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F. L. Eiland

F. L. Eiland
Short Name: F. L. Eiland
Full Name: Eiland, F. L (Franklin Lycurgus)
Birth Year: 1860
Death Year: 1909

Franklin L. Eiland was born in Noxubee county, Miss., March 25, 1860. He was reared on the farm and attended the old field school. The
school house on the hill and the old Oaken Bucket, etc., etc., were objects of interest in his curriculum. He had traveled some before finally leaving home including a trip to Tx, but in 1882 he came to Tx to remain. November 13, 1884 he married Miss Mary E. Nisbett of Robertson county. She lived nine years. In 1894 he married Miss Ella May Kennedy of Van Zandt county. She lived only 10 days. October 21, 1896 he married Miss Minnie Jarushia Valentine of McLennan county. She still survives. They have one sweet little daughter, Mary Ella Oree. She is quite bright and is already starting music at the age of three. Little Elva Lynn came Sept. 16, 1901 and God took her
Aug. 9, 1902. The Eilands have been farmers and professional men along many lines, but Prof. Eiland was the only one that ever embarked in the music business. He was inclined to music from a child and appropriated all the advantages in this line that came his way. Many things of minor importance happened along his life but in 1884 he fell into a meeting conducted by Maj. W. E. Penn, and the superior music rendered there awaked all his latent talent and set him on fire with a desire to make a musician. He at once began a musical career that has attained an abundant success. He soon began teaching and continuing to study to became a composer. He sought the association of those who could teach him and in this and other ways has enjoyed advantages of the best talent to be found. In 1893 he began publishing. From this, came in due time The Trio Music Co. now operated in Waco. Prof. E. is president of the company and editor in chief of the journal. He moved later to Myrtle Springs to secure the benefit of the wonderful waters of those springs. He is given great credit for good influence wielded for his church and community.

From "The Southland", Vol. XII. No. 1, Waco Tx

Texts by F. L. Eiland (291)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A crucified Savior, a now risen LordFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English6
A great feast is ready, and you are calledFranklin L. Eiland (Author)5
A song in honor to thy name, our grateful voicesFranklin L. Eiland (Author)7
After all thy cares are overFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
After it, our day of sorrowFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
After this life is o'erFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
All glory to Jesus, my soul may it giveFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
All my hopes of heaven are brighterFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
All the wealth that earthFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Alone, alone in GethsemaneFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Are you at your station readyFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English8
Are you leading precious soulsFranklin L. Eiland (Author)7
Are you mounted on the pinionsFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Are you now on the road leading home to GodFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Are you on sinking sandFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Are you seeking heavenly, peaceful restFranklin L. Eiland (Author)5
Are you tired of sin's delusionFranklin L. Eiland (Author)6
As the song of my lipsFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
At the hearing of the summonsFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Awake, my soul, awake, Put on thy strengthFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Be ye for the Master toiling all the dayFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Beautiful lines of life, before meFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Beautiful words of life are writtenFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Behold the crown upon his browFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Bravely bear your burdens, everFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Bring them to him who is able to saveFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English3
By and by, our ship will anchorFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
By and by, we there shall meet themFranklin L. Eiland (Author)6
Can you speak a word for JesusFranklin L. Eiland (Author)1
Come children, let us learn todayFranklin L. Eiland (Author)5
Dear Lord, in honor to thy nameFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Disowned, opposed, rejectedFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Do you seek relief for your sin-sick soul?F. L. E. (Author)English4
Endless joys await us yonderFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English7
Ever more will I, in his love confideFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Far over the valley and mountainFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
For the brain that is readyFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Forward, forward, in the mighty battleFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
From a life of condemnationFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Go, in early morning, into the harvest whiteFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English15
Go out in the highways, HisFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Go, show to the lost, the gospel lightFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Go tell the glad tidings to sinners astrayFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
God so loved the souls of menFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Hand in hand the field we enterFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Happy, happy children, learn of Christ todayFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Happy voices sing, happy voices singF. L. Eiland (Author)English3
Have you fixed adorning, Ready for the morningFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Have you sought, to disern its conditionFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Have you wandered far away on the road of sinFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
He, all the day long is my joy and my songFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
He from the bosom of God and his gloryFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
He, the blessed Son of heavenFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
His death on the cross for sinners like meFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Hoping will not be in vain That, a crown of life we'll gainFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
How precious is the fountainFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
I am happy every day as I journey on my wayFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
I am looking on by faith, to that worldFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
I am not ashamed to own himFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English4
I am not ready, to choose tonightFranklin L. Eiland (Author)5
I am now upon the highwayFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
I am now within the kingdomFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
I am safe from every dangerF. L. E. (Author)English2
I am thinking of the crossFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
I can never cease to love himFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
I have a home in a beautiful cityFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
I have a home not made with hands (Eiland)Franklin L. Eiland (Author)2
I have asked for his grace to sustain meFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
I have found a full salvation, Trusting in my Savior's bloodFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English4
I have found the shining road to the CanaanFranklin L. Eiland (Author)7
I have started on my journey, to that landFranklin L. Eiland (Author)5
I know that death awaits me, and I account must giveFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English8
I know that I am born to dieFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
I love to read and think of JesusFranklin L. Eiland (Author)13
I want to be near himFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English7
I want to have a crown that dayFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
I want to work for Jesus with willing heartFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
I was lost and doomed to dieFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
I will fear no more the billowsFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
