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Greg Scheer

Greg Scheer
Greg Scheer
Short Name: Greg Scheer
Full Name: Scheer, Greg, 1966-
Birth Year: 1966

Greg Scheer is a composer, author, and speaker. His life’s work includes two sons (Simon and Theo), two books (The Art of Worship, 2006, and Essential Worship, 2016), and hundreds of compositions, songs, and arrangements in a dizzying variety of styles.

Greg is also co-founder of and source of many ideas and inspirations, some good.

Greg Scheer

Texts by Greg Scheer (60)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A cada dia nasce de novo o sol Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator (English))English, Portuguese, Spanish2
Abana alathi fi ssama (Abana in Heaven) (أبانا الذي في السماء ليتقدس اسمك)Greg Scheer (Translator and Adapter)Arabic, English4
Ahora, oh Dios, despide a tu siervo en pazGreg Scheer, n.1966 (Translator)Spanish1
Al Señor clamé estando en angustia (I am crying out to God in my anguish)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
Allá en el monte Horeb la zarza ardía (There was a burning bush upon Mount Horeb)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish2
As the deer pants for the water (Scheer)Greg Scheer (Author)English3
Así como las espigas que estaban dispersas por los campos (As grain that was scattered through many fields is then gathered into one loaf)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
Ayúdame a mirar con tus ojos (I want eyes to see just like you do)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish2
Cha kutumaini sinaGreg Scheer (Paraphraser (English))English, Swahili1
Cielo nuevo, tierra nueva ¿dónde vamos a vivir? (Heav'n and earth will be renewed and we will live forevermore!)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
Clap your hands, all you nations, shout to God (Scheer)Greg Scheer (Author)English3
De tal manera me amó (Because of his unending love)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
El hombre de Galilea va pasando ya (Oh, Jesus from Galilee, see, he is passing by)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish2
El Señor es mi pastor, nada me faltará; El Señor es mi pastor (You, O Lord, you are my Shepherd)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish2
El Señor Jesucristo esté con tu epíritu (May the love of the Lord Jesus Christ always rest in you)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
En la intimidad, al abrigo de tu gloria (Here within your love, in the shelter of your glory)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
En su esperanza brota la alegría (Joy grows within as his return draws near)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish2
Eres tú la única razón de mi adoración (Jesus, you are the only one that I magnify)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
Espíritu Santo te necesito (O Holy Spirit, oh, how I need you)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
Estoy listo si él me llama, Estoy listo si él me llama (If God calls me, I am ready)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish2
Feed us, LordGreg Scheer (Author)3
Gloria a Dios. Gloria a Dios (Gloria, gloria, glory to God in the highest)Greg Scheer (Translator)English2
Grace and peace to youGreg Scheer (Author)English2
He has put a new song on my tongueGreg Scheer (Author)2
Hear my words, O LordGreg Scheer (Author)2
Heaven opened to Isaiah, showing him God's gloriousGreg Scheer (Paraphraser)English3
He's shown the whole worldGreg Scheer (Author)2
¡Hosanna, hosanna al Hijo de David! (Hosanna, hosanna to royal David's Son)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish2
Jesús está pasando por aquí (Jesus is passing by, O come and see!)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish2
La sangre de Cristo tiene poder (There's pow'r in the blood of Jesus for me)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish2
Mas el Dios de toda gracia (Oh, the God of grace o'erflowing)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
May the mind of Christ, my SaviorGreg Scheer (Author (refrain))English, Spanish1
Mi pensamiento eres tú, SeñorGreg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)Spanish2
Oh Jerusalén, qué bonita eres (O Jerusalem, how you shine in beauty)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
People of the LordGreg Scheer (Author)English5
Pon aceite en mi lámpara, SeñorGreg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish1
Pon aceite en mi vida, Señor (Fill my life with your oil, O Lord)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
Porque tú eres bueno (For your steadfast goodness)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish1
Pueblos todos batid las manos (Clap your hands, all you peoples)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
Quién, quién, quién como Jehová (Who, who, who is like our God)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish3
Sanna, SannaninaGreg Scheer (Paraphraser)English, Swahili2
¡Santo, santo, santo, santo, santo es el Señor! (Holy, holy, holy, holy, holy is the Lord!)Greg Scheer (Author (English, st. 2))English, Spanish4
Solo en la Palabra hay luz (Only in the Word is light)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
Somos el pueblo de Dios (We are the people of God)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish2
Su gloria cubrió cielos (God's glory filled highest heavens)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish2
Tal como soy, Señor (Just as I am, my Lord)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
Te alabaré, oh Señor (I will give thanks to you, Lord)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish2
Te invitamos, oh Cristo (Come, be among us, O Jesus)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
The gospel of Christ is the power of GodGreg Scheer (Adapter)2
The Lord is ruler over allGreg Scheer (Adapter)English2
The proof of Jesus' love is printed in his palmGreg Scheer (Adapter)English2
There's no other place I can hideGreg Scheer (Adapter)Swahili4
Tu Palabra, Señor (Far more precious than gold)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
Vamos a adorarle (Let us go adore him)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish2
Ven, Espíritu, ven (Come, O Holy Spirit, come. Come fill my heart, O Lord)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
Vencerá el amor (Love shall overcome)Greg Scheer, n. 1966 (Translator)English, Spanish2
We are waiting, Father, for your majestyGreg Scheer (Author)English2
We will extol you, God and KingGreg Scheer (Author)4
Yo me alegré con los que me decían (My heart was glad when I heard sisters saying)Greg Scheer (Translator)English, Spanish2
Your mercy, Lord, stretches through the heavens.Greg Scheer (Author)English2

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