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Palmer Hartsough

Palmer Hartsough
Short Name: Palmer Hartsough
Full Name: Hartsough, Palmer, 1844-1932
Birth Year: 1844
Death Year: 1932

Rv Palmer Hartsough USA 1844-1932. Born in Redford, MI, he attended Kalamazoo College and Michigan State Normal school (later MSU). He became an author, editor, lyricist, and librettist. After working as a traveling singing teacher in MI, IL, IA, OH, KY and TN, he opened a music studio in Rock Island, IL, around 1877, also directing music at a Baptist church there. In 1893, due to his poetic abilities, he moved to Cincinnati, OH, and joined the Fillmore Music Company, providing texts (over 1000) for their music. He also served as music director at the Bethel Mission and the 9th Street Baptist Church. He became a traveling song evangelist in 1903, and was ordained a Baptist minister in 1906, serving in Ontario, Canada, and MI from 1914 to 1927. He then returned to Plymouth, MI, where he lived the rest of his life. He never married, but was close to his two sisters, and wrote them a weekly letter for many years. With Fillmore Company he helped publish 20 songbooks. He died in Plymouth, MI.

John Perry

Texts by Palmer Hartsough (300)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A light from heaven shines on my wayPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
A refuge have we when the storm sweeps the skiesPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
All the world for Jesus, tis the forward cryPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
All thy hills He clothed with fattlingPalmer Hartsough (Author)English3
Along the ancient highway in crowds the people throngPalmer Hartsough (Author)English3
Are you sowing the seed of the kingdom, brotherPalmer Hartsough (Author)English4
Are you trusting in the SaviorPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Arise, my soul, awake, my tonguePalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Armies of Zion, the trumpet soundsPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
As broke the long and heavy nightPalmer Hartsough (Author)4
As goes America, so goes the worldPalmer Hartsough (Author)English8
As we joyful gather in this happy bandPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
At morning hour, how sweet to prayPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
At the beautiful gate of the temple A poor man was lying so lamePalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Banners waving proudly o'er us, voices swelling loud thePalmer Hartsough (Author)16
Beautiful flag of liberty, beautiful flag we lovePalmer Hartsough (Author)English8
Behold, a Stranger waiting standsPalmer Hartsough (Author)5
Behold, behold the fields already whiteP. H. (Author)English7
Bells are ringing, birds are singingPalmer Hartsough (Author)4
Bells of heaven, how they gently chimePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Brave young soldier, see the evil hostsPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Bright bloom the daisies and sweet opes the rosePalmer Hartsough (Author)4
Bright breaks the morningPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Bright Galilee, O beautiful seaPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Bright hosts in worlds abovePalmer Hartsough (Author)English12
Bright Star of hope, there's darkness on the seaPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Bring me not giftsPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Chiming through the azure skyPalmer Hartsough (Author)4
Christ, our friend, O what a wonderPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Clear on earth's gloomy nightPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Come out, come out, good girls and boysPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Come to the Lord in prayerPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Come to the Savior, come to the Savior, Come by the blood of the LambPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Dark is the night, dark is the nightPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Don'ts worry and fret as you journey alongPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Ever for the right, boysPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Fair lilies, fair lilies we bring youPalmer Hartsough (Author)6
Father, pleads thy Son in prayerPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Filled with the Spirit sent from the FatherPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Follow in the path where Jesus leadsPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Following Jesus, Shepherd divinePalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Following the steps of JesusPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
For the cause of truth and right, Stand, standPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
For the morning bright with beautyPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
For the ones that are dearP. H. (Author)3
Forward, forward, forward go, for the Lord is withPalmer Hartsough (Author)10
Forward we go 'gainst the foe in his mightPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
From a distant shore comes the moaning cryPalmer Hartsough (Author)4
From their bar room, drunken laughterPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Get thee behind me, Satan! Thus spoke our tempted LordPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Give as the Lord hath prospered theePalmer Hartsough (Author)English19
Give, give to the Lord saith the wordPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Give thanks to the lord and bless His namePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Give we praise to the God abovePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Go forth, thou church triumphantPalmer Hartsough (Author)5
Go ye forth to seek the lostPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
God bless our native land, so fair and brightPalmer Hartsough (Author)4
Grant us, Lord, Thy blessed favorPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Greet the whole world with a smilePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Hail, Mighty Victor, hailPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Hail the bright morning! New day of gladnessPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Happy in my Savior, blest from day to dayPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Happy in the gospel from abovePalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Has the promise of the FatherPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Hear the trumpet call that's soundingPalmer Hartsough (Author)English7
