Harriet E. Jones

Harriet E. Jones
Short Name: Harriet E. Jones
Full Name: Jones, Harriet E., 1823-1915
Birth Year: 1823
Death Year: 1915

Harriet E. Rice Jones, 1823-1915

Born: Ap­ril 18, 1823, Pom­pey Hol­low, Onon­da­ga Coun­ty, New York.
Died: 1915, Bing­ham­ton, New York.
Buried: Oran Com­mun­i­ty Church Cem­e­te­ry, Pom­pey, Onon­da­ga Coun­ty, New York.

Daughter of El­e­a­zer Rice, Jones lived in Onon­da­ga Coun­ty, New York. Her girl­hood was spent on a farm, re­ceiv­ing what ed­u­ca­tion the count­ry schools and one term at high school could pro­vide. She was al­ways fond of read­ing, and was a great sing­er, with a clear ring­ing voice. On Ju­ly 7, 1844, she mar­ried a son of Rev. Ze­nas Jones; her hus­band died in 1879. Her song writ­ing ca­reer b­egan when her po­e­try came to the at­ten­tion of Dr. M. J. Mun­ger, who asked if she could write some Sun­day school hymns for him. She went on to write for Daniel Town­er, J. C. Ew­ing, the Fill­more bro­thers, and others.


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A brave, loyal army of soldiersHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
A call comes ringing from the throneHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
A dear little army of childrenMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)3
A dreadful foe is in our landHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
A feast is preparing, the King will presideHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
A golden promise I may claimHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
A merciful Savior is Jesus my LordHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
A song is in my heart today, for all my sins areMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
A sweet new song is in my soulHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
A youthful pilgrim bandHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Abide with me, O Lord, abide with meHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Although a stormy road I treadHarriet E. Jones (Author)6
Are we keeping close to JesusHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Are we walking in the light? Are we serving one another?Mrs. Harriet Jones (Author)English2
Are you in byways of sorrow and sinHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Are you on the road to ZionHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Are you out in sin, and the foe's your heart within?Harriet E. Jones (Author)English2
Are you toiling day by dayHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Are you toiling for the Master, are you busy every day?Mrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)English2
Are you weary, sister, brotherH. Jones (Author)2
Are your robes all stainedMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)2
As pants the hart for watersH. Jones (Author)2
As the days are going by, do you raise God's banner highHarriet E. Jones (Author)5
At the foot of the cross where I foundMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)3
Auf, auf! ihr Kämpfer in den Krieg!Harriet E. Jones (Author)German1
Be on thy guard, O soul of mineHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Behold, a stranger, wondrous fairHarriet Jones (Author)2
Bless the Lord, O my soul, I will ever rejoiceHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Blessed Lord and dear RedeemerHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Blessed Redeemer, O comeHarriet E. Jones (Author)1
Bright little soldiers are needed todayHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Bring the little lambs to JesusH. Jones (Author)2
By and by, our Lord is comingHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
By and by, we shall meet on the bright, golden shoreHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Can I forget the sacred spotHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Can I forget when from the throneHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
Can you sing a sweet new songHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
Christ as Judge is coming by and byHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Christ died for me, O precious thoughtHarriet E. Jones (Author)5
Christ is now ready to cleanse you from sinHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Come, Holy Spirit, thee I am needingHarriet E. Jones (Author)7
Come into our school so dearHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Come Spirit come, with light divineHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
Come to the fountain of mercy, Come with thy sin and thy woeHarriet E. Jones (Author)5
Come weary one by sin oppressedHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Cruel thorns are in my pathwayHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Day by day the Lord to you is sayingHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
Dear little lambs that are straying outsideHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Dear Lord, to thee I comeMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)4
Death shall come to claim us allHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Do the clouds oft veil your skyHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Do you hear the glad refrainHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Does the Lord own me His today?Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
Don't let your sickle get rustyMrs. H. E. Jones (Author)3
Down at the cross where the Savior died, Low at the foot of the CrucifiedHarriet E. Jones (Author)English4
Draw me near thee, loving SaviorHarriet E. Jones (Author)12
Du seiler mod et grusomt strømfald, broderHarriet E. Jones (Author)Norwegian2
Enlisted for ChristHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Eternity, how long, how longMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)3
Every day anointings, This my earnest pleaHarriet E. Jones (Author)6
Faint not, weary pilgrim, though sad and distressedHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
For me, O yes, for even meHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
For the sunshine and the rainHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Friend of sinners, take, O take meHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
From their bed the grasses springHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Gather them in, the tender lambsMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)2
Give unto us, dear SaviorH. Jones (Author)2
Glory to Jesus, His word is trueHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Go and gather in the childrenHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Go spread the news abroadHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
God be with us through the days to comeHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Golden promise from the FatherHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Hail to the risen SaviorHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Have you been to Jesus with your every sinHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
