Jessie Brown Pounds

Jessie Brown Pounds
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Short Name: Jessie Brown Pounds
Full Name: Pounds, Jessie Brown, 1861-1921
Birth Year: 1861
Death Year: 1921

Jessie Brown Pounds was born in Hiram, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland on 31 August 1861. She was not in good health when she was a child so she was taught at home. She began to write verses for the Cleveland newspapers and religious weeklies when she was fifteen. After an editor of a collection of her verses noted that some of them would be well suited for church or Sunday School hymns, J. H. Fillmore wrote to her asking her to write some hymns for a book he was publishing. She then regularly wrote hymns for Fillmore Brothers. She worked as an editor with Standard Publishing Company in Cincinnati from 1885 to 1896, when she married Rev. John E. Pounds, who at that time was a pastor of the Central Christian Church in Indianapolis.

A memorable phrase would come to her, she would write it down in her notebook. Maybe a couple months later she would write out the entire hymn. She is the author of nine books, about fifty librettos for cantatas and operettas and of nearly four hundred hymns. Her hymn "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere" was sung at President McKinley's funeral.

Dianne Shapiro, from "The Singers and Their Songs: sketches of living gospel hymn writers" by Charles Hutchinson Gabriel (Chicago: The Rodeheaver Company, 1916)