Hear the trumpet of GodPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Hear ye not the trumpet blastPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Hear ye the shout of triumphPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Heaven sweet heaven, I hear afar the songPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Heralds of light, go ye forth mid the darknessPalmer Hartsough (Author)4
Heralds of truth, sound ye abroadPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Holy one, Jesus our SaviorPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
How calm and bright the lovely mornPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
I am happy in my Savior, I am singing all the dayPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
I am resolved no longer to lingerPalmer Hartsough (Author)English151
I believe in God, there is naught can move me!Palmer Hartsough (Author)4
I have a store of all goodly thingsPalmer Hartsough (Author)English3
I have found the fount of gladnessPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
I hear my blessed Savior say, thy sins are all forgivenPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
I love the Lord, he came to savePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
I shall awake when the trump shall soundP. Hartsough (Author)7
I will live for Christ, my SaviorPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
I will not go without theePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
I will sing of Christ my Savior, I will tell his wondrous loveP. H. (Author)English2
If a man that's on the searchPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
If I must die, O, let me die Reclining on myPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
In battle I've stood for truth and the rightPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
In his rude manger bed sleepingPalmer Hartsough (Author)4
In love for me the holy One enthronedPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
In my heart the bells of gladnessPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
In that land of pure delight, In that home beyond the skyPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
In that summer land of beautyPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
In the cause of truth, in the cause of rightPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
In the country that we love the bestPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
In the house of many mansions, With its portals bright and fairPalmer Hartsough (Author)English1
In the kingdom of the LordPalmer Hartsough (Author)English3
In the land we love, home of God's great blessingPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
In the light of God's truthPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
In the morning ere the busy dayPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
In the morning ere the busy day Has brought its load of carePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
In the name of Christ Fling your banners outPalmer Hartsough (Author)9
In the name of God we're marchingPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
In the name of Jesus bowPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
In the service of my Savior there is blessingPalmer Hartsough (Author)English3
In the silence of the midnight, O my soul, what hearest thou?P. H. (Author)English4
In the stillness of the twilightPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
In the Sunday school we're gathered once againPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Into my soul has come peace like a dovePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Is there aught so lovely as the sunny dayPalmer Hartsough (Author)5
I've joy within where'er I goPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Jesus, Friend and only SaviorPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Jesus is calling, calling, callingPalmer Hartsough (Author)24
Jesus is calling, dear one, for theePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Jesus is calling, I hear his loving voicePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Jesus the high and the holyPalmer Hartsough (Author)4
Jesus, the Savior, invites youPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Jesus, thou Light divinePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Jesus, thou merciful SaviorPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Joyful we come to Zion's fair gatesPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Just on before are the hills of GodPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Let the joy bells ring, Let the children singPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
List, O list! there's a sound from the silvery wavePalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Little boat, little boat, sail awayPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Lonely, no not lonely, while Jesus standsP. H. (Author)English2
Long I've wandered far from GodPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Lord, we beseech Thee, grant Thy Spirit's powerPalmer Hartsough (Author)English3
Loud sounds the bugle, clear comes the callPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Lovely, lovely river, On thy way so freePalmer Hartsough (Author)8
March boldly on, march boldly onPalmer Hartsough (Author)English8
Messengers of love and mercyPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
My faith is in the Holy WordPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
My Savior died upon the tree, His precious bloodPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Nation great and nation gloriousPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Native land, our country brightPalmer Hartsough (Author)6
Noble is he who lifts his colors highP. H. (Author)English2
O bright are the wavelets on blue GalileePalmer Hartsough (Author)3
O, Calvary, dread CalvaryPalmer Hartsough (Author)6
O Church of God, O Host RedeemedP. H. (Author)English2
O come, O come, let us worshipPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
O, country grand and free, our prayer ascend for theePalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
O country great, O country free, how honored are thy sons, and blestPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
O Father, hear us while we prayP. H. (Author)English2
O gently speak as on we goPalmer Hartsough (Author)English4
O Gottessohn, wer ist dir gleichPalmer Hartsough (Author)German2