Have you heard about the fountainHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
Have you sins o'er which you're grievingHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
He brought me up from the miry clayHarriet E. Jones (Author)6
He, the dear Savior, dothH. Jones (Author)2
He who dwelt among the lowlyHarriet E. Jones (Author)5
Hear the merry Christmas bellsHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
Hearts are never, never achingHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Herald the story of saving graceHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Hold fast dear friend that whichHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
How I love to cling to JesusHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
How the bright angels sing since the Christ cameHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
How the hand of love can lightenHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
I am dwelling in the sunshine with my blessed Lord and SaviorHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I am dwelling with my Savior on the heights of Beulah landHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
I am happy in the Lord, I am trustingHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
I am on the Lord's side, I have been redeemedHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
I am pleading, blessed JesusHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I am so glad that Jesus livesHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I am so glad that salvation is freeHarriet E. Jones (Author)7
I am the Lord's and he is mine, Praise, O praise His nameHarriet E. Jones (Author)7
I am thinking just now of that wonderful climeHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
I am trusting in the Lord, HallelujahHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
I am trusting in the SaviorHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I am walking with my Savior (Jones)Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
I come to thee, O gracious OneMrs. H. E. Jones (Author)2
I had rather be found in the highway of GodHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
I have a friend, a faithfulHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I have fought a good fight, I have finished myHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I have found the waters sweetHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
I have had a taste of the joys aboveHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I have plunged beneath the flood, I have felt the love divineMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)3
I know my Savior loves meHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I know that my Redeemer lives, who doth the heart renewHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I learned a song with sweet refrainHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
I like to think that JesusHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
I love to think of heaven, The home where Jesus isMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)2
I love to think of the music grandHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
I love to think of the ransomed throngHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I need Thee, Lord, from day to dayHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
I sought the blessed RedeemerHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I want to do something for Jesus my SaviorHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I want to live in gloryMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)2
I want to live just as He wants me to liveHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
I want to work in the gospel fieldHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I will never be afraid when foes of God assailHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I will sing and tell the story, what the Lord has done for meHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
I will trust in the Lord my GodHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I would be a sunbeam in the halls of homeHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
If our Lord should come tonightHarriet E. Jones (Author)8
I'll do as precious Jesus bidsHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I'll live for my Lord and redeemerHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I'll speak a word for Jesus, wherever I may beMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
I'm a pilgrim going homeHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
I'm going home to Jesus, I'm nearHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
I'm thinking just now of a beautiful restHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
In den Wohnungen dort obenHarriet E. Jones (Author)German2
In that wondrous home divineHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
In the army of the Lord, We are marching onMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
In the garden prostrate lyingMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
In the home beyond the tideHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
In the home of bliss, where the Savior isHarriet E. Jones (Author)7
In the home of song and beautyHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
In the land of endless sheenHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
In the shadow of his wings I am resting sweetlyHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
In the shadow of thy wings O dear RedeemerHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
In the shelter of the rock, I am restingHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
In the slough of despond I resolved not to stayHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
In yonder home my mansion standsHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Is thy heart oppressed with painH. Jones (Author)2
Is your heart all stained with sin?Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
I've enlisted in the army of the LordHarriet E. Jones (Author)1
I've seen the light from heaven's throneHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
Jesus came to bring salvation to a ruined raceHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
Jesus is tenderly calling for thee, WaitingMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)5
Jesus, keep within thy foldMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)2
Jesus loves the children, He has told us soHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Jesus uns zu retten kamHarriet E. Jones (Author)German1
Just as he wills, so let it beHarriet E. Jones (Author)9
Just over beyond, in the city of goldHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
