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Thomas O. Chisholm

Thomas O. Chisholm
Short Name: Thomas O. Chisholm
Full Name: Chisholm, Thomas O. 1866-1960
Birth Year: 1866
Death Year: 1960

Thomas O. Chisholm was born in Franklin, Kentucky in 1866. His boyhood was spent ona farm and in teaching district schools. He spent five years as editor of the local paper at Franklin. He was converted to Christianity at the age of 26 and soon after was business manager and office editor of the "Pentecostal Hearld" or Louisville, Ky. In 1903 he entered the ministry of the M. E. Church South. His aim in writing was to incorporate as much as Scripture as possible and to avoid flippant or sentimental themes.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)
Signed letter from Chisholm dated 9 August 1953 located in the DNAH Archives.

Texts by Thomas O. Chisholm (252)sort descendingAsInstances
أحيا لربي أعلي لواهThomas O. Chisholm (Author)1
A call to the colors is ringing loud and clearThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
A question of deepest solemnityThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
After a while we shall finish the journeyThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
All day long hath God invitedThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
All my sins which were manyThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
All of my need he freely suppliethThomas O. Chisholm (Author)6
Amid the changing scenes belowThomas O. Chisholm (Author)1
Amid the toil and cares of lifeT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Art thou distressed on account of sinThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
As I journey on along life's changeful wayThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
As 'mid life's tangled maze I standT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
As onward you press toward the heavenly goalThomas O. Chisholm (Author)5
As through earth's changing scenes I goThomas O. Chisholm (Author)4
At the Father's throne aboveThomas O. Chisholm (Author)5
Awake, thou that sleepest and Christ shall give thee lightThomas O. Chisholm (Author)1
Awake, thou that sleepest, unconscious of harmT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Away from Satan's hard and cruel bondageThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
Back to my Father and homeT. O. Chisholm (Author)3
Be with me, Lord, I cannot live without TheeT. O. Chisholm (Author)6
Be ye kind one to another, Words are these of purest goldThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Behold, one cometh in the wayT. O. Chisholm (Author)24
Behold, one standeth at the door, Who seeksThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
Bleibend ist deine Treu, o Gott mein VaterThomas O. Chisholm, 1866-1960 (Author)2
Bless the Lord, O my soul, for His mercy and graceThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Bring Christ your broken lifeThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
Buried with Christ, my blessed RedeemerThomas O. Chisholm (Author)5
By grace are ye saved, saith the word of the LordThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Christ is risen from the dead (Chisholm)Thomas O. Chisholm, 1866-1960 (Author)3
Come unto me, tender words of JesusT. O. Chisholm (Author)3
Come with me and I will show youThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Come ye apart, it is the Lord who calls usRev. T. O. Chisholm (Author)8
Conscious of pardoned sinThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Dark though the clouds in the skiesThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Darker than midnight the stain of my sinThomas O. Chisholm (Author)4
Do thy prayers to God seem unavailingT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Do you carry burdens hard to bearT. O. Chisholm (Author)4
Dreaming, still dreamingThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
Earth is not all, there is a better countryThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Faint and weary in life's toilsome wayThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Fainting pilgrim, worn and wearyThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
Far back in the ages pastThomas O. Chisholm (Author)11
Father, thy way was rightThomas O. Chisholm (Author)4
Fierce are the gales that drive my barkT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Fighting life's battles unaided, aloneThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Fighting the battles of life aloneThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
For tender mercies new each dayThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
From this time forth, I would be trueT. O. Chisholm (Author)1
Fue molido por nuestra culpaThomas O. Chisholm, 1866-1960 (Author)2
Go and bear thy brother's burdenThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
God has a will, God has a planThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
God helping me, I renounce the world todayT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
God is good, the heavens declare itT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
God knoweth the way that I takeThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
God sets before youThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
God's love has followed me alwaysThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my FatherThomas O. Chisholm (Author)133
Have you lost the joy and the deep, sweet peaceT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
He bore the cross, the heavy crossT. O. Chisholm (Author)4
He gave himself for my redemptionT. O. Chisholm (Author)5
He is able, though I am all weaknessT. O. Chisholm (Author)3
He is with me, Christ is with meThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
He loved me first! Ah! that was whyT. O. Chisholm (Author)1
He reigns as KingThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
He thinks of me, God thinks of meT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
He was wounded for our transgressions (Chisholm)Thomas O. Chisholm (Author)12
He who follows Jesus shall not walkThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
Hear what the Lord hath done for meT. O. Chisholm (Author)3
His eye will guide, Assurance dearThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
His grace is for me all sufficientThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
His love is more than all my dreamsThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
Hope, thou in God, my fainting soulThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
How dark and how hopelessThomas O. Chisholm (Author)4
How long, O Lord, shall evil triumphT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
How sweet were the words of the SaviorThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
I am the Vine, ye are the branches, wonderfulThomas O. Chisholm (Author)6
I am trusting, fully trustingThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
I belong to him who saved me from my sinThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