O, happy people of the living GodPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
O happy souls are we who hearPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
O heavenly father hear our prayerPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
O holy day, O happy dayPalmer Hartsough (Author)6
O how pleasant the wayPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
O I love to go to JesusPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
O my blessed Savior guide mePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
O my soul, thy Savior seePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
O night of glory, when the angels sangPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
O praise the Lord, O praise the Lord, Let songs of joy resoundPalmer Hartsough (Author)English3
O roses sweet, O roses fairPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
O Savior mine, so full, so freePalmer Hartsough (Author)6
O, sing of the love of the LordPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
O sinner, come to Christ today, He stands so gently pleadingP. H. (Author)English2
O that season of delight, O that blessed hourPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
O wonderful word of salvationPalmer Hartsough (Author)English11
Over our land the day is breakingPalmer Hartsough (Author)4
Over the dark and silent streamPalmer Hartsough (Author)English11
O'er the meadow and the mountainPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
O'er the silent river, dark and coldPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Of all the pies that the piemakers makePalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Oft as returns the holy day The day of sacred restPalmer Hartsough (Author)English7
On the precious promise of my Savior I'm restingPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
On the promise of my SaviorPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
On the western billowsPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
On the western billows, see them launchPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
On thee my Lord my soul is stayedPalmer Hartsough (Author)English6
Only Jesus would I knowP. H. (Author)English2
Onward, onward, hear the trumpet callingPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Open the windows of heaven, O Lord, And blessings upon us now richly pourPalmer Hartsough (Author)English5
Our Father, while before theePalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Our God is calling, calling us todayPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Our native land we bring to JesusP. H. (Author)3
Praise ye the Lord with harp and voicePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Praise ye the Lord your grateful tribute bringingPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Put on the whole armor, the armor of GodPalmer Hartsough (Author)English4
Rejoice, rejoice, ye nationsPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Resuelto estoy a dejar el pecadoPalmer Hartsough (Author)Spanish2
Resuelto estoy a no más quedarmePalmer Hartsough (Author)Spanish2
Savior divine to Thee our prayer ascendingPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Scatter your many blessings to the ones you hold so dearPalmer Hartsough (Author)4
See the dews of morning on the blades of greenPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Seek ye the Lord while He may be foundPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Send out thy light and thy truth, blessed LordPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Shepherd so true and tenderPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Sing every clime and tongue, O happy worldPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Sing to Jehovah, sing ye with gladnessPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Soldiers, are we at the call of our KingPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Speed away, speed away, blessed gospel of lightPalmer Hartsough (Author)English8
Spirit divine, from heaven abovePalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Star divine, that led the wise menPalmer Hartsough (Author)English8
Sweet are the promises of the early springPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Sweet are the promises of the Holy WordPalmer Hartsough (Author)English6
Sweet are the songs of the wild birdsPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Sweet it is, O Lord, to praisePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Sweet on the ear falls a heavenly voicePalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Sweet Savior mine, so full, so freePalmer Hartsough (Author)English4
Take heart, weary toiler, be of good cheerPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Tell it again to me the story sweet and oldenPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Tell it out, tell it out, send the word abroadPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Thanks be to God for all his mighty deedsPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
The brief day of life is fast nearing its closePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
The conquering Christ, O earth, beholdPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
The Father in heaven so kindly doth givePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
The Father, kind, above, sent forth in tender lovePalmer Hartsough (Author)English7
The flowers of the field have a lesson for mePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
The glory so greatPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
The kingdom of the Lord, Is coming in the worldPalmer Hartsough (Author)English3
The kingdom of the Lord is now at handPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
The lightnings round me are flashingP. H. (Arranger)1
The Lord be with and bless theePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
The Master is calling thee, go forth to the fieldPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
The murmering brooks, the singing birdsPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
The praise of our CreatorPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
The sky is bright, the heart is lightPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
The summer comes at his decreePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
The sweetest song the dearest namePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
The week has passed its busy roundPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
The years of God are rolling onPalmer Hartsough (Author)English4