Just over beyond, in the city of gold, Where never an ill can betideHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Let the Easter praise ariseHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Let the little children bring Floral tributesHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Let us arise to do and dareHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Let us work for Jesus while belowMrs. Harriett Jones (Author)1
Let us work in cheerful wayMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)3
Lift me higher, blessed JesusMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
Lights for our Jesus, our motto shall beHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Little hands, little handsHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Little sowers blest indeedHarriet E. Jones (Author)5
Littlle tongues can utter praiseMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)6
Lo an army grand is marchingHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Lo the many fieldsHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Lo! ‘tis free, this great salvationHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Lonely pilgrim, art thou wearyMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)English2
Love's redeeming work is done, On the cross of shame 'twas doneMrs. H. E. Jones (Author)English2
Loving Savior, lead thou meHarriet E. Jones (Author)21
Loving Savior, lead meMrs Harriet Jones (Author)2
Make it known among the people on which side you standHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
Mark well the words so wisely saidHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
‘Mid the cold, barren waysHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Move forward, soldiers of the crossHarriet E. Jones (Author)10
My brother, the Master is calling for theeMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)5
My feet were in the miry clayHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
My peace is like a riverHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
My Redeemer safely leads meHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
My Savior had not where to layHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Never a love like the love of the LordHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
No more parting, no more sorrowHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Not a cloud to hide our skyHarriet E. Jones (Author)6
Not now but when 'tis God's sweet willHarriet E. Jones (Author)5
Nothing to bring, O Savior KingHarriet E. Jones (Author)English3
Now is the time to laborMrs. H. E. Jones (Author)2
Now let us sing the song againMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)3
Now we gladly gather inHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
O be faithful, Christian soldiersHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
O beautiful banner for mortals unfurledHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
O beautiful home of the wearyHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
O beautiful Zion, the home of the blestHarriet E. Jones (Author)English3
O book of books, O precious wordHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
O, Calvary, O Calvary, my Savior sufferedHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
O can it be, O can it beHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
O come to the fold of the ShepherdHarriet E. Jones (Author)5
O, das Heimatland da drobenHarriet E. Jones (Author)German2
O, dear to the heart of the ShepherdHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
O ever sweet and holy nameHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
O, fathomless fountain of mercyHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
O glad whosoever, the deed is doneHarriet E. Jones (Author)26
O glorious homeland just over the lineHarriet E. Jones (Author)English13
O herrliche botschaft es ist vollbrachtHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
O home sweet home so free from careHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
O how sweet the loving deedHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
O I am so glad that salvation is freeHarriet E. Jones (Author)5
O I am so happy in JesusMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)1
O Lamb of God for sinners slain (Jones)Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
O land of the purified, home of the blestMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)English2
O life giving water that floweth so freeMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
O praise the Lord, I've been redeemedHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
O precious, precious JesusHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
O promise sweet for every oneMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)English2
O roll the glad chorus of praise alongHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
O shall I help to swell the songMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
O shun the road, so broad and coldHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
O sing the sweet storyHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
O sinner, come to Christ today, No longer standHattie E. Jones (Author)2
O soul, by many woes oppressedHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
O sweet is the service of JesusHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
O that song, when safe at homeHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
O the matchless love and mercyHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
O the music over yonderHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
O the wondrous love of Jesus (Jones)Harriet E. Jones (Author)3
O 'tis summer all the timeMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
O 'tis sweet to talk of JesusMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)English2
O to be nearer to JesusHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
O wanderer come to JesusHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
O what a meeting that will be, In that sweet time to comeHarriet Jones (Author)6
O who are these so near the throneHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
O wie koestlich die VerheissungHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
O wonderful, wonderful story Believers so love to repeatMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)English3
O wondrous love, the Savior diedMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
O wondrous sea of GalileeHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
Oh! beautiful home of the soul!Mrs. Harriet Jones (Author)2
O bless His name!Mrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)English2
O the homeland over yonderMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
O the meetings, O the greetingsMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)5
On Calvary's mountain he bought meHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
On, on, to the rescue, ye servants of GodHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Onward, brothers, shout the watchwordHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
