Jesper Swedberg

Jesper Swedberg
Short Name: Jesper Swedberg
Full Name: Swedberg, Jesper, 1653-1735
Birth Year: 1653
Death Year: 1735

Biship of Skara, Sweden. He was entrusted in creating the first book ever of Swedish hymns, known today as "Swedberg's Book of Hymns, printed in 1694. It was soon declared heretical by some, because it focused too much on good works and not enough on faith. The whole edition was revoked, however, not before some copies made their way to Swedish colonies overseas. A new edition was published containing about 500 hymns, 30 of which bore Swedberg's name as author or translator. Several of these are still in the modern Swedish Book of Hymns.

Texts by Jesper Swedberg (51)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Abide with us, O Savior dearJ. Svedberg (Author)English2
Ack blif hos oss, o Jesu KristJ. Svedberg (Translator)Swedish2
Af dig förordnad, store Gud!Jesper Svedberg (Author)Swedish2
Bort, mitt hjerta, med de tankarJ. Svedberg (Translator)Swedish2
Christians, while on earth abidingJesper Svedberg, 1653-1735 (Author (st. 2))1
Dagar komma, dagar flyktaJ. Svedberg (Author)Swedish2
Det gamla år framgånget årJesper Svedberg (Translator)Swedish2
Dig, Jesu, vare evigt prisJesper Svedberg (Translator)Swedish2
Du lifvets bröd, o Jesu Krist!J. Svedberg (Translator)Swedish2
Du som fromma hjertan vårdarJesper Swedberg (Author (v. 7))Swedish2
En stjerna gick på himlen framJesper Svedberg (Translator)Swedish1
Far din väg, du onda verld!Jesper Svedberg (Alterer)Swedish2
Gif oss, o God! ett dagligt brödJesper Svedberg (Translator)Swedish2
Gör porten hög, gör dörren bredJesper Svedberg (Adapter)Swedish3
Guardian of pure hearts, and HearerLast verse by Jesper Svedberg, 1653-1735 (Author)English3
Gud låter sina trogna härJesper Svedberg (Author)Swedish4
Gud vare tack och äraJesper Swedberg (Translator (into Swedish))Swedish3
Hela världen fröjdes HerrenJesper Svedberg (Translator)Swedish5
Herre, signe du og raadeJesper Swedberg (Author)Norwegian4
Ho satans boning tänker påJesper Svedberg (Alterer)Swedish2
Jag tackar dig, min högste Gud!Jesper Svedberg (Alterer)Swedish2
Jag vill i denna stundJ. Svedberg (Alterer)Swedish2
Jesus, Lord and precious SaviorJesper Svedberg, 1653-1735 (Translator)English1
Kom, min kristen, Gud till äraJ. Svedberg (Translator)Swedish2
Lofven Gud i himmelshöjdJ. Svedberg, d. 1735 (Author)Swedish2
Lord, bestow on us thy blessingJesper Svedberg (Author)3
Mitt skuldregister när jag vill, o Gud! beskådaJesper Svedberg (Alterer)Swedish2
När jag om morgonen uppstårJesper Svedberg (Alterer)Swedish2
När jag uti min enslighetJesper Svedberg (Alterer)Swedish2
Nu år en dag framlidenJesper Svedberg (Alterer)Swedish2
Nu tacken Gud, allt folkJ. Svedberg (Translator)Swedish2
O du, vår Herre Jesu KristJ. Svedberg (Translator (v. 1))Other...2
O gode herde, duJ. Svedberg, d. 1735 (Author)Swedish2
O Gud! det är en hjertans tröstJesper Svedberg (Author)Swedish2
O Gud, ditt folk dig bederJesper Svedberg (Alterer)Swedish1
O Gud, som ej de spädas röst föraktarJ. Svedberg, d. 1735 (Author)Swedish2
O Gud, som hörer allas röstJ. Svedberg (Translator)Swedish2
O Gud, som skiftar allt, död, sjukdom, lif och helsaJ. Svedberg (Translator)Swedish2
O Lord, give heed unto our pleaJesper Swedberg (Author)English6
O syndaträl, som i din dvala dröjerJesper Svedberg (Alterer)Swedish2
Om nåd och rät jag tänker sjungaJ. Svedberg, d. 1735 (Author)Swedish2
Praise the Lord, each tribe and nationJ. Svedberg (Author)English5
Så är fullkomnadt Jesu kärJ. Svedberg, d. 1735 (Author)Swedish2
Såsom hjorten träget längtarJesper Svedberg (Alterer)Swedish2
Tompo o, mba hasoavyJ. Swedberg (Author)Malagasy2
Udi din Haand, o Fader blidJesper Swedberg (Translator (Swedish))Norwegian2
Uti din nåd, o Fader blidJesper Svedberg (Author)Swedish3
Väl mig i evighet! nu känner själ och sinneJ. Svedberg (Translator)Swedish2
Vår tid är ganska flyktig härJesper Svedberg (Translator)Swedish2
Vi ønsker vor brudgom nu og brudJesper Svedberg (Author)Norwegian3
Vi tacka dig, o Jesu godJesper Svedberg (Author)Swedish3

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