Richard W. Adams

Richard W. Adams
Short Name: Richard W. Adams
Full Name: Adams, Richard W., 1952-
Birth Year: 1952

Born: 1952, Mis­souri.

Adams grad­u­at­ed from the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Mis­sou­ri, Co­lum­bia (BA 1974, cum laude, Phi Be­ta Kap­pa).

Texts by Richard W. Adams (49)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Always and ever, God reigns eternalRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
As shadows lengthen and the night grows coldRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
Astonishing grace: A race so defiledRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
In that he Israel hath revengedRichard Adams (Adapter)English1
Builder of ages, planner divineRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
Christ shed His blood to wash away our sinRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
Christus! Anointed One! King at Thy birth!Richard W. Adams (Adapter)English2
Darling, I am growing oldRichard W. Adams (Author (v. 5))English1
Disciples of all nationsRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
Down came the King from palace of whiteRichard Adams (Adapter)Latin2
Farewell, farewell, Christmas mornRichard W. Adams (Adapter)1
Go evangelize the nationsRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
God Almighty in His wisdomRichard W. Adams (Versifier)English2
God, as we stand amid Your worldRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
How shall we answer terror's cryRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
I am a poor wayfaring strangerRichard W. Adams (Adapter)English1
In God I have found a retreat Where I can securely reside (Adams)Richard W. Adams (Adapter)English2
In my deepest dream I hearRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
Lift up your heads in joyful hopeRichard W. Adams (Adapter)English1
List to the clanging bells of timeRichard W. Adams (Adapter)English2
Looking for our Lord and SaviorRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
Lord, Source of all blessing, bless us indeedRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
O great God of nations, revive us, we prayRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
O heavy burdened, weary oneRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
O where can truth be found today?Richard W. Adams (Author)English2
Oh, my Lord Jesus, if I did not have YouRichard W. Adams (Versifier)English2
On this morn we see the dawningRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
Only those few words of greetingRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
Our guilt do we confess todayRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
Praise God the Father, God the SonRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
Sing, Christmas bells, this is the mornRichard W. Adams (Adapter)English2
Spirit of wisdom and powerRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
The Bible is a brilliant lampRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
The city of our God, Jerusalem the brightRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
The God of holiness and loveRichard W. Adams (Translator (from Portuguese))English2
The God of might dispels the nightRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
There was silence in Bethlehem’s fields that nightRichard W. Adams (Adapter)English2
Through the ages saints have wonderedRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
To Christ the Monarch, be our praise todayRichard W. Adams (Adapter)English2
Total eclipse! No sun, no moonRichard W. Adams (Author (v. 2-4))1
Up and away, like the dew of the morningRichard W. Adams (Adapter)1
We hail the rising Day Star - the lamp within our heartRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
We are an army all enrolledRichard W. Adams (Adapter)1
When Joseph went with MaryRichard Adams (Author)English2
When judgment day is drawing nighR. W. Adams (Adapter)English1
When the storms of life surround me, And the world seems dark and coldRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
When war’s shrill blast abroad is heardRichard W. Adams (Adapter)English2
While plodding through the desert landRichard W. Adams (Versifier)English2
With God’s Shekinah glory filledRichard W. Adams (Author)English2
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