There is a marriage of the great King's sonPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
There is a path that Jesus leadsPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
There is a river whose crystal floodPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
There is nothing like the goodnessPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
There is one among the meek most lowlyPalmer Hartsough (Author)4
There will come a day of joy and gladnessPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
There'll be singing on the margin of the riverPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
There's a battle on against the wrongPalmer Hartsough (Author)English3
There's a fountain of blood, Tis a soul cleansing floodPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
There's a rising brightness in the skyPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
There's joy in my heart todayPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
They are telling of a SaviorPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
They sing sweet songs on the little village greenPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
This life is a battle of right with the wrongPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Through an enemy's country we journeyPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Through the meadows where the sweetest pasture growsPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Through all the temple ringingPalmer Hartsough (Author)English6
Thy Lord hath visited theePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
'Tis finished, was his dying cryPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
'Tis the happiest time in this life belowPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
'Tis the sacred dayPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
'Tis the Savior pleading, Come, O come to mePalmer Hartsough (Author)English11
'Tis the sweetest thoughtPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
To the blessed Father now be endless praisePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
To the Lamb that was slain and is risen againPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
To us has been given a country so greatPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Today if ye will hear his voice (Hartsough)Palmer Hartsough (Author)2
Unto him be glory and honor and powerP. H. (Author)English3
Unto the hills I lift mine eyes, Whence cometh all my help (Hartsough)Palmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Unto the Lord, unto the LordPalmer Hartsough (Author)1
Upon the cross uplifted high, Behold the bleeding SaviorPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Upon the Sunday morn how sweetPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
Valiant men and truePalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Wait on the Lord though dark thy nightPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
War sounds forth his dread alarmsPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Watch and wait for the time is nearingPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
We are a band of brothersPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
We are an army, grand and mightyPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
We are happy, always happy in the Sunday schoolPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
We are soldiers in the army, We are under marching ordersPalmer Hartsough (Author)English5
We are waiting till the bridegroom comethPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
We come, we come, we come to the Sunday schoolPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
We have buckled on the armorPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
We, like sheep, have wanderedP. H. (Author)English2
We praise thee, O God, in thy name we rejoicePalmer Hartsough (Author)English11
We should love and help each otherPalmer Hartsough (Author)13
We will be true to JesusPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
We would love and help each otherPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Welcome, welcome, Lovers of Jesus, good welcomePalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
When bursts the morning so clear and so brightPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
When by the sea side strayingPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
When it's bright above youPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
When Lord's day morning comes so fair and brightPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
When night settles down over the seaPalmer Hartsough (Author)4
When sunset is gilding the western hillsPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
When the burning sun is parchingPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
When the Christmas bells are pealing outPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
When the day is breaking And the night is gonePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
When the Lord in glory cometh with His hosts in bright arrayPalmer Hartsough (Author)9
When the Master comes, When the Master comesPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
When the rising dawn drives away the nightPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
When the shades of night are darkestPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
When the skies are bright I've a song so lightPalmer Hartsough (Author)English7
When the sky over spreads with blacknessPalmer Hartsough (Author)English4
When the storm rages high and the tempest is freePalmer Hartsough (Author)2
When the troubles of life like the wild billows rollPalmer Hartsough (Author)4
When the winds and floods uprisingPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
When with the notes of springPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
When you find you're doing wrongPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
While nature rejoices and we are so gladPalmer Hartsough (Author)3
While we're gathered here in happy throngPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Who can tell the love of JesusPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Who the tempter's voice will heed?Palmer Hartsough (Author)English2
Wild breaks the storm upon the deepPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Wonderful saving power of JesusPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Would you have the things you ask forPalmer Hartsough (Author)2
Young men, be strong the world to winPalmer Hartsough (Author)English2
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