Worship and Song

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3001O for a thousand tongues, to singAZMON'S GHOSTText
3002Blessed be your name in the land that is plentifulBLESSED BE YOUR NAME
3003The splendor of the KingHOW GREAT IS OUR GOD
3004O God, you are my GodSTEP BY STEP
3005Fill us with your love, O LordFILL US
3006Alleluia!ALLELUIA (DUNCAN)Text
3007Laudate Dominum (Sing, praise and bless the Lord)LAUDATE DOMINUM
3008Open the eyes of my heart, LordEYES OF MY HEART
3009Praise God for this holy groundHEYMONYSTRAAT
3010Sing of the Lord's goodnessTHE LORD'S GOODNESS
3011You know my words before they're saidHIXON
3012When words alone cannot expressLASST UNS ERFREUEN
3013Sing the praise of God our MakerBROTHER
3014Lord, you are good and your mercy endureth foreverYOU ARE GOOD
3015How great you are!POSTHUMA
3016What a mighty God we serveMIGHTY GODText
3017Come, join the dance of TrinityKINGSFOLD
3018Creation sings! And we are in the musicLONDONDERRY AIRText
3019Whether I cry out your nameJEWELPage Scan
3020God of the BibleFRESH AS THE MORNINGTextPage Scan
3021Strength will rise as we wait upon the LordEVERLASTING GOD
3022Peace of our prayingPANHOA
3023Give thanks to the Lord, our God and KingFOREVER
3024With you, O Lord, is life in all its fullnessWITH YOU
3025God is speakingFRÈRE JACQUES
3026God is good, God is good all the timeGOD IS GOOD
3027Your love is amazingYOUR LOVE IS AMAZING
3028We stand and lift up our handsGIGLIO
3029In the desert, on God's mountianLAUDA ANIMA
3030Eternal God transcending timeRESIGNATIONTextPage Scan
3031In shady, green pastures, so rich and so sweetGOD LEADS USTextPage ScanAudio
3032You're the Word of God the FatherACROSS THE LANDS
3033God of great and God of smallGOD OF GREAT AND SMALL
3034Lord of all creationGOD OF WONDERS
3035Bless Christ through whom all things are madePOXON
3036There's no one in this world like Jesus (Hakuna wakaita sa Jesu)HAKUNA WAKAITA
3037I thank you, JesusI THANK YOU
3038Everyone needs compassionMIGHTY TO SAVE
3039Jesus, the saving Name!TWENTYText
3040You are my strength when I am weakALL IN ALL
3041From the rising of the sunPRAISE HIM
3042Men of faith, rise up and singSHOUT TO THE NORTH
3043You, Lord, are both lamb and ShepherdPICARDY
3044Make way, make way, for Christ the KingMAKE WAY
3045Down by the Jordan, a prophet named John was baptizingLOBE DEN HERREN
3046Father, enthroned on highORTEGA
3047God Almignty, we are waiting HYFRYDOLTextPage Scan
3048View the present through the promiseAR HYD Y NOS
3049Wait for the LordWAIT FOR THE LORD
3050Until Jesus comesPAROUSIA
3051A star shone bright across the plainO WALY WALY
3052God rest you merry, gentlemenGOD REST YOU MERRYTextPage ScanAudio
3053Mary, Mary, meek and mildBETHLEHEM
3054Tiny hand strike tiny chime!LANTERN STAR
3055Come, little children, to the silent mangerHOWARD
3056See the bright and Morning StarELDERKIN
3057Glory in the higest (Gloria en las alturas)GLORIA
3058Mary had a baby, my LordMARY HAD A BABYText
3059Love has come a light in the darkness!BRING A TORCH
3060Jesus, Jesus, oh, what a wonderful childWONDERFUL CHILDText
3061See him lying on a bed of strawCALYPSO CAROLText
3062Spirit-child Jesus, in joyful refrainSPIRIT-CHILDText
3063If I could visit BethlehemCAROL STREAMTextPage Scan
3064On Christmas night all Christians singSUSSEX CAROLTextPage ScanAudio
3065Some children see him lily whiteSOME CHILDREN
3066Still, still, still, the night is cold and chillSTILL, STILL, STILLText
3067Tears are falling, hearts are breakingWELCOME TO OUR WORLD
3068Our Father, which art in heavenMALOTTEText
3069Your kingdom come (Vénga nos tu reino)PADRE NUESTRO
3070Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your nameLORD'S PRAYER (HAAS)Text
3071Our God in heaven, holy is your nameLORD'S PRAYER (MILLER)
3072Cast out, O Christ, cast far awayHOUSE OF THE RISING SUN
3073Unarmed, he faces forces of demons and death (Sizowa nyathela amadimoni)EWE THINA
3074No one can do like Jesus WEARY LANDText
3075Let us ever glory in the cross of ChristTRIDUUM
3076My Lord has garments so wondrous fineIVORY PALACESTextPage ScanAudio
3077"Blessed is he who comes in God's name!"LAMENT
3078Hosanna! Hosanna!ROACHÉText
3079Hosanna, hosannaSTRATHDEE HOSANNA
3080Who was it who for profit's gainPASSION CHORALE
3081Now behold the LambNOW BEHOLD THE LAMB
3082Who is he who comes in triumph?HYMN TO JOY
3083We adore you, Jesus Christ (Adoramus te Christe)ADORAMUS TE
3084O Christ, you hang upon a crossGOOD FRIDAYText
3085Oh, to see the dawn of the darkest dayPOWER OF THE CROSS
3086Day of arisingBUNESSAN
3087O Christ, when you ascendedLANCASHIRE
3088Glory to God who does wondrous thingsO FILII ET FILLIAE
3089O living God, I long to see you SHENANDOAH
3090Hear the bells ringing, they're singingEASTER SONG
3091Come Holy SpiritIONA MARANATHA
3092Come with grace and fire COME, HOLY SPIRIT
3093Like the woman at the well I was seekingFILL MY CUP
3094Come to me, come to meCOME TO ME
3095Knocks like JesusSOMEBODY'S KNOCKIN'Text
3096Gentle Shepherd, come and lead usGENTLE SHEPHERD
3097Depth of mercy! Can there beGOTTES ZEITText
3098Dust and ashes touch our faceDUST AND ASHESTextPage Scan
3099Hungry, I come to youFALLING ON MY KNEES
3100I hear the Savior sayALL TO CHRISTTextPage ScanAudio

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