Herman G. Stuempfle

Short Name: Herman G. Stuempfle
Full Name: Stuempfle, Herman G., 1923-2007
Birth Year: 1923
Death Year: 2007

Rev. Dr. Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 83, died Tuesday, March 13, 2007, after a long illness. Born April 2, 1923, in Clarion, he was the son of the late Herman G. and Helen (Wolfe) Stuempfle, Sr. Stuempfle lived most of his life in Gettysburg, PA. He served as President of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg. He attended Hughesville public schools, and was a graduate of Susquehanna University and the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. He received additional advanced degrees from Union Theological Seminary in New York and a doctoral degree at Southern California School of Theology at Claremont. He retired in 1989. Rev. Dr. Stuempfle was the author of several books and numerous articles and lectures on preaching, history, and theology. He was also among the most honored and respected hymn writers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Rev. Dr. Stuempfle was known for his leadership in community and civic projects. Always taking an active stance on social issues, he participated in the creation of day care centers, served on the Gettysburg interchurch social action committee, helped create and support prison ministries and a homeless shelter, and tutored young people in the after school program of Christ Lutheran Church, where he was a long time member.

--Excerpts from his obituary published in Evening Sun from Mar. 15 to Mar. 16, 2007

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[A Beggar-King Comes Riding]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
A blind man sat beside the roadHerman G Stuempfle (Author)3
A Sower came from ancient hillsHerman G. Stuempfle Jr. (Author)2
A sower's seed fell on a pathHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)3
[A Wounded Man Lay by the Road]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
[All Dressed In Fair Linen]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
[Alone and Filled with Fear]Herman G Steumpfle (Author)2
Are you the coming oneHerman G Stuempfle (Author)3
[As On Hillsides Wrapped in Silence]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
As the deer runs to the riverHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)2
"Away from us" the demon criedHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)2
Banned and banished by their neighborsHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)3
Be still, my soul, before the LordHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., b. 1923 (Author)3
[Blow Gently, Winter Wind, Tonight]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
[Breathing Hate, the Huntsman Hurries]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
Cast down, O God, the idolsHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)4
Christ, be our HostHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr. (Author)2
Christ, the Way we're called to followHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
Christ, we climb with you the mountainHerman G. Stuempfle Jr (Author)2
Christ, you formed the Church, your BodyHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
Christ, your footprints through the desertHerman G Stuempfle (Author)3
Come, join in Cana's feastHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)3
[Could Earth Not Find a Fairer Place]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
[Defenseless Now He Hangs]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
Deliver us, O Lord of TruthHerman G Stuempfle (Author)5
[Desert Wastes Stretch On Before Us]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
Earth, earth, awake! Your praises sing!Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr., b. 1923 (Author)7
Far from home we run, rebelliousHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)3
Fishermen are sailing homewardHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
For all the faithful womenHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., b. 1923 (Author)10
For builders bold whose vision pureHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)5
From shallow waters call usHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
God of tempest, God of whirlwindHerman G. Stuempfle Jr., b. 1923 (Author)2
God, our Father, you have grantedHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
God, who at the font once named usHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)3
God, you see your loved creation tortured, torn by violent handsHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr. (Author)2
Help us forgive, forgiving LordHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)4
How good and pleasant, Lord, it isHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
[How Great Your Mercy, Risen Lord]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
How long, O Lord, how long Will evil's power prevailHerman G. Stuempfle Jr, 1923-2007 (Author)2
"How long, O Lord, how long," The starving millions cryHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)2
How shocking were the peopleHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)3
How small our span of life, O GodHerman G Stuempfle (Author)3
How wide the love of ChristHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)3
I lie, O Lord, within Your careHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., b. 1923 (Paraphraser)3
Jesus, Tempted in the DesertHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)11
[Let All Creation Praise Our God]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
Loaves were broken, words were spokenHerman G. Stuempfle Jr. (Author)2