I can do all thingsThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
I come to the tomb where they laid HimT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
I have a Friend, a faithful Friend, He died, from destruction to save meT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
I have a friend, a wondrous friendThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
I have a friend more faithfulThomas O. Chisholm (Author)4
I have a house not made with handsThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
I have committed my soul unto JesusThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
I have constant peace and gladnessThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
I have constant peace in my inmost soulThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
I have one deep, supreme desireThomas O. Chisholm (Author)6
I have seen a loving motherThomas Obadiah Chisholm (Author)3
I have sinned O Lord, forgive meThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
I heard a voice, a still small voiceT. O. Chisholm (Author)4
I know not what of pain or griefThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
I love the Lord, my wounded LordThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
I love thee, Lord Jesus, thou knowest I doThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
I love to sing of the love of JesusT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
I must go on, I cannot falterThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
I need not die, another diedThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
I rejoice in Christ, my SaviorThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
I sat alone at eveningT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
I strove to grasp the thought of GodThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
I well remember when I sawThomas O. Chisholm (Author)6
I will not fear, my God is trueThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
If I can live my life with single heartThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
If, to gain the whole world, I should lose my own soulT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
I'm nearing yonderland, not far awayThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
I'm weary, so weary of living in sinThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
In perfect peace I read the promise o'erThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
In the crimson blush of morningThomas O. Chisholm (Author)1
In the day the Lord returnethThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
In the life of plentyThomas O. Chisholm (Author)1
In the thunder of the oceanThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Is the Lord in your heartT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Is thy soul cast down withinThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
Jesus, I am not alone, thou art hereThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
Jesus knows when heavy burdensT. O. Chisholm (Author)3
Jesus turned my darkestT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Just a little while, and the day will dawnThomas O. Chisholm (Author)6
Just to know that Jesus loves meThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
Keep me, Savior, keep meT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Let not thy heart be troubled, God's anxiousThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Let us be joyful, we that are ChristianT. O. Chisholm (Author)4
Let us rejoice in the grace of GodThomas O. Chisholm (Author)5
Let us return unto the LordThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Like a swiftly flowing riverThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Listen to the voice of Jesus calling, Calling to all the wearyThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Living for Jesus a life that is trueThomas O. Chisholm (Author)134
Longing for peace knowing where to turnThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Lord, I know not what to doThomas O. Chisholm (Author)5
Lord Jesus, I am longingT. O. Chisholm (Author)3
Lord Jesus, my SaviorThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Lord, teach us to pray, as in thy presence kneelingT. O. Chisholm (Author)3
Lost ones that wander mid dangers untoldT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Love found a way, yes, love found a wayThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
Love not the world, O ChristianThomas O. Chisholm (Author)5
Mine is a story of infinite loveThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
My life is hid with Christ in God, O, glorious mysteryThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
My soul is glad today, a joy within me springsT. O. Chisholm (Author)4
No angel song, no manger bedThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
O hear the words, the tender wordsChisholm (Author)2
O how precious are the promises of God to meThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
O Jesus, may thy dying loveThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
O my sins were great, they were mountain highThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
O soul far away in the wilderness strayingT. O. Chisholm (Author)3
O thoughtless one, to forgivenessThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
O to be wholly cleansed from sinThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
O what a happy state is mineThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Of all the treasures that I ownThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Of Christ my Lord my song shall beThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Oft when the shadows gather around meThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
Oh, Dios eterno, tu misericordiaThomas Chisholm (Author)5
O to be like Thee, blessed Redeemer, This is my constant longing and prayerThomas O. Chisholm, 1866-1960 (Author)70
On the other side is a land of wonderT. O. Chisholm (Author)10
Once I loved to choose my wayThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
Once I was lost, but Christ, the Shepherd, found meThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
One is with me always whom I cannot seeT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
One life to live, but one, but oneThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
One summer eve, I heard a strain of sweetest harmonyThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Only believe, 'tis the word of the SaviorThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Only in thee, O Savior mineT. O. Chisholm (Author)15
Out in the wilderness, wild and drearT. O. Chisholm (Author)29
Patro kaj Dio, Vi ege fidelasThomas Obadiah Chisholm (Author)2
Pilgrims to a better countryT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Redeemed and saved, for me the Savior sufferedT. O. Chisholm (Author)15
Salvador mío, como tú eresThomas Chisholm (Author)2
Savior, I'm weak and wearyChisholm (Author)2
Sing the sweet story we often have heardThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Some year will be the last yearT. O. Chisholm (Author)7
Somebody here bears a weary loadT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Sometimes there comes a longingT. O. Chisholm (Author)3
Tenho um desejo especialThomas Obediah Chisholm (Author)2
The day is approaching when all must appearT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
The eyes of God are on youThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
The foxes had holes and the birds had their nestsThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
The gospel message you have heardThomas O. Chisholm (Author)4
The Lord is my Light, my Salvation, my SongThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
The Lord of hosts is with us stillThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
The mercies of God! what a theme of my songT. O. Chisholm (Author)8
There is a land beyond earth's changeful skiesThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
There is a land beyond our mortal visionThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
There is a land beyond our sightT. O. Chisholm (Author)3
There is a land that lieth well beyondThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
There is a Name more dear to me Than any other name could beT. O. Chisholm (Author)5
There is a place of refuge for every troubled soulThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
There is a place of refuge or every troubled soulThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
There is a prayer I long to prayThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
There is a way that seemeth right And myriads travel thereThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
There is but one nameThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
There is forgiveness, O how free and completeThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
"There remaineth a rest to the people of God" When this life with its labor is done (Chisholm)T. O. Chisholm (Author)2
There was one who came from heavenT. O. Chisholm (Author)8
There's a place where I ever would abideThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
There's a song in my heart (Chisholm)Thomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
There's a theme that never will grow oldThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
There's only one way to the kingdom of GodT. O. Chisholm (Author)1
This is not death, our friends are asleepThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
This is not our restThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
This world hath many beauties rareThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Though millions have answered the gospel callT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Though you've wandered in your sinsT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Thou sayest I am rich with goodsThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Thou who art faint and wearyT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Though these eyes see not the MasterThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
Thy will, O God, not mine, be doneThomas O. Chisholm (Author)6
Thy word is very pure, O LordThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Tired of sin and tired of strayingT. O. Chisholm (Author)7
To be with Christ, O dream of all the dearest T. O. Chisholm (Author)2
To see his face, my Savior's faceT. O. Chisholm (Author)5
To whom shall we go with our burdens of sinThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Today is for toil and achievementThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Touch not the book my fatherThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Troubled soul and tempestThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, This is God's gracious commandThomas O. Chisholm (Author)15
Tu és fiel, Senhor, meu Pai celesteThomas Obediah Chisholm (Author)2
Vivo pro Cristo, confiando en su amorThomas Chisholm (Author)3
Wait on the Lord, ye who would have His blessingsThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Wanderer in the desert wildThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
We are soldiers in the war for the cause of ChristThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
We have sinned, O Lord, against theeThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
We know in part, our eyes are dimThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
We shall be changedThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
We thank Thee, O God, for the gifts Thou hast givenT. O. Chisholm (Author)4
What did it mean when Jesus cameT. O. Chisholm (Author)4
What if today skies are thickly becloudedThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
What is your life, 'tis a tale that is toldThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
What shall I do when the day is darkT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Whatever ills may overtake meThomas O. Chisholm (Author)3
Whatever may come to meT. O. Chisholm (Author)5
When I was far from God, filled with fear and deep distressT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
When I was lost in sin's dark nightT. O. Chisholm (Author)1
When Jesus taught in Galilee, so many years agoT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
When my way is over-shadowedThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
When the burden pressesT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
When the clouds are hanging over theeT. O. Chisholm (Author)3
When the last hour comes in our life's brief dayT. O. Chisholm (Author)4
When the way is so dark that no lightThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
When weary with my burdensThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
When will you cease from God to strayThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
When you do a kindly deedThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Whene'er I read the wondrous storyT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Where are thy sins, friendThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Where art thou, soul in secret hidingThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Where is your faith, my brotherT. O. Chisholm (Author)6
"While it is day" my hands must be busyT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
While songs resound through all the earthT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Who doth know the secret pain I feelT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Who is this coming with garments redT. O. Chisholm (Author)7
Whoso offers praise, glorifies the MasterT. O. Chisholm (Author)2
Would you be freed from your burden of sinT. O. Chisholm (Author)3
Would you be savedThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Would you find the feast whence joy unfailing springs?T. O. Chisholm (Author)1
Ye who are waiting for work to doThomas O. Chisholm (Author)2
Years I spent in sin and follyRev. T. O. Chisholm (Author)3
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