Adelaide A. Pollard

Short Name: Adelaide A. Pollard
Full Name: Pollard, Adelaide A., 1862-1934
Birth Year: 1862
Death Year: 1934

Not to be confused with Adelaide A. Procter

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أنجز إلهي قصدك بيAdelaide A. Pollard (Author)1
Account me worthy, Lord, I prayA. A. P. (Author)1
Baptize me with the SpiritA. A. P. (Author)3
Before the Savior's judgment seat His ransomed servantsA. A. P. (Author)1
But for a moment, this valley of sorrowsA. A. P. (Author)1
Cristo, bom Mestre, eis meu quererAdelaide Addison Pollard (Author)2
Cúmplase, oh CristoAdelaide A. Pollard (Author)3
Fear not, O little flock, upon the storm swept hillAdelaide A. Pollard (Author)2
Have Thine own way, Lord! Adelaide A. Pollard (Author)265
Haz lo que quierasAdelaide A. Pollard (Author)7
Heavy hearted sinnerAdelaide A. Pollard (Author)2
How it thrills our hearts with raptureA. A. P. (Author)1
I am satisfied with Jesus every day, His redeeming bloodA. A. P. (Author)7
I cannot see beyond the momentA. A. P. (Author)4
I would not have thee come, dear LordA. A. P. (Author)2
If she could speak to thee out of the glory What would thy motherAdelaide A. Pollard (Author)3
Isr'l, Isr'l, loved of JehovahAdelaide A. Pollard (Author)2
Isr'l, Jehovah loves thee with an everlasting loveAdelaide A. Pollard (Author)2
Jesus allein kann dir helfenA. A. P. (Author)2
Jésus, doux Maître, façonne-moiAdelaide Pollard (1862-1934) (Author)2
Jesus knows all, all your sorrowA. A. P. (Author)2
Jesus said, “I am not come to call the righteous”A. A. P. (Author)3
Light has been givenA. A. Pollard (Author)2
Lord, I am listening, guided by thy SpiritAdelaide A. Pollard (Author)2
No one can help you but Jesus Your sins may be scarletA. A. P. (Author)5
No pain nor sorrow in that new landA. A. Pollard (Author)2
No room, alas, for a Savior hereA. A. P. (Author)2
O if we knew the Lord would come tonightAdelaide A. Pollard (Author)2
O wanderer, rejoice, rejoiceA. A. P. (Author)3
O wandering one, why longer roamAdelaide A. Pollard (Author)3
Savior 'tis a full surrenderAdelaide A. Pollard (Author)20
Shepherd of Israel, keeping thy sheepA. A. P. (Author)15
Since I have opened wide the doorA. A. P. (Author)1
Surrendered to Jesus, forever and everAdelaide A. Pollard (Author)2
Tell the joyful news to the wandererAdelaide A. Pollard (Author)2
The day is breaking, ChristianAdelaide A. Pollard (Author)4
The Spirit saith todayA. A. P. (Author)2
The way is dark O JesusA. A. P. (Author)2
There are many fierce temptationsAdelaide A. Pollard (Author)2
Thy will, O Lord, be done fully in meA. A. P. (Author)4
Tua vontade faze, ó Senhor!Adelaide A. Pollard (Author)2
Within the perfect will of GodA. A. P. (Author)2
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