Greg Scheer

Greg Scheer
Greg Scheer
Short Name: Greg Scheer
Full Name: Scheer, Greg, 1966-
Birth Year: 1966

Greg Scheer is Minister of Worship at Church of the Servant in Grand Rapids and Music Associate at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. His writings include the book, The Art of Worship (Baker Books, 2006) and contributions to Reformed Worship, The Hymn, Call to Worship and Worship Leader and New Songs of Celebration Render (2013, GIA, ed C. Michael Hawn). His music is available from Augsburg Fortress, Abingdon, GIA (forthcoming), WorshipToday, Faith Alive and at

Greg is also co-founder of and source of many ideas and inspirations, some good.

Greg Scheer

Texts by Greg Scheer (19)sort iconAsInstances
Your mercy, Lord, stretches through the heavens.Greg Scheer (Author)2
We will extol you, God and KingGreg Scheer (Author)4
We are waiting, Father, for your majestyGreg Scheer (Author)2
There's no other place I can hideGreg Scheer (Adapter)4
The proof of Jesus' love is printed in his palmGreg Scheer (Adapter)2
The Lord is ruler over allGreg Scheer (Adapter)2
The gospel of Christ is the power of GodGreg Scheer (Author)2
Sanna, sannanina (Holy, most holy Lord)Greg Scheer (Paraphraser)3
People of the LordGreg Scheer (Author)4
May the mind of Christ, my SaviorGreg Scheer (Author (refrain))1
He's shown the whole worldGreg Scheer (Author)2
Heaven opened to Isaiah, showing him God's gloriousGreg Scheer (Paraphraser)3
Hear my words, O LordGreg Scheer (Author)2
He has put a new song on my tongueGreg Scheer (Author)2
Grace and peace to youGreg Scheer (Author)2
Feed us, LordGreg Scheer (Author)3
Clap your hands, all you nations, shout to God.Greg Scheer (Author)3
As the deer pants for the water (Scheer)Greg Scheer (Author)3
Abana alathi fi ssama (Abana in heaven)Greg Scheer (Translator and Adapter)4

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