Texts by Jessie Brown Pounds (242)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
مع يسوع بأمان أذهبJessie Brown Pounds (Author)Arabic1
A cualquiera parte sin temor iréJessie H. Brown (Author)Spanish10
A few brief years to bravely doJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)4
A mighty host from coast to coastJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English1
A servir a Cristo sin temor iréJessie Brown Pounds (Author)Spanish2
Advance, O Junior Army! The bugle call is nearJessie Brown Pounds (Author)8
Afar over the hills, hear the tramp of their feetJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
After the voyage and the water's mad riotJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English3
Al Calvario solo Jesús ascendióJessie Brown Pounds (Author)Spanish7
All power and praise to JesusJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
America beloved, prize of the pilgrims' questJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
America for ChristJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
Anywhere with Jesus I can safely goJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English142
Anywhere with Jesus I'll be safeJessie Brown Pounds (Author)3
Are you building on the rock, high above the sandy beachJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English13
Are you living on the uplandsJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
Arm for the battle, soldiers of rightJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English5
Art thou saddened?Jessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
As now we leave this happy placeJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
As the day draws near its closeJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English1
At the wondrous temple whose name is Anwered PrayerJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Back from the long agoJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English7
Be glad that the sunshine is somewhereJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)3
Be true to the best you knowJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English5
Beautiful homeland, home of the blestJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Überall mit Jesu kann ich fröhlich zieh'nJessie Brown Pounds (Author)German1
Überall mit Jesu kann ich sicher gehnJessie Brown Pounds (Author)German1
Überall mit Jesus, darf ich sicher geh'nJessie B. Pounds (Author)German1
Can it be that our Father in heavenJessie Brown Pounds (Author)3
Can you sing a songJessie H. Brown (Author)3
Challenge thy people, Jehovah of hostsJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Christ is mine, my own heart knows itJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)4
Closer to the cross I longJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
Columbia, the strong to deliverJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
Come over and help us, O soldiers of lightJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English5
Come over and help us, they pleadingly sayJessie Brown Pounds (Author)3
Crush the traffic out of sight, lift the standard of the rightJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
Cuando vienen nieblas y oscuridadJessie Brown Pounds (Author)Spanish3
Dare to live for JesusJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English5
Dear are the friends I knowJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
Dear is the hope that the gospel revealsJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English3
Do something for Jesus each day that goes byJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Do you mean to follow Jesus?Jessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
Do you see the beacon gleamingJessie H. Brown (Author)English4
Down the ranks of the saved send the rousing callJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English4
Drop the anchor of hope from the Ship of LifeJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Endast korsets v'g leder hem till min GudJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
Fair land, for which my spiritJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)4
Father, we implore theeJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)3
Foi Jesus que abriu o caminho do céuJessie Brown Pounds (Author)Portuguese2
For our needed daily breadJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
Forth to the conflict, O brotherJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
Friends who have loved me are slipping (passing) awayJessie H. Brown (Author)English14
From a vessel in mid oceanJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Gaa dag foer dagJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
Geht es nur mit JesusJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
Go forth, go forth, O soldier, nowJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Go ye into all the world, 'tis the loving Lord's commandJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English8
God can hear my infant prayerJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
God of the harvest, Praises to TheeJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Hallelujah, hallelujah, the lowly is KingJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English5
Hand in Hand mit Jesu kann ich sicher gehnJessie Brown Pounds (Author)German1
Happy songs of jubileeJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
Hark, the jubilant songs of the childrenJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
Hark, the silvery bugle over the hills is callingJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
He cometh, the Shiloh expected longJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
He is coming! He is coming! He will not forget His ownJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English1
Heaven is ringing with glad exultationsJessie B. Pounds (Author)English2
Hele au me Iesu ma na wahi a pauJessie H. Brown (Author)Hawaiian2
Help me, Lord, to look to theeJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)3
Hemland, d'r sol ej dalarJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
His gifts are greater than my dreamsJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English22
Holy Father, be Thou nighJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English1
How old art thou, mortal?Jessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Hvar som helst med JesusJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
I am afraid to walk aloneJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
I am dreaming now of heavenJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English4
I am going on with JesusJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
I am satisfied in Jesus, Life is richer every dayJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
I am sure there is a heavenJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
I cannot keep from singing, I come with notes of praiseJessie Brown Pounds (Author)4
I do not know where the country liesMrs. Jessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
I dreamed that I stood at the portal of heavenJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English4
I know not the way that my Savior may leadJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
I know that my Redeemer liveth, And on the earth again shall standJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English95
I love to think of Jesus, Of how He came to earthJessie H. Brown (Author)3
I must needs go home by the way of the crossJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English226
I want to belong to JesusJessie Brown-Pounds (Author)English2
I want to get closer to Jesus, My vision so often is dimJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
I want to live closer to Jesus, My visionJessie Brown Pounds (Author)18
I want to sing, as the children singJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
I will speak of my Lord to the sons of menJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
I will tell of the Savior who diedJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English8
If it were not so, my Master would have told meJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
If the name of the Savior is precious to youJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English20
In the arms of Jesus restingJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
In the secret place with Jesus, There is sweet untroubled calmJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
In the valley of silence I walk with my GodJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English5
Is it worthwhile to fight the hard fight?Jessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Jesus, I my cross have taken, In the village choir she stoodJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English3
Jesus is calling for soldiers trueJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Jesus, the lowly one came from aboveJessie Brown Pounds (Author)3
Keep singing in the morning when the dew is on the flowersJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Keep step in the march for the truth and rightJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English8
Land of plenty, land of beautyJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Lead me farther from temptationJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Let us press toward the mark for the prizeJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Life is not a feast of gladnessJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Lift the master's bannerJessie H. Brown (Author)3
Like the sound of mighty thundersJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
List, the trumpet of God is soundingJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English14
Lord, for thee with hearts so willingJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)3
Lord, God, the EverlivingJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
Lord of the nations, Father of allJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English5
Master, hast Thou work for meJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English6
Messengers of Jesus, tidings we are bearingJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English1
More and better work for Jesus, Is the cry we make todayJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English5
My brother, look upward and onwardJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English4
My Redeemer walks beside meJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
My Savior has freed me from sinJessie B. Pounds (Author)English5
Never say no when the Lord says goMrs. Jessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
