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William J. Henry

Short Name: William J. Henry
Full Name: Henry, William J., 1867-1955
Birth Year (est.): 1867
Death Year: 1955

Originally from Ohio, Henry was an early leader in the Holiness Movement near Boyertown, Pennsylvania. In 1889 he, answered a call to hold revival meetings in eastern Pennsylvania. Denominational leaders had received requests from congregations there, but had no one to send. Though Henry was only 22 years old, he proved a very effective organizer. He toured eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey for several months each year till 1895. He became a very active evangelist and song writer, holding meetings in every American state and in Britain.



The song, β€œI Cannot Be Idle,” was written by William J. Henry, in 1897. He got saved from his sins at the age of 20 (in 1882), and he wrote this song at the age of 35 years old. He got saved at an evangelistic meeting, took his stand with the church of God, and he was called to the ministry nine years later, in 1891. Two years later (at the age of 31 years old), he made his first trip to spread the gospel overseas. A small congregation in Liverpool, England, was started through his laboring. Henry could not be idle! Later, he started a congregation in Springfield, Missouri, where he pastored for 13 years. He wrote more than 300 songs. At the age of 73 years old, Henry and his wife wrote: β€œTo God be all the glory! This has been the busiest and happiest time of our lives. We are both enjoying the best of health and are decided to do more for [God] in the future.” He died 20 years later.


Texts by William J. Henry (83)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A wonderful fountain is openedWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Als ich am Anfang den Herrn gesuchtWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Are you walking in the light, in the light of GodWilliam J. Henry (Author)3
Away down in Egypt's landWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Brother, around you lost souls may be foundWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Come, poor sinner, come to JesusW. J. Henry (Author)English4
Come sinner come God is calling theeWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Come unto me, all ye that laborW. J. Henry (Author)English2
Es ist ein Ort bereit fuer michWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Ever since the blessed dayWilliam J. Henry (Author)English2
For all the Savior has done for meWilliam J. Henry (Author)English4
From the burden of sinWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Full salvation would you know?W. J. Henry (Author)English2
Go tell the world that Jesus has sufferedW. J. Henry (Author)English4
Halte mich in deiner N'he, JesuWilliam J. Henry (Author)3
He brought me out of darkness into lightWilliam J. Henry (Author)3
Herr Jesus, mein Heiland und HelferWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
I am fighting in the army of the Lord,William J. Henry (Author)English7
I am fully saved todayWilliam J. Henry (Author)English5
I cannot be idle, for Jesus says, GoWilliam J. Henry (Author)English10
I have found a retreat, where I oftenWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
I have found a sweet restWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
I once was a slave in the bondage of sinWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Ich fand, dass Jesus, der fuer uns starbWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
If you would be a pillar in the church of GodW. J. Henry (Author)4
I'll follow Jesus here, I'll never, never fearW. J. H. (Author)English6
I'll not be afraid for the terror by nightW. J. H. (Author)English5
I'll tell it all to Jesus, my troubles I cannot bearW. J. Henry (Author)English2
I'm walking each day by the side of my LordWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
In dem Schatten seines Kreuzes ich weil'William J. Henry (Author)3
In his pavilion hidingWilliam J. Henry (Author)English3
In the shadow of the cross let me hideWilliam J. Henry (Author)English4
I've forsaken all to follow in the footstepsWilliam J. Henry (Author)3
I've found the Savior who died for manW. J. Henry (Author)English4
Jesus vil komme igjen, Dette er loeftet han gavWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Jesus vill komma igenWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Jesus was a great physicianWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Keep me near Thee, blessed JesusWilliam J. Henry (Author)English7
Komme zu mir, der du muehseligWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Lasst uns stets einander liebenWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Let us ever love each otherWilliam J. Henry (Author)English7
Lord, I would be wholly ThineW. J. H. (Author)English4
Lord Jesus, my blessed RedeemerW. J. Henry (Author)English4
Love led the Savior to dark CalvaryWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
My soul was once so sad and drearWilliam J. Henry (Author)3
Nothing but leaves I've gatheredWilliam J. Henry (Author)English4
O herre min elskede frelserWilliam J. Henry (Author)3
O Lord, I read in the blessed BibleW. J. H. (Author)2
O brother watch your stepW. J. H. (Author)3
Oh, how are you living, my brother?W. J. Henry (Author)English2
O we are saved in Jesus' bloodW. J. Henry (Author)4
O we love our Sunday schoolW. J. Henry (Author)4
Once my heart was sad and lonely, and opprest with careWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Out on sin's dark mountainW. J. Henry (Author)English4
Savior, I come with my heart sad and bleedingWilliam J. Henry (Author)English2
Since I made a full surrenderWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Since Jesus made my heart his homeW. J. Henry (Author)English2
Since my sins are all forgivenWilliam J. Henry (Author)5
Some one must cross over the ocean wildW. J. H. (Author)English3
The harvest is past and the summer is endedW. J. Henry (Author)4
The Lord's my Shepherd (Henry)William J. Henry (Author)2
There are many false religionsWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
There is a home prepared for me, Beyond life's mortal yearW. J. H. (Author)English2
There's a promise of the LordWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
There's a thought that sustains meWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
There's salvation full and freeW. J. Henry (Author)English4
Though often I'm tempted and sorely I'm triedWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Wandering afar from my home aboveWilliam J. Henry (Author)English4
Warum steht ihr noch muessigWilliam J. Henry (Author)3
Wenn das Werk mit Kraft nun verkuendet warWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
We're a band of happy pilgrims bound for our home aboveW. J. H. (Author)4
When first I started to seek the LordWilliam J. Henry (Author)13
When I travel the pathway so rugged and steepWilliam J. Henry (Author)6
When I was bound in sin and shame Jesus brought me outWilliam J. Henry (Author)4
When I've preached God's word with the Spirit's pow'rW. J. Henry (Author)English2
When my sky is clear and brightW. J. H. (Author)English3
When the Lord in all his gloryWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
When the storm clouds gather till you scarceWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Where'er I go in this land of sinWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
Where'er my Savior's hand may leadW. J. Henry (Author)English4
While the storms are raging and the billows rollW. J. H. (Author)English2
Why stand ye all day idleWilliam J. Henry (Author)English5
Your burden of sin will be taken awayWilliam J. Henry (Author)2
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