Ernst W. Olson

Ernst W. Olson
Ernst William Olson
Short Name: Ernst W. Olson
Full Name: Olson, Ernst W. (Ernst Wilhelm), 1870-1958
Birth Year: 1870
Death Year: 1958

Ernst Olson was born on March 16, 1870 in Skåne, Sweden. His family emigrated to America in 1875 where he attended Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. He worked for Swedish newspapers, and for a publisher in Chicago, and later became editor of the Augustana Book Concern (1911-49). He wrote four original hymns, and translated almost 30 more. In 1948, the King of Sweden made Olson a knight of the Royal Order of Vasa. He died on October 6, 1958 in Chicago.

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Texts by Ernst W. Olson (34)sort descendingAsInstances
A refuge and a dwelling placeE. W. Olson (Author)1
A voice, a heavenly voice I hearErnst W. Olson, 1870 - 1958 (Translator, Stanza 3 )2
All hail to thee, O blessed mornE. W. Olson (Translator)13
Behold, by grace and grace aloneErnest William Olson (Author)2
Behold, by sovereign grace aloneErnest William Olson (Author)5
By thy cross, O Crhist, and passionErnst William Olson, 1870 - 1958 (Translator, Stanza 2 )1
Children of the heavenly FatherErnest W. Olson (Translator)42
Come, O Jesus, and prepare meE. W. Olson (Author)4
Come, O sinner, all is readyE. W. Olson (Author)3
From peaceful slumber wakingE. W. Olson (Author)2
Glorious Yuletide, glad bells proclaim itErnst William Olson (Author)7
God of peace, in peace preserve usErnst William Olson, 1870 - 1958 (Author)3
Heavenly light, benignly beamingE. W. Olson (Author)1
I'm near the grave where'er IE. W. Olson (Author)2
In triumph our RedeemerErnst W. Olson, 1870-1958 (Translator)2
Jerusalem, lift up thy voiceE. W. Olson (Author)3
Jesus, in my walk and livingE. W. Olson (Author)3
Jesus, let my final restErnest William Olson (Author)3
Lord, disperse the mists of errorE. W. Olson (Author)1
Lord, thou source of all perfectionE. W. Olson (Author)1
Merciful Savior, come and be my comfortErnst W. Olson, 1870-1958 (Adapter)1
Mine eyes unto the mountainsE. W. Olson (Author)6
Mute are the pleading lips of himE. W. Olson (Author)6
Now hail we our RedeemerE. W. Olson (Author)3
O Jesus Christ, thou bread of lifeE. W. Olson (Author)3
O Lord, give heed unto our pleaE. W. Olson (Author)3
Praise the Lord, each tribe and nationErnst William Olson (Translator)2
The Savior is risen Light bursts from the tombE. W. Olson (Author)4
The sign of the cross I triumphantly bearErnst W. Olson (Author)4
Thine agony, O Lord, is o'erE. W. Olson (Author)2
Thy sacred word, O Lord, of oldE. W. Olson (Author)2
Unto the Lord of all creationErnst William Olson (Translator)2
Who have found so safe a stationE. W. Olson (Author)3
With God and his mercy, His Spirit and WordE. W. Olson (Author)4

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