If bright shall be my crown aboveFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
If fortune and honor I here cannot claimFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
If, in thy heart love's purpose isFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
If it may be truly spokenFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
If on Jesus I am leaningFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
If the angel of death should knockFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
If you are tired of the ways of sinFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
If you have no friend to cheer youFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
I'm a soldier in the army of the King of KingsFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
In Jesus I have found a friendFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
In the scene of CalvaryFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
In the sunlight of His presence I would every moment liveFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English6
In the vineyard, in the vineyard working dailyF. L. Eiland (Author)3
In the vineyard of my masterF. L. Eiland (Author)2
In thy love, dear Lord, dismiss usFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
In thy love, dear Lord, dismiss us and thy wingsFranklin L. Eiland (Author)13
Is the road you're traveling, sinnerF. L. Eiland (Author)English2
Is there heavy weight of careFranklin L. Eiland (Author)11
Is thy path dreary and is thy heartFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Is thy soul at peace and waitingFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Is thy soul its pardon needingFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
It, the world can never stealFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
It's onward and upward to gloryFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
I've heard the gospel storyFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
I've often been told of a country aboveFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
I've the glory of his presenceFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
Jesus, I'm clinging ever to theeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Jesus is a gentle ShepherdFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Jesus is coming, a glorified KingFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Jesus is His grace supplyingFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English4
Jesus is willing and ready todayFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Jesus, my Savior, promised that heFranklin L. Eiland (Author)6
Jesus planned for your redemptionFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Jesus the Lamb for sinners slainFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Jesus whispers, come to meFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Jesus will deliver youFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Keep the cross of Christ upliftedFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English2
Keep the sweet songs of salvationFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Lead me blessed, Savior, lead me, closely holdFranklin L. Eiland (Author)1
Lean on the mighty arm of JesusFranklin L. Eiland (Author)12
Led by his word to the fountain of lifeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)6
Let every heart be full of praiseFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Let every tongue sweet anthems singFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Let the hand that you know onlyFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Let the happy sunshine of God's eternal loveFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Let the happy voices of the children dearFranklin L. Eiland (Author)6
Let the life of Jesus, in thine own be seenFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
Lift your eyes, behold the harvestFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Lo the golden harvest bendingFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Look away from the cross to the glittering crownF. L. Eiland (Author)English49
Lord, help me to view theeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Lord, I want to live for theeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English21
Lord, may my each ambition perishFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Many though my conflicts beFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Mid so many sorrows and so much of sighingFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
My heart and my hand I would give theeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)8
My hope of heaven is more to meFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
My load of sin he has removedFranklin L. Eiland (Author)9
My soul now has a refuge sweetFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
My soul, thou hast this promise sweetFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
No more wild tempests disturb meFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
No song again, my Lord, would comeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
O, a glorious light is dawningFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English4
O behold the love of JesusF. L. E. (Author)3
O come, kind friends and joinFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
O I am so glad that my SaviorFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
O I want to do more for my SaviorFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
O I want to live nearer to GodFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
O land of everlasting lightFranklin L. Eiland (Author)6
O land of life, the land of loveFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
O sinner, stop, and let me tell you who it was whoFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
O there is a time when the message will comeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English34
O what joy twill be up yonderFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
O what peace I find in the promiseFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
O would you be numbered as one of His fold?Franklin L. Eiland (Author)English22
O it is a joyful thing, that of Jesus I can singF. L. Eiland (Author)English2
¡Oh Señor! yo quiero vivirFranklin L. Eiland (Author)Spanish2
On the way to Zion's cityFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
On this blessed morn, ye saints awakeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Once more the message you have heard (Eiland)F. L. Eiland (Author)2
Onward, to that cleansing fountainFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Out from sin unto righteousness liftedFranklin L. Eiland (Author)7
Out on the glad hills of God's gloryFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English9
Peace, my weary spirit sings Franklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Peace will be complete, when we there shall meetFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Preach the gospel of JesusFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
Precious the words of my SaviorFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Pressing are the needs of the harvest timeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Put on the whole armor and dread not the stormFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Put on thy strength O man of God, prepareFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Reaper, reaper, see the fields are whiteF. L. E. (Author)English3
Rich possessions are in storeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Savior abide ever with meFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Send the tidings of salvationFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Shall we meet by and by, in that homeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
She used to wear it hereFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
Should all the world forsake meFranklin L. Eiland (Author)5
Since I can sing redemption's songFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Since Jesus did my sins forgiveFranklin L. Eiland (Author)12
Sinner, friend, you've heard the messageFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Sinner, say, if God should call youFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Soldiers of Christ, arise, lifting you joyful eyesFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Songs to his honor, gather we now to singFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Soul, why be contented, out of Christ to stayFranklin L. Eiland (Author)6
Sowing and reaping for Jesus our KingFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English14
Spotless robes of white we'll wearFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English10
