The Hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America 1940

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
164bTo thee before the close of dayJAM LUCISPage Scan
165All praise to thee, my God, this nightTALLIS' CANONPage Scan
166Sun of my soul, thou Saviour dearHURSLEYPage Scan
167Now it is evening; time to rest from laborDIVA SERVATRIX
168At even, when the sun was setANGELUSPage Scan
169aGod, that madest earth and heavenAR HYD Y NOSPage Scan
169bGod, that mdest earth and heavenNUTFIELDPage Scan
170Now from the altar of my heartNAOMIPage Scan
171aO Trinity of blessed lightO LUX BEATA TRINITASPage Scan
171bO Trinity of blessed lightBROMLEYPage Scan
172aNow the day is overEUDOXIAPage Scan
172bNow the day is overMERRIALPage Scan
173O Brightness of the immortal Father's faceST. NICHOLASPage Scan
174Lord, keep us safe this nightCOMBE MARTINPage ScanAudio
175Our day of praise is doneGARDEN CITYPage Scan
176O gladsome Light, O graceNUNC DIMITTISPage Scan
177aSoftly now the light of dayLEW TRENCHARDPage Scan
177bSoftly now the light of daySEYMOURPage Scan
178Saviour, breathe an evening blessingVESPER HYMNPage Scan
179aThe day thou gavest, Lord is endedCOMMANDMENTSPage Scan
179bThe day thou gavest, Lord is endedST. CLEMENTPage Scan
180God of all grace, thy mercy sendST. GABRIELPage Scan
181The duteous day now closethINNSBRUCKPage Scan
182O Saviour, bless us ere we goST. MATTHIASPage Scan
183The sun is sinking fastIRONS
184The day is past and overST. ANATOLIUSPage Scan
185O Jesus Christ, our Lord most dearST. CATHERINEPage Scan
186Blessed Jesus, here are weLIEBSTER JESUPage Scan
187As when in far SamariaELLACOMBEPage Scan
188O heav'nly grace in holy rite descendingCHARTERHOUSETextPage Scan
189And now, O Father, mindful of the loveUNDE ET MEMORESPage Scan
190Let thy Blood in mercy pouredLUISEPage Scan
191Thou, who at thy first Eucharist didst praySACRAMENTUM UNITATISPage Scan
192O Food of men wayfaringO ESCA VIATORUMPage Scan
193aSion, praise thy Saviour singingLAUDA SION
194aVery Bread, good Shepherd, tend usBONE PASTORAudio
193bSion, praise thy Saviour singingWEMAN
194bVery Bread, good Shepherd, tend usUNITAS FRATRUM
195Father, we thank thee who hast plantedRENDEZ Á DIEU
196Bread of the world, in mercy brokenEUCHARISTIC HYMN
197Let all mortal flesh keep silencePICARDYPage Scan
198aO God, unseen, yet ever nearST. FLAVIANPage Scan
198bO God, unseen, yet ever nearrMEDITATIONPage Scan
199aNow, my tongue, the myst'ry tellingPANGE LINGUA
199bNow, my tongue, the myst'ry tellingST. THOMAS
200aTherefore we, before him bendingST. THOMAS
200bTherefore we, before him bendingTANTUM ERGOAudio
201Strengthen for service, Lord, the handsMALABAR
202aDraw nigh and take the Body of the LordGARDENPage Scan
202bDraw nigh and take the body of the LordLAMMASPage Scan
203My God, thy table now is spreadROCKINGHAMPage Scan
204Humbly I adore thee, Verity unseenADORO DEVOTE
205Wherefore, O Father, we thy humble servantsOBLATION
206This is the hour of banquet and of songCANTICUM REFECTIONIS
207aCome, risen Lord and deign to be our guestEDSALL
207bCome, risen Lord and deign to be our guestKNICKERBOCKERAudio
208aHere, O my Lord, I see thee face to facePENITENTIAPage Scan
208bHere, O my Lord, I see thee face to facePEEL CASTLE
209aO saving Victim, opening wideMARTYR DEIPage Scan
209bO saving Victim, opening wideST. VINCENTPage Scan
210Deck thyself, my soul, with gladnessSCHMUECKE DICHPage Scan
211Come with us, O blessed JesusJESU JOY OF MAN'S DESIRINGPage Scan
212Bread of heaven, on thee I feedBREAD OF HEAVENPage Scan
213Shepherd of souls, refresh and blessST. AGNESPage Scan
214O perfect Love, all human thought transcendingSANDRINGHAMPage Scan
215Lord, who at Cana's wedding feastCHARLOTTEPage Scan
216May the grace of Christ our SaviourPETERSENPage Scan
217aCome Holy Ghost, our souls inspireVENI CREATORPage Scan
217bCome Holy Ghost, our souls inspireCOME HOLY GHOSTPage Scan
218Come Holy Ghost, Creator blestMENDONPage Scan
219Lord, pour thy Spirit from on highHAMBURGPage Scan
220God of the prophets, bless the prophets' sonsTOULONPage Scan
221Ye Christian heralds, go proclaimMISSIONARY CHANTPage Scan
222For those we love within the veilGAZAPage Scan
223Jesus, Son of Mary, Fount of life aloneADORO DEVOTEPage Scan
224aNow the laborer's task is o'erPAX
224bNow the laborer's task is o'erREQUIESCATPage Scan
225God of the living, in whose eyesOLD HUNDRED TWELFTHPage Scan
226O Lord to whom the spirits liveWINKWORTHPage Scan
227All things are thine: no gift have weGARDINERPage Scan
228aOnly-begotten, Word of God eternalISTE CONFESSORPage ScanAudio
228bOnly begotten, word of God eternalROUENPage Scan
229God the Father, God the SonLEBBAEUSPage Scan
230God the Father, God the SonWESTERLYPage Scan
231God the Father, God the SonFARNABYPage Scan
232Jesus, Son of God most highPEACEFIELDPage Scan
233aJesus, with thy church abideLITANY OF THE PASSIONPage Scan
233bJesus, with thy church abideHERVEY'S LITANYPage Scan
234aSpirit blest, who art adoredSCHEFFLERPage Scan
234bSpirit blest, Who art adoredEVELYNPage Scan
235Advent tells us Christ is nearINNOCENTSPage Scan
236Once in royal David's city IRBYPage Scan
237Behold a little childARTHUR'S SEATPage Scan
238Father of mercyST. ELISABETH
239God my Father, loving meVIENNA
240Father, we thank thee for the nightWAINWRIGHT
241aJesus, tender shepherd, hear meEVENING PRAYERPage Scan
241bJesus, tender shepherd, hear meBROCKLESBURYPage Scan
242Hush! my dear, lie still and slumberCRADLE HYMNPage Scan
243I sing a song of the saints of GodGRAND ISLEPage Scan

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