo! what a glorious corner-stoneLOUVANTextScoreAudio
11070Lo, God, our God, has come!NEWBURYTextScoreAudio
11071Sinners, the city where you dwellVOX DILECTITextScoreAudio
11072Haste thee, sinner, haste away[Haste thee, sinner, haste away]TextScoreAudio
11073With radiant beams the sun aroseOLD MARTYRSText
11074This is not my place of restingVESPERTextScoreAudio
11075No shadows yonder! All light and song![No shadows yonder! all light and song]TextScoreAudio
11076The valley of vision is dusty and dryKALIMANTANTextScoreAudio
11077Eternal mind, who rules the fatesMERIBAHTextScoreAudio
11078Lo, the clouds of night are rendingST. CLARETextScoreAudio
11079Lo, the earth is risen againMONKLANDTextScoreAudio
11080Long ago in Bethelehem’s plainBARCELONATextScoreAudio
11081God is a Spirit, just and wiseARMENIATextScoreAudio
11082O Tyre, crowned empress of the seaCHRISTÓBALTextScoreAudio
11083Long ago on Christmas night[Long ago on Christmas night]TextScoreAudio
11084Long ago, in Bethlehem’s manger[Long ago, in Bethlehem's manger]TextScoreAudio
11085Long, long ago in Bethlehem[Long, long ago in Bethlehem]TextScoreAudio
11086No, not my power, but Thine, O LordTAHITITextScoreAudio
11087Long, long ago, some shepherds[Long, long ago, some shepherds]TextScoreAudio
11088Long, O Master, in Thy vineyard[Long, O Master, in Thy vineyard]TextScoreAudio
11089Look away to Jesus, soul by woe oppressedLOOK AWAY TO JESUSTextScoreAudio
11090Look for the way-marks as you journey on[Look for the way-marks as you journey on]TextScoreAudio
11091God’s holy law transgressedABERTextScoreAudio
11092Look from Thy sphere of endless dayLOUVANTextScoreAudio
11093Look to Jesus, when in troubleHAYWARDTextScoreAudio
11094Look up! look up! ye weary ones[Look up! look up! ye weary ones]TextScoreAudio
11095Look, O Christian! see thy SaviorEIFIONYDDTextScoreAudio
11096How shall the sons of men appearMALVERNTextScoreAudio
11097How should the sons of Adam’s raceABIDING GRACETextScoreAudio
11098"He comes! He comes! to judge the world"THE WAITS' SONGTextScoreAudio
11099And did the holy and the justSALZBURGTextScoreAudio
11100How beautiful His feet appearKING OF KINGSTextScoreAudio
11101Let the world lament their deadAMSTERDAMTextScoreAudio
11102Comfort, ye ministers of graceRESTTextScoreAudio
11103Withering as grass is humankindGERMANYTextScoreAudio
11104Say then, ye worms of earth, to whomST. CRISPINTextScoreAudio
11105The world He made He still sustainsABSCHIEDTextScoreAudio
11106No common vision this I seeDEVONSHIRETextScoreAudio
11107Lord God of holiness, source of all blessednessAYRSHIRETextScoreAudio
11108Lord Jesus, with Thy presence blessWAREHAMTextScoreAudio
11109Lord of all worlds, incline Thy bounteous earSAVANNAH (ROBINSON)TextScoreAudio
11110Lord of power, Lord of mightMOUNT ZIONTextScoreAudio
11111I too will magnify the LordLE CONTETextScoreAudio
11112God of eternal majestySONG 34TextScoreAudio
11113Have mercy, Lord, Thy wrath removeALLMÄCHTIGER GOTTTextScoreAudio
11114God of truth, and power, and loveABERYSTWYTHTextScoreAudio
11115O Thou, who know’st what is in manADORO TETextScoreAudio
11116What shall I do my God to loveBROWNWELLTextScoreAudio
11117O love, I languish at thy stayCAREY'S SURREYTextScoreAudio
11118Jesus, great Redeemer, hearBROMLEYTextScoreAudio
11119Jesu, at whose supreme commandST. AGNESTextScoreAudio
11120Come, Lord, and help me to rejoiceADOWATextScoreAudio
11121The Lord unto my Lord hath saidLAFAYETTETextScoreAudio

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