Stop dear sinner, and think how Jesus diedFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Sweet are the promises found in Thy wordFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English8
Take Jesus as your friend and guideFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Taken up from deathly sleepingFranklin L. Eiland (Author)5
That the sinner be convertedFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
That their hearts with gladness, ever may aboundFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
The dead in Christ are only sleepingFranklin L. Eiland (Author)25
The gospel voice is sounding, o turn yeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
The grave is not our final homeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
The hand that can saveFranklin L. Eiland (Author)5
The King in his glory is comingFranklin L. Eiland (Author)5
The King's highway by mortals trodFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
The kiss she placed upon my browFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
The lifeboat is sailing, is sailing alongFranklin L. Eiland (Author)5
The light I here so long have soughtFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
The light of the gospel is beaming todayFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want, He leadeth me night and dayF. L. E. (Arranger)English1
The Lord, upon my dreary way, has shed his lightFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
The love that Calvary's cross portrayedFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
The ship of salvation has hoisted her sailsFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
The song of salvation I ever will singFranklin L. Eiland (Author)5
The story of JesusFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
There is a friend, who is faithful everFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
There is a stream and its precious flowFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
There is mercy in the hand of GodFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
There is peace and there's rest completeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
There is perfect heavenly lightFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
There, I've placed my heart's affectionFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
There's a beautiful, beautiful land so fairF. L. E. (Author)English7
There's a home of pure delightFranklin L. Eiland (Author)1
There's a road that is broad and invitingFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
There's gloom and sorrow in my heartFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
These are God's peculiar people, whom he promisedFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
They're gone to join the throngFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Though far away, you've gone astrayFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Though I have no earthly treasuresFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
Though in forbidden paths I've goneFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Though man had far wandered from GodFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Though many have allegiance promisedFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Though often I have wandered, from Jesus, farFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Through struggles hard, and battles foughtFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Through the early dawn of morningFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Through the light of the gospel nowFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Through the white and waving fieldsFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English14
Thy name I here will ever praiseFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Thy word is light unto my soulFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Till we meet at the feetFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
'Tis a crown of endless gloryFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
'Tis joy, for me beyond compareFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
'Tis the hand of my Lord that is leading my wayF. L. E. (Author)3
'Tis the same old gospel story, that was preachedFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
'Tis unto thee, my Lord, will IFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
To live for Thee, my heart is fixedFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
To search thou art exhortedFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
To that land of peace and plentyFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
To that land of pure delightFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
To the hand of Jesus clingingFranklin L. Eiland (Author)7
Too late, 'twill be for you to cryFranklin L. Eiland (Author)12
Trusting in Jesus, is my insuranceFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Trusting in Jesus, O wonderful themeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)6
Try on, try on though worn and wearyFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
'Twas from Calvary that, it came to meFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
'Twas when I was lost he came to my rescueFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Upon the cross where Jesus diedF. L. E. (Author)English7
View the Savior on the crossFranklin L. Eiland (Author)12
Watch thou, my soul, keep thy discerningFranklin L. Eiland (Author)10
We are going to abide With the happy glorifiedFranklin L. Eiland (Author)6
We are going to dwell with JesusFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
We are marching on, to the land of lightFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
We are marching on, we are marching on, to the land of lightF. L. Eiland (Author)English7
We are only privates here todayFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
We are sowing seed for the harvest timeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)6
We are struggling on to CanaanFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
We exalt thy name, O LordFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
We may all outride the tempestFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
We shall gather at the riverFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
We want just the same religionFranklin L. Eiland (Author)5
Weary worn, pilgrim now sighing for restFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Welcome, welcome, one and allFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Welcome, welcome, welcome, one and allFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
We're marching home to Canaan's land (Moon)Franklin Eiland (Author (vs. 4, 5))English1
What wonderful love, at the cross, I can seeFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Whatsoever seed you sow, such, the fruit you'll reapFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
Whatsoever you sow, that you also reapFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
When I am by his sideFranklin L. Eiland (Author)6
When I believed, I then receivedFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
When I, thy mercies would forgetFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
When my soul upon the billowsFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
When my walk is close lwith JesusFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
When sorrows multiply thy woesFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
When the friends of earthFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
When the gleaning time is overFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
When the Master shall call us from labor to restFranklin L. Eiland (Author)8
When the saved of earth are gatheredFranklin L. Eiland (Author)English3
When we all called from earth to goFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Where sorrow and sadness can never come nighFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
While moments are flying, and sinners are dyingFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
While the endless ages rollFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Why not obey JesusFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
With a zeal that is new I again would pursueFranklin L. Eiland (Author)6
Words of Jesus, may they everFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Words of salvation unto you we bringFranklin L. Eiland (Author)2
Would you be more like Jesus each dayFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Would you in that meeting, of the great soulFranklin L. Eiland (Author)4
Would you make the run successfulFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
Yes, it is the power, thy soul, now to saveFranklin L. Eiland (Author)3
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