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The SmallChurchMusic site was commenced in 2006 grew out of the requests from those struggling to provide suitable music for their services and meetings.
Rev. Clyde McLennan was ordained in mid 1960’s and was a pastor in many small Australian country areas, and therefore was acutely aware of this music problem. Having also been trained as a Pipe Organist, recordings on site (which are a subset of the site) are all actually played by Clyde, and also include piano and piano with organ versions.
All recordings are in MP3 format. Churches all around the world use the recordings, with downloads averaging over 60,000 per month.
The recordings normally have an introduction, several verses and a slowdown on the last verse. Users are encouraged to use software: Audacity ( or Song Surgeon ( (see for more information) to adjust the MP3 number of verses, tempo and pitch to suit their local needs.

Copyright notice: Rev. Clyde McLennan, performer in this collection, has assigned his performer rights in this collection to Non-commercial use of these recordings is permitted. For permission to use them for any other purposes, please contact


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Performer: Clyde McLennan
#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
3161Father, lead me day by daySUPPLICATIONAudio
3162Looking upward every dayEXCELSIORAudio
3163A little child may knowNEWLANDAudio
3164I love to think, though I am youngNEWBURYAudio
3165God has given us a Book full of storiesTHE STORY OF JESUSAudio
3166O come little children, I pray ye come allTEMPLE FORTUNETextAudio
3167Wise men, seeking JesusWORSHIPAudio
3168The shepherds had an angelCHRISTINAAudio
3169Remember all the peopleHOLMBRIDGEAudio
3170Day by day we magnify TheeSLINGSBYAudio
3171Praise to our God, who with love never swervingBEDEAudio
3172Lord, behold us with Thy blessingTONBRIDGE SCHOOLAudio
3174In our work and in our playASHBURTONAudio
3175Thou gracious God, whose mercy lendsWENDELLAudio
3177Before Thy throne, O God we kneelSTRASBURGAudio
3178To Thee our God we flyGRATITUDEAudio
3179God of our fathers, unto TheeSANNOXAudio
3181There have been names that I have loved to hear[There have been names that I have loved to hear]Audio
3182O King of kings, O Lord of hostsREX REGUMAudio
3183God of our fathers, known of oldLEST WE FORGETAudio
3184Where cross the crowded ways of lifeST. BARTHOLOMEWAudio
3186Communion Service (TIS 756)Audio
3190Now praise we great and famous menBRYNHYFRYDAudio
3191Once to every man and nationADRIANAudio
3192All glory to God in the skyST. CYPRIANAudio
3193Lord Christ, when first Thou cam'st to menELBERFELDAudio
3194Almighty Father, who dost giveVERMONTAudio
3195Life of ages, richly pouredBRANDENBURGAudio
3196When wilt Thou save the people?COMMONWEALTHAudio
3197With the sweet word of peaceVERBUM PACISAudio
3198God be with you till we meet againRANDOLPHAudio
3199Holy Father, in Thy mercyST. HELEN'SAudio
3200O Love divine, that stooped to shareST. PETROXAudio
3201Thou to whom the sick and dyingEVENSONGAudio
3202From Thee all skill and science flowLAND OF RESTAudio
3203O Thou before whose presenceKOMM, SEELEAudio
3204We give Thee but Thine ownWINDERMERE (SOMERVELL)Audio
3205Come, my soul, thou must be wakingMEINE ARMUTHAudio
3208O Lord of life, Thy quickening voiceDORKINGAudio
3209O splendour of God's glory brightDEVENTERAudio
3210At Thy feet, O Christ, we layST. JOHNAudio
3211Father Divine, I come to TheeMOTHERLANDAudio
3216O gladsome light, O grace of GodBRINDLEYAudio
3217Father, in high heaven dwellingEVENING HYMNAudio
3219Lord Jesus, in the days of oldCOMPANIONAudio
3222The night is comeTHE BLESSED RESTAudio
3223Ere I sleep, for every favourEVENSONGAudio
3224Blest are the pure in heartEGHAMAudio
3225We eat the plants that grow from the seedCOUNTRY GARDENSAudio
3227All shall be well! for on our Easter skiesEASTER SKIESAudio
3228Come, sing of the springtimeSTOWEYAudio
3230Now lives the Lamb of GodADORATION (ST. JOHN'S)Audio
3231O Thou eternal Christ of GodLADYWELLAudio
3232Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwellCROSS DEEPAudio
3233Holy Spirit, come confirm usHARTLEY WINTNEYAudio
3235O for a faith that will not shrinkNORTHFIELDAudio
3250Come, praise the name of JesusSTAND UPAudio
3251I am trusting Thee, Lord JesusCUTTLE MILLSAudio
3256Take this moment, sign and space[Take this moment, sign and space]Audio
3257All who worship God in JesusVISION (DAVIES)Audio
3259God is hope and God is now!RETIREMENTAudio
3260Jesus, life of all the worldLIFEAudio
3263Jesus Christ, my heart's true CaptainMANOR HOUSEAudio
3265Praise to God, almighty makerSTENKA RAZINAudio
3266What a wonderful, wonderful Saviour[What a wonderful, wonderful Savior]Audio
3267O worship the LordSOUTHAMPTONAudio
3269We are climbing Jacob's Ladder[We are climbing Jacob's ladder]Audio
3270Tis love that makes us happy[Tis love that makes us happy]Audio
3277Called to the feast[Called to the feast]Audio
3279Blest be the tie that bindsMYNYDD DUAudio
3280Lord of the home, your only SonPHILIPPINEAudio
3281Christ of the upward wayADSUMAudio
3282Freedom and life are oursSTRENGTH TO STRENGTHAudio
3285O Love that wilt not let me goBAXAudio
3287We are called to be God's peopleFESTIVALAudio
3288Listen to my prayer, LordEXAUDI DEUSAudio
3291Grace! 'tis a charming soundCRANBROOKAudio
3294Come, sing of the springtimeSONG OF RESURRECTIONAudio
3298Glory to God, within the ChurchPONT STREETTextAudio
3299Kneels at the feet of his friendsCHEREPONIAudio
3302When the Church of JesusCUDDESDONAudio
3305Christ is the world's true lightRINKARTAudio
3306Cradle, O Lord, in your arms everlastingMELISSAAudio
3310Father, Lord of all creationHERMONAudio
3313Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire[Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire]Audio
3314Let there be lightCONCORDAudio
3319Sing we a song of high revoltBROADMEADAudio
3320The law of Christ alone can make us freeLOVE IS THE FULFILLINGAudio
3326What star is this, with beams so brightPUER NOBISAudio
3327Songs of thankfulness and praiseSALZBURGAudio
3328Earth has many a noble citySTUTTGARTAudio
3329Alleluia, songs of gladnessDULCE CARMENAudio
3332The day is past and overST. ANATOLIUS. OF CONSTANTINOPLE (DYKES)Audio
3333God the Father, be Thou nearPALESTINEAudio
3334Weary of earth, and laden with my sinLANGRAN (ST. ANNE)Audio
3335Lord, who throughout these forty daysST. FLAVIANAudio
3336Sing, my tongue, the glorious battlePANGE LINGUAAudio
3337Drop, drop, slow tearsSONG 46Audio
3338Christ, above all glory seated!NEWTON FERNSAudio
3339Father, we thank Thee who hast plantedRENDEZ A DIEUAudio

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