No eye hath seen the treasuresJessie H. Brown (Author)English4
Not by might or by powerJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Not far from the kingdom thou standestJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
O beautiful farland! O beautiful Starland!Jessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
O brother, when you weary growJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English1
O chain of love that yet shall bindJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
O city old, in land afarJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
O cross of grief and anguish soreJessie H. Brown (Author)English2
O cross upon Mount CalvaryJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)3
O life, in whom is life indeedJessie Brown Pounds, 1861-1921 (Author)English8
O scatter seeds of loving deedsJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English52
O sinner, the city of refuge is nighJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
O streue deine LiebessaatJessie B. Pounds (Author)German1
O the faces we hope to seeJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
O the yesterday's moments for pleasure or woeJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English5
O thou blessed gift from heavenJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
O thou who dost care for my soulJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)4
O welcome Sunday morningJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English6
O what are you doing for Jesus, With all He is doing for you?Jessie Brown Pounds (Author)English1
Onde quer que seja, com Jesus ireiJessie Brown Pounds (Author)Portuguese2
One by one, our loved ones leave us, As the hour of life grows lateJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English1
One little hour for watching with the MasterJessie H. Brown (Author)English6
Our pennies and our prayersJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
Out in the desert I heard the sweet callJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English1
Out of sadness into gladnessJessie H. Brown (Author)English12
Out of the pain of the worldJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Out to the conflict with brave hearts we goJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)3
Outside the gate you standJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
Peace, peace, Jesus whispers lowJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)5
Peace through the cross shall comeJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English7
Por el valle vamos todos a pasarJessie Brown Pounds (Author)Spanish2
Praise ye the great JehovahMrs. Jessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
Rest after laborJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)3
Ring the bells! the Savior reignsJessie H. Brown (Author)English3
Roses blow and roses fallJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
Seit ich am Kreuz, von Nacht umhülltJessie Brown Pounds (Author)German2
Shadows are hoveringJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)4
Should the "Forward march!" be echoed down the lines todayJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English3
So long as earth remainethJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
Someone must struggle that others may winJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English11
Sometime, the tempest that frights thee will ceaseJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English8
Somewhere the sun is shiningJessie B. Pounds (Author)English99
Songs of salvation Daily we raiseJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English1
Sooner or later the wrong will be rightedJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English4
Soul, a Savior thou art needingJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English7
Speed it, speed the gospel callJessie H. Brown (Author)English2
Speed the gospel on and onward through the land we love and claimJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
Streu' Blüten auf den LebenswegJessie Brown Pounds (Author)German1
Strike those chords once moreJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
Such a little way to JesusJessie Brown Pounds (Author)3
Sweet promise of Jesus, the message I claimJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
Sweet voices are calling thy soul awayJessie Brown Pounds (Author)3
Take time for the tender wordJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
Te desvías por el marJessie Brown Pounds (Author)Spanish2
The blessed cross of JesusJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
The earth shall know the glory of the presence of the LordJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
The Father has welcome for allJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
The fires of the sun shall be quenched at lastJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English8
The kingdom of earth may be pleased at thy feetJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)3
The Master is calling for reapers, To gather the ripening grainJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English1
The morning stars will sing againJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
The nations are askingJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
The night is far spent, and the day is at hand; The morning is glimmering over the landJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English3
The Orient night is silentJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
The voice of the Savior says comeJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English26
The voyage has been weary, but hark!Jessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English4
The whole of life for JesusMrs. Jessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
There are days so dark that I seek in vainJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English78
There are storms the world oversweepingJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English10
There are the glorifiedJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
There is a time for waking and for sleepingJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
There is joy in heaven among the angelsJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English10
There is no flower fairerJessie H. Brown (Author)English2
There is rest for the weary, if rest they will seekJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English9
There will dawn a golden morrow, by and byJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English8
There's a call from the heart of the SaviorJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)6
There's a city of dreams, through the mist sends its gleamsJessie Brown Pounds (Author)7
There's a dream that I dream, of my Savior divineJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English20
There's a question that comes when the nightJessie Brown Pounds (Author)3
They gave Him their treasures those wise men of oldJessie Hunter Brown Pounds (Author)English2
They that be wise, as the stars shall shineJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
This is the way that polite people sayJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
Thou art not very far from the kingdom todayJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Thou who dost pity the sons of menJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Thou who rulest earth and heavenJessie H. Brown (Author)English3
Though shadows may cover the face of the dayJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
Though the upward path is narrowJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English3
Though the work of life be lowlyJessie B. Pounds (Author)English2
Through the doors that open standJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Thy kingdom come, the prayer in deep contritionJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Thy risen Redeemer has bidden thee comeJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
'Tis chill on the mountain tonightJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
To be Christ's at last I will leave the pastJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English3
To him that overcomes, O glorious hopeJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
To the house of my Father my dream oft turnsJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
True to the trust thou hastJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)2
Turn up your lamp; let it shine on your wayJessie H. Brown (Author)2
Turn your faces toward the morningJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English5
Up Zion's hill the path is steepJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
我知道我救贖主活著,(Wǒ zhīdào wǒ jiùshú zhǔ huózhe)Jessie B. Pounds (Author)Chinese2
We are a band of crusadersJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
We are climbing hand in handJ. H. B. (Author)3
We are coming, we are coming, We are soldiers of the LordJessie B. Pounds (Author)English4
We are going down the valley one by onePounds (Author)English54
We are going to live foreverJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
We are little gleanersJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)3
We are sailing on the ship of ZionJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English5
We for Christ, to Him we bringJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English7
We give Thee the praise of our voices, dear LordJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English1
We shall meet with raptured greetingJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English1
When chilling shadows thickly fallJessie H. Brown (Author)English6
When songs of earth are ringingJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
When the burden is heavy and courage is faintJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English9
When we follow earthly splendorJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)7
Will my spirit find its rest?Jessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Within the holy book of lifeJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English6
Would you have the world better and brighterJessie H. Brown Pounds (Author)English3
Would you hear the Master speakingJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English2
Yo sé que Jesucristo viveJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
You are drifting far from shore, leaning on an idle oarJessie Brown Pounds (Author)English38
You can, if you will, be saved tonightJessie Brown Pounds (Author)2
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