[Lone, Afraid, the Wanderer Rested]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
[Lone He Prays Within the Garden]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
Lord Christ, the people flocked to youHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
[Lord Christ, the Word Is True]Herman G Steumpfle (Author)2
Lord Christ, you called the twelveHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr. (Author)2
Lord, grant us grace to know the timeHerman G Stuempfle (Author)3
Lord, help us walk Your servant wayHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)4
Lord, teach us how to pray As once the twelve you taughtHerman G Stuempfle (Author)3
Lord, whose then shall they beHerman G Stuempfle (Author)3
Martha, Mary, waiting, weepingHerman G Stuempfle (Author)3
[Mary, Mary, My Beloved]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
Not alone where silent woodlandsHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)2
[Now the Earth's New Dawn Is Breaking]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
O Christ, who called the TwelveHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)5
O Christ, who shared our mortal lifeHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)4
O christ, within these wallsHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
O Christ, You walked the roadHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)2
O Christ, your heart compassionateHerman G. Stuempfle Jr., b. 1923 (Author)4
O God, as with a potter's handHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr. (Author)2
[O God, Creation's Architect]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
[O God, Our Strength Forevermore]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
O God, whose healing powerHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
O God, your justice towers above our human planeHerman G Stuempfle, Jr., b. 1923 (Author)3
[O Risen Christ, You Search Our Hearts]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
[Older Brother, Older Brother]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
[One Among You Will Betray Me]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
[One With God Before Creation]Herman G Stuemple (Author)2
"Prepare a room for meHerman G Stuempfle (Author)8
Rejoice, O Zion's daughterHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)2
Rest, O Christ, from all your laborHerman G Stuempfle (Author)3
Risen Lord, we gather round youHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)4
"Shepherd, do you tramp the hillsHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)3
Sing praise to God for friends who bringHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)3
Sing praise to God, you heavens!Herman G. Stuempfle Jr. (Author)2
[Son of God, by God Forsaken]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
[Song of the Sower]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
Stars and planets flung in orbitherman G. Stuempfle, 1923- (Author)3
Stay with us, Lord, the sun descendsHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
The night will soon be ending;Herman G. Stuempfle (Translator)4
[The Ranks of Death with Trophy Grim]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
The silent stars shine down on usHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
[The Sun Was Bright that Easter Dawn]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
The temple rang with golden coinsHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)5
The thirsty cry for water, LordHerman G Stuempfle (Author)5
[The Walls of Hate Are Broken]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
They came a milling crowdHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)3
To whom, Lord, shall we go?Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
Unseen God, your hand has guidedHerman G. Stuempfle Jr (Author)2
Voices raised to You we offerHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)5
We are known and not unnumberedHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
We are your people, called from many landsHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
We come to you for healing, LordHerman G. Stuempfle Jr., b. 1923 (Author)4
We sing your praise, O ChristHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
[We Turn our Eyes to Heaven]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
[Weep for Eve, the Earth's First Mother]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
When Jesus came from NazarethHerman G Stuempfle (Author)3
When Jesus passed through Jericho, the people crowded roundHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)3
When Jesus walked beside the shoreHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)2
When the bonds of love are breakingHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr. (b. 1923) (Author)3
[When We Wander, Lone, Bewildered]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
Where armies scourge the countrysideHerman G. Stuempfle Jr. (Author)5
Who are you who walk in sorrowHerman G. Stuempfle (Author)3
Wide open stand the gates adorned with pearlHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., b. 1923 (Translator)2
Word of God, when all was silentHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
Would I have answered when you calledHerman G. Stuempfle Jr. (Author)4
You never saw old GalileeHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr. (Author)3
You strode within the temple, LordHerman G Stuempfle (Author)3
[You Struggled in the Garden, Lord]Herman G Stuempfle (Author)2
Your hand, though hidden, guides usHerman G Stuempfle (Author)3
Your Word went forth and light awokeHerman G. Stuempfle, Jr., 1923-2007 (Author)2
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