Onward, Christian! wrecks are tossingH. E. Jones (Author)2
Onward God's army is marchingHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Our blessed Lord is just the sameHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Our Lord commands, and we obeyHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Our master to obeyHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
Out on sin's ocean the careless are driftingHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
Over where the ransomed gatherH. Jones (Author)3
Passing through the fiery furnaceHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Patiently we toil alongHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Plant blossoms, rare blossoms your pathway alongHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
Praise, O praise the King of heaven! Soul of mine, an anthem raiseHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
Precious Christ, in whom I trustHarriet E. Jones (Author)5
Precious Jesus saves from sinHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
Precious promise from my SaviorH. E. Jones (Author)2
Press onward, Christian soldier, press onward to the prize Harriet E. Jones (Author)3
Ring out, glad bells o'er hills and dellsHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Ring out, ring outHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Ring out the tidings in notes loud and clearHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Ring, ring the bells over mountain and plainHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
Ring, ring the bells, the joyful bellsHarriet E. Jones (Author)English1
See the band of little childrenH. Jones (Author)2
See the beacon brightly burningHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
See yonder vessel, the storm rages highHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Shall I tell you why I sing a joyful layHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Since my soul is redeemed, since I walk in the lightHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Sind wie Scharlach deine SündenHarriet E. Jones (Author)German1
Sing, O sing the dear old storyMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)4
Sing the Christian's marching song, and sing it with a willMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)9
Sing the joyful news againHarriet E. Jones (Author)5
Soldiers of Jesus, arise in your mightHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Some sweet morning, noon or eveningHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Sometime the night of sorrow will be overHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
Sometime we'll crossHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Sometime we'll reach the summer landHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Sons and daughters hearts unitedHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Souls that are precious are out in the coldHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Spread the tidings all abroad, Jesus livesHarriet E. Jones (Author)6
Step out on the promise, O sinnerHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Still out of Christ, O fearful thoughtHarriet E. Jones (Author)6
Sweet is the fount of mercyHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Sweet songs are heard in woodlandHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Sweet the task to work for JesusH. Jones (Author)2
The angels watch till early morning Harriet E. Jones (Author)3
The beautiful streams in that wonderful landH. Jones (Author)2
The beautiful waters are movingHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
The dear little children are gathered todayMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)2
The dear Redeemer cameHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
The fields are white with the ripened grainMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)2
The fountain of healing is openHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
The glory of conquest, be valiantHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
The King bids you come and partake of the feastHarriet Jones (Author)8
The King in his beauty upon the white throneMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
The King's highway is a pleasant roadHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
The little ones, tho' very youngHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
The little soldiers of our KingHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
The Lord is my Shepherd, then why should I fearHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
The one who suffered on the treeH. E. Jones (Author)2
The righteous Father knoweth bestHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
The Savior died to set me freeHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
There are breaking hearts todayHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
There are dangers drear on the sea of lifeMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
There are days of toil for His servants trueHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
There are friends, kind friends, that to me are dearHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
There are songs, sweet songs, that I love to hearHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
There is a beautiful home beyond the silent seaHarriet E. Jones (Author)7
There is a beautiful pathHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
There is a blessed goalH. Jones (Author)2
There is a Friend whose name is LoveHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
There is a Star, a Beacon LightHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
There is glory in my soul Since the Savior made me wholeHarriet E. Jones (Author)13
There is sweet contentment in my soul todayHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
There stands a rock amid the wavesHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
There's a beautiful home for the childrenHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
There's a beautiful light shining over the seaHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
There's a beautiful region just now in my viewHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
There's a glittering star overheadHarriet E. Jones (Author)7
There's a home beyond the JordanHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
There's a star in the east (Jones)Harriet E. Jones (Author)3
There's a star overhead, there's a babe in the stallHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
There's a Stranger close beside youHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
There's an old fashioned storyHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
There's joy in the thought of a raiment of whiteMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)4
Though often our feet may be bleedingHarriet E. Jones (Author)6
Though your sins be red like crimsonHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
Three hours the earth is filled with gloomHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
Through the precious, precious bloodHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Throw to the breeze the bannerHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Thy lead, O Lord, I know is bestHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
'Tis sweet to dwell in love divineHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
'Tis sweet to know that Christ receivesMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
'Tis sweet to know that Jesus cameHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
To save the world [lost] the Savior cameHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
To that sweet home for which I longHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
To thee we render thanks and praiseHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Toiler, have you weary grownHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
Trusting in the words of JesusHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Unto our God let notes of praiseHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Unto thee I flyHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Upon the cross the Savior died, Upon the cross was crucifiedHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Way down upon the paths forbiddenHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
We are children of a King, wondrous KingHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
We are coming, we are coming, From the eastHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
We are daughters of a KingMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
We are happy pilgrims, full of joy and songHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
We are junior workers strongHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
We are little blossoms in our Father's gardenHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
We are little Christian servantsMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
We are little soldiers trueHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
We are marching hand in handMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)English2
We are marching lightHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
We are marching right alongHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
We are soldiers in the army of the mighty King of kingsHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
We are willing workers in the open fieldHarriet E. Jones (Author)9
We are youthful students, learning from the bibleMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)10
We can give a cup of waterHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
We come, we come, this festive dayHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
We come, we come, this hallowed dayHarriet E. Jones (Author)5
We come with songs of gladnessMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)1
We have a Rock a safe retreatMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)10
We love the Holy Bible, its pages love to scanHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
We may brighten paths of woeHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
We may plant some blossoms fairHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
We must wait, we must work, we must watch, we must prayHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
We shall conquer in the battle for the rightHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
We shall cross the rolling tide some dayHarriet E. Jones (Author)7
We shall gain the shining landHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
We shall meet the King of heavenHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
We shall reach our home some dayMrs. H. E. Jones (Author)9
We shall reach the golden gateMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
We will bear each other's burdens and for one another prayHarriet E. Jones (Author)6
We will love the children's FriendMrs. H. E. Jones (Author)4
We'll meet again on Eden's plainsMrs. H. E. Jones (Author)2
We're a little Christian band (Jones)Harriet E. Jones (Author)4
We're a little sunshine bandHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
We're going to hang a tyrantHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
We're marching to conquerHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
We're on our way to glory landHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
We're sailing in salvation's arkHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
We're under the banner of JesusHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
What can sweetly fill my soulMrs. Harriet Jones (Author)English6
What rejoicing there will be, when beyond the silent seaHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
When dreary shadows veil my skiesHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
When I would count my blessingsHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
When Jesus comes in his gloryH. Jones (Author)2
When the burdened heart relentsHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
When the call from the skies bids the blood washed ariseHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
When the pearly gates unfoldHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
When the saints march in for the crowningHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
When the shadows round me gatherHarriet E. Jones (Author)English2
When the sinner turns from sinH. E. Jones (Author)6
When the toiling time is endedHarriet E. Jones (Author)3
When the working time is overHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
When we reach the fields of EdenHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
While sailing over the waters wideHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Who will forth to lead the childrenHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Will you come to the feast? Will you sup with the Lord?Harriet E. Jones (Author)8
With joy we come and gladly singHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Within thy courts, O LordHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Within thy courts, O Lord, We meet this sacred dayHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Witness for Jesus his nameMrs. Harriet E. Jones (Author)2
Would you bear the welcome plauditHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Would you claim the sweet promise of JesusMrs. H. Jones (Author)2
Would you go rejoicing onHarriet E. Jones (Author)6
Would you labor for the MasterHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Ye men of God, to arms, to arms!Harriet E. Jones (Author)English2
Ye saints of God, rejoice and singHarriet E. Jones (Author)2
Ye slumbering Christians, arouse ye, awakeHarriet E. Jones (Author)4
You're sailing toward the fearful rapidsHarriet E. Jones